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NewFormat AB

Standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat provide Web Governance / Web Accessibility Services
to customers in Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
in cooperation with Monsido.

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Web Governance: Web Problem Solved

All-in-One Platform to Optimize Your Website

Website Compliance with Web Accessibility Standards:
W3C/WCAG 2.0/2.1 and U.S. Section 508.

Monsido - Web Accessibility - Icon

Web Accessibility
Monsido Makes Your Website Accessible for Everyone

    Web Accessibility is about making the digital environment accessible for everyone,
    including individuals with disabilities, and across all devices.

    Basically, Web Accessibility gives users with different kinds of abilities/disabilities
    the possibility to access your online content.

    For example, can blind users utilize the content with a screen reader?
    Or, a visitor with a cognitive disability that needs simple navigation?

Monsido - Web Accessibility - Visual Impairments - Icon

Visual/Sight impairments
includes blindness, low vision and color blindness

Monsido - Web Accessibility - Motor/Physical Impairments - Icon

Motor/Physical impairments
includes limited fine motor control, muscle slowness,
difficulty or inability to use hands

Monsido - Web Accessibility - Hearing Impairments - Icon

Hearing includes hearing impairments and deafness

Monsido - Web Accessibility - Cognitive Impairments - Icon Monsido - Web Accessibility - Neurological impairments  - Icon

Cognitive and neurological impairments
includes attention, learning impairments and logic

    Monsido - The All-in-One Platform to Optimize Website Accessibility

    The Monsido Accessibility platform helps too improve customer satisfaction by
    ensuring that your online presence is inclusive for all your visitors.

    Verifies Website Compliance with Accessibility Standards
    WCAG 2.0/2.1 (A, AA, AAA) and U.S. Section 508.

    Monsido Streamlines Accessibility Compliance.
    Monsido will scan your domain weekly to find any possible issues that may
    hinder accessibility or result in a violation risk for your organization.

    Monsido finds U.S. Section 508 and WCAG 2.0/2.1 issues on your website
    and reports them all in a user-friendly dashboard.

    It also makes accessibility understandable.
    With its clear breakdown of issues and explanations of how to fix them,
    your entire team - regardless of technical ability and knowhow -
    will feel confident building a better, accessible website.

Monsido - Accessibility - Web Accessibility - Conformance Test - WCAG Level - Picture

    In the Monsido dashboard, you will immediately get an overview of how your
    website is doing with accessibility, including a total count of issues and
    which pages they occur on.

    You'll always know where to focus your efforts to maximize compliance.

    You can get an overview of performance in the dashboard or
    view all issues by guideline and compliance level.
    With this information, you will be able to set clear policies to ensure
    accessibility issues are fixed and never occur again.

    Fix accessibility issues in minutes.
    Monsido integrates with your CMS to save time.
    Simply choose the issue you want to be fix and Monsido
    will take you right the page where it occurs.
    Your team will be able to fix accessibility issues with just a few clicks.

Monsido Web Accessibility Platform Handbook

Monsido - Web Accessibility - Visual Impairments - Icon Monsido - Web Accessibility - Motor/Physical Impairments - Icon Monsido - Web Accessibility - Hearing Impairments - Icon Monsido - Web Accessibility - Cognitive Impairments - Icon Monsido - Web Accessibility - Neurological impairments  - Icon

    The Essential Web Accessibility Handbook!

    Your straightforward guide to achieving web accessibility.

    The Monsido Accessibility Handbook will help you get started with web accessibility.
    It outlines why web accessibility is important for your business or organization and
    the responsibilities that website managers have in creating an accessible site.

    This handbook covers:

    • The misconceptions about web accessibility.

    • The different accessibility issues people with disabilities experience.

    • The current WCAG standards.

    • Examples of the different web accessibility regulations across the world.

    • Web accessibility roles within organizations.

    • A guide on how to create an accessibility strategy.

webinars / video recordings, tutorials, demonstrations, trainings

Webinars / Video recordings - Icon

Video Demonstrations of Monsido for Web Accessibility

Contact NewFormat for demonstration of Monsido for Web Accessibility

During the demo, we will show you what errors were found and
how Monsido’s Automated Platform can help you resolve them.

Monsido Solutions for Web Accessibility

Monsido Web Accessibility Features

    Track Your Accessibility Compliance Progress.

    Not all sectors need to meet the same compliance levels.
    Monsido allows you to choose whether you want to check for
    WCAG 2.1 or Section 508 accessibility issues.
    You can easily track your accessibility compliance and
    see your site improve with every issue you fix.

Monsido - Web Accessibility - Accessibility Checks in Compliance -Picture

    Accessibility Status.
    Monsido organizes compliance standards by level (A, AA, and AAA).
    Fix the low-level compliance issues first to see your site improve while
    making sure that you're minimizing risk while your site is providing a
    successful experience for everyone.

Monsido - Web Accessibility - Accessibility Status - A, AA, AAA - Picture

    As necessary, you can work your way up to higher levels of compliance to build
    a website which serves as a role model for other organizations in your industry.

    Monsido identifies issues on your website

    On page reporting makes identifying tricky accessibility issues effortless.

Monsido - Web Accessibility - Identifies Website Issues - Picture

    Personalize Your Website with PageAssist

    Many organizations have websites that are visually inaccessible
    for many users with disabilities.

    Failure to address these barriers can be due to a lack of
    technical understanding or because organizations do not want to
    change the look and feel of their homepage.

    PageAssist, an add-on to the Monsido web governance platform,
    is a personalization toolbar that you can add to your website as an overlay.
    The tool gives visitors with or without disabilities control over
    the way they experience a website; display your website in a way
    that is more usable and visually accessible.
    By making your content available to a wider audience, you can better
    achieve your business goals and tap into a wider market.

    Simplify your website by parsing on-page navigation,
    allowing your visitors to see everything from one simple view.
    Users will be able to change the parsed website theme,
    benefiting those with issues such as color blindness and other
    visual impairments by allowing them to change the color scheme,
    as well as the font and font size.

Monsido - Web Accessibility Personalized View - PageAssist - Dashboard - Picture

    PageAssist is allowing website visitors to customize their
    visual experience based on their own unique requirements
    and ensures an equal experience for all your visitors.

    PageAssist removes style sheets,
    instantly enhancing readability for many users.

    PageAssist allows website visitors to change or remove:

    • form elements

    • formatting

    • font color, size, and style

    which makes it easier for them to consume the site's content.

    Users will also be able to better isolate and see
    menu items for better navigation.

    Users can change your website’s font into OpenDyslexic 3,
    a typeface specifically designed to increase readability for
    readers with dyslexia. Letters in this typeface have heavy
    weighted bottoms to indicate direction.

Monsido - PageAssist - Personalized - Font: OpenDyslexic 3 - Picture

    Users can quickly figure out which part of the letter is down,
    which aids in recognizing the correct letter.
    This helps keep users’ brains from rotating them around
    while also reinforcing the line of text.

    PageAssist installs quickly and simply by adding
    a small JavaScript on your homepage;
    it will not affect the speed of your page.

    Fix issues with PageCorrect

    • fix issues on multiple pages without leaving the Monsido platform

    • works for broken links, misspellings, and some accessibility issues

    • saves a ton of time

    • can fix a broken link or accessibility issue affecting
      1,000's of pages in minutes!

Monsido - Accessibility - Web Accessibility - PageCorrect - Fix Broken URL - Picture

    Accessibility Help Center

    We realize your content editors may not be accessibility experts,
    so Monsido includes immense support, including a built in Help Center.

    If you aren't sure how to fix an issue, just click on the Help Center icon and
    you will get detailed information about the compliance issue,
    instructions for remediation and even examples of code that can pass or fail.

Monsido - Accessibility - Web Accessibility - Help Center - Picture

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