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Standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Exclusive Solution Partner and Reseller in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
for solutions from Actino software, Germany.

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Actino HTML5 Publisher
PDF to HTML5 Conversion

Online publishing of PDF-dokuments in HTML5 format

    The application for online publishing to auto-convert PDF-documents into
    pure HTML5 for viewing of documents in browsers and on mobile devices.

    HTML5 is the new standard for online and mobile publishing.

    With HTML5 enterprises and publishers can quickly distribute their
    content as part of an automated process.
    Users can easily export PDF documents into HTML5 format while
    preserving the same page layout;
    including all interactive elements for navigation.

    The portable document format PDF is a perfect solution to distribute
    or archive documents and for viewing and printing of documents offline
    without any connection to the Internet.

    PDF can be used for online purposes,
    but it is not as dynamic and as flexible as HTML5.
    PDF display requires a specific PDF viewer to be
    installed and this topics becomes more complicated
    when mobile devices must be addressed.

    Adobe Flash has been used for online publishing as well,
    but works only with specific flash plugins that are required for
    rendering the content.
    As a consequence Adobe Flash that does not work on certain platforms.

    HTML5 does not have such problems and supports browsers as well as mobil devices.

    It can run on almost all devices and platforms.
    HTML5 has the great advantage and ability to render multimedia
    content without requiring any plugin or player to be installed.

    The Actino HTML5 Publisher uses the HTML5 standard,
    and provides a fully automated PDF to HTML5 conversion.
    The interactive HTML5 document is placed on own web server
    ready to be for browsed by external readers/web browsers.

    The resulting HTML5 document is supported by all current browsers on
    Windows or MacOS computers, and also by mobile devices like iOS or Android.


Actino software - Actino HTML5 Publisher - Icon
Actino software - HTML5 Publisher - Text Logo

Download a free trial of Actino HTML5 Publisher

Click Here to Request Free Trial of Actino HTML5 Publisher

Actino HTML5 Publisher Overview.

Online and Mobile Publishing with HTML5.

    Actino HTML5 Publisher converts PDF-based publications
    into HTML5-based web publications for online browsing.

    Actino HTML5 Publisher reduces the boring,
    repetitive tasks in your daily production and opens up for
    very advanced workflows that saves days of manual labour.

    Actino HTML5 Publisher is a multi-sector,
    production-oriented workflow application for:

    • Magazine Publishers
      - Magazines, newspapers, eBooks

    • Enterprises
      - Newsletters, business reports

    • Documentation and product data management
      - Manuals, catalogs

    • Government
      - Publications, research, laws, regulations

    • Agencies
      - Webserver creation

    Actino HTML5 Publisher Features

    Actino HTML5 Publisher is designed to convert
    existing PDF without any interaction.

    Part of this process is the transfer of interactive objects
    from PDF to HTML5 to support viewing and
    navigation inside a browser.

    • Creation of real HTML5

    • View single or double side pages

    • Flip through pages

    • Automatic adjustment of page view
      depending on screen and window size

    • Two zooming levels to enlarge specific page areas

    • Conversion of hyperlinks for navigation or
      submitting orders in catalogs

    • Transfer PDF bookmarks into a register

    • Download original PDF or single pages

    • Direct upload export without the need to edit or enhance

    • Save all related data as a project for reuse

    Actino HTML5 Publisher Dashboard - Document Settings

    Actino software - Actino HTML5 Publisher Dashboard Documents Settings - Picture

    Actino HTML5 Publisher Dashboard - Export Settings

    Actino software - Actino HTML5 Publisher Dashboard Documents Export Settings - Picture

    System Requirements:

    • Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7 and 8, or
      Windows Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Server 2012

    • RAM: 4GB minimum

    Note: Windows .Net 4.0 required.

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