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Solutions for making accessible PDF

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading PDF technology from axes4.

axesPDF - Solutions for making accessible PDF - Logo
axesPDF - Efficient workflows for creation of accessible PDF.

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axesPDF QuickFix Video Demonstrations
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Click Here to Download Free Trial of axesPDF QuickFix

Download the current version of axesPDF QuickFix and
evaluate your document for PDF/UA compliance.
Check out all the time-saving fixing features.

Trial Mode (without activation): No activation needed.
Only restriction: In Trial Mode it is not possible to save the file that you have edited.

For a saving-enabled version of axesPDF QuickFix you can
request a free personal 15-days evaluation license.

axesPDF® QuickFix - the professional remediation tool for accessible PDF
that comply with PDF/UA-1 (ISO 14289-1) and WCAG 2.0

axesPDF QuickFix - All-in-One-Tool - Icon

axesPDF® QuickFix saves time and nerves
for checking and fixing accessible PDFs in one step.

    With available mainstream programs in the fields of word processing,
    desktop publishing or PDF editing it is not possible to implement
    lean PDF accessibility workflows. axesPDF QuickFix fills this gap.

    axesPDF QuickFix is for all accessible PDFs (and Workflows)
    - you need it especially for accessible PDF documents created
    with Adobe Indesign or Acrobat.

    No matter if you create an accessible PDF to be published with
    InDesign, Word or Acrobat, axesPDF® QuickFix is a short cut
    if you want to achieve PDF/UA conformance.

    axesPDF QuickFix as short cut

    The checking & remediation tool axesPDF QuickFix helps accessible
    document authors reaching fully PDF/UA compliant documents with ease.
    You can use it at the end of your InDesign, Acrobat or Word workflow.

    Usually you start with the PDF/UA check.
    Then you look at the errors, choose the corresponding commands and fix them
    - in most cases only with one click.

callas pdfGoHTML Structured Tags View English- Picture

Click on image
Example of a correctly tagged PDF document and its structure tags.


    axesPDF® QuickFix is a box full of tools for
    the professional quality assurance of accessible PDF.
    All tools are great timesavers and enable a lean correction workflow.

    • axesPDF QuickFix in a glance
      • Tool for checking and remediation in one step
      • Automated PDF/UA-check
      • Interactive report of all PDF/UA issues with help how to fix it
      • A lot of 1-click-fixing buttons (for the complete document)
      • Fix PDF/UA issues - in many cases by using 1-click-fixing button
      • Advanced correction of tag properties & attributes
        (for one element or for several elements)
      • Simplified structure view for a quick visual evaluation (Screenreader-Preview)
      • Clear expert view for specific diagnosis:
        Logical Structure / Document View / Properties / Role Mapping
      • Create nested bookmarks based on heading tags
      • Edit document properties
      • Prepare PDFs for proper tagging

    • User interface and buttons - an overview
    • 1-click-fixing buttons
      - axesPDF® QuickFix offers a lot of 1-click-fixing buttons like:

      • Mark all non-tagged elements in the document as artifacts with one click
      • Insert missing spaces (between words) - on the content level
      • Add IDs to every Note-Tags
      • Add link descriptions
      • Add the PDF/UA-identifier

    • Complete PDF/UA-check - automated & human
    • Some PDF/UA requirements can be checked by a machine.
      But there are also requirements that have to be checked by a human.
      Therefore both is necessary:
      an automated PDF/UA-check and an additional visual evaluation of the PDF.

      • All machine-checkable checkpoints
      • In axesPDF® QuickFix an automated PDF/UA-check (Tab Checker) is included.
        It covers all machine-checkable checkpoints of the Matterhorn Protocol.

      • Tools for the visual evaluation
      • For the additional visual evaluation - essential part of every PDF/UA-check -
        there are two complementary tools in axesPDF® QuickFix:

        • Ribbon tab: Preview:
          • a simplified structure view for a quick visual evaluation
            (for example: evaluation of the semantics)

        • Ribbon Tab: Logical Structure Tree:
          • an expert view of the Logical Document Structure for a
            specific diagnosis and check of the logical order in
            combination with a parallel document view.

    • Interactive report of all PDF/UA issues with help how to fix it
    • Diagnosis made easy: Clickable issues in the accessibility report lead
      directly to the corresponding locations in the document view and
      in the Logical Structure Tree.

      By using the F1-key you can get useful hints, how to fix a specific PDF/UA issue.

    • Fixing PDF/UA issues - in many cases by using 1-click-fixing buttons
    • What is the use of a detailed accessibility report anyhow,
      if the fixing of the issues is much to time-consuming or complicated
      - at least for an average user?

      For such cases axesPDF® QuickFix offers a lot of
      1-click-fixing buttons like for example:

      • Add PDF/UA identifier
      • Reset Zooms
      • Set Contents key of Link annotations
      • Set Tab Order

      If you cannot fix the issue with one click,
      you find task panes in axesPDF® QuickFix,
      that help you to fix the issue - like for example:

      • Add Bookmarks
      • Create Destinations
      • Fix Roles
      • Insert Spaces
      • Remove Language Assignments
      • Rename Tag

    System Requirements

      Supported operating systems:
      • Windows 7
      • Windows 8
      • Windows 10

      Additional requirements:
      • .NET Framework 4.5.1
      • Internet Explorer 9 or later

axesPDF QuickFix - How it works - Quick Fixing of your first PDF file

    1. Open the PDF file

    2. Click the Refresh Button in the Checker Tab.
      axesPDF QuickFix Refresh Button - Picture
      You get a report with a symbol of for every PDF/UA checkpoint

    3. Go top down from one cross or warning to the next and
      fix the accessibility issue by choosing the related tool.
      If necessary click the triangle to see more details.

    4. axesPDF QuickFix Checker Content - Picture

      axesPDF QuickFix Checker Path Object Not Tagged - Picture

    5. After every fixing step go back to the Checker Tab and click the Refresh Button.
      Now the cross or warning of the fixed issue should have changed to a check mark.

    6. When you only have check marks in your report go to the Preview Tab,
      click the Refresh Button and visually check your PDF.

    7. If everything is fine - congrats!
      You have created your first PDF/UA compliant PDF file.

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