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Be aware not every software application,
tool or document claiming to follow a standard
is compliant with the actual standard.

Always verify yourself


JHOVE not suited for PDF/A validation

The ISO Standard PDF/A ensures that
digital information in PDF documents is
permanently available, searchable,
readable and reusable in future.

Dec. 17, 2014

Explore recent findings during the PDF Hackathon,
September 1-2 2014, Hamburg:
"The validation tool JHOVE can not correctly validate
that PDF documents conforms to the ISO Standard PDF/A"

JHOVE not able to ensure long-term access with PDF/A

Jan. 6, 2015

Yvonne Friese,
ZBW/Leibniz Information Centre for Economics,
explains it all:

JHOVE developer Gary McGath himself warns against
using JHOVE for PDF/A validation


March 23, 2015

TIFF not suited for long-term preservation
e-archiving and universal accessibility

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry
has been standardized on TIFF-encoded images
for over 25 years.

Billions of page images,
most of them scanned from paper,
populate hundreds of thousands of
document management system
installations worldwide.

Images that are unaccessible when
the ECM vendor is not there any longer.

TIFF is proprietary (Adobe owns it).
Pages in TIFF are just pixels.
Images cannot substitute for documents.

Government regulations will require that text,
semantics and navigation, annotations, form-fields,
digital signatures, and so on, be available to all users.

TIFF images can't be made accessible
to users with disabilities,
but PDF documents can
(see the ISO Standard PDF/UA).

In the future the ECM/EDRM industry
will be forced to abandon TIFF, and
accessibility is one of the key reasons why.

TIFF images are a non-starter in terms of accessibility.

Regulatory factors pushing ECM from TIFF to PDF


Jan. 2, 2017

Apple’s PDF problems deepen with Sierra

Problems editing PDF files with Apple’s Preview.

Sierra PDF Problems Get Worse in 10.12.2


April 4, 2014

Apple’s Preview
ignores and destroys PDF features

Looking at Apple's Preview,
the default PDF viewer on Mac OS 10.9.2

Apple’s Preview: Still not safe for work


Microsoft Edge lacks support for the proper
display of many commonplace PDF features

Shortcomings in Microsoft’s Edge browser
with respect to PDF support.

What does “support PDF” really mean?

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