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Standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat AB is cooperation partner with
Need Insights för eye tracking services in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

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Solutions for Eye Tracking in
Print, Prepress, Publishing,
Document Management and Packaging Design

    Eye Tracking in Packaging Design

    Will the consumer see your packaging?

    In today’s noise, it is not easy to stand out.
    A product packaging, however, has more purposes than to catch the attention;
    it will identify your brand, communicate value and convey information.

Creative Edge Software - iC3D Storefront Juice Packages - Bild

Stop Guessing.
Test shelf placement of your packaging prototypes
on your computer screen!

    Visualise packaging prototypes in virtual retail environments with

    iC3D Suite is the all-round tool for 3D real-time visualisation
    from early ideas / design drafts to finished design of
    packaging, labels and packaging illustrations.
    iC3D Suite easily creates high-resolution PDF
    as input for eye tracking analysis.

    Frequently asked questions by packaging designers:

    • Will consumers see our products?

    • Is the consumer noticing our products?

    • Which variants of are products are considered?

    • What competing products attract attention?

    • Is your main visual element communicating what you desire?

    • What message is perceived first
      (it may unfortunately be the last)?

    • What messages are being missed?

Need Insights Eye Tracking Services

Need Insights - Stop Guessing Start Eye Tracking - Logo & Banner

    Stop Guessing.

    Need Insights services for eye tracking
    helps to answer above questions.

    Need Insights Eye Tracking Services

    Need Insights can test your product packaging and
    shelf placement on a computer or in a real environment
    with eye tracking glasses.

    What is the consumer perceives in
    the short period of eye contact with the product?

    What do the consumers miss?

    Need Insights helps to evaluate and improve
    current and future product packaging through
    testing and analysis with eye tracking solutions.

    Eye Tracking to Measure Consumer Behaviour

    Eye tracking is a method to measure and track
    eye movements and focus areas.

    Need Insights does this by using advanced
    eye tracking cameras with very high accuracy
    that can follow eye movements,
    fixation points and even measure pupil size.

    This information provides deep insights into
    consumer behavior in order to design revolutionary
    user interfaces and marketing material that
    reaches through the everyday noise.

    First Impression Eye Tracking

    "First impression eye tracking" is a specially designed
    measuring method developed by Need Insights.

    By measuring the first impression we can understand
    the reasons behind the greater part of our daily actions.

    What makes the first impression a bit special is that
    it takes place on a subconscious level, which drives our
    behavior through the emotions.

    With first impression eye tracking you will get
    insights on how consumers really perceive your
    marketing materials and your website.

    Marketing material that can be tested.

    Advertisements and other materials for
    marketing purposes or websites.

    Need Insights can test:

    • Home Pages / landing pages

    • Newspaper Adds

    • Newsletter

    • Flyers

    • Exhibition Stands

    • Roll-ups

    • Banners

    • Product Packaging

    • Store Shelves

    • and more...

    What material is needed for
    implementing an eye-tracking analysis?

    • Own graphic images in
      the form of PDF or JPG images
      are needed for the analysis.

Need Insights - Heat map - TobiiPro - Picture

A heatmap showing the products and prices
that attract the most attention
(source: Need Insights / Tobii).

    Need Insights uses leading
    eye tracking technology from Tobii.

    All Need Insights eye tracking tests are performed
    with eye tracking cameras and software from Tobii.


    • X2-30 eye trackers and Tobii Studio are used for:

      • first impression tests

      • usability studies for websites.

    • Tobii Pro Glasses 2 is used for:

      • outdoor environments

      • fairs

      • shelf placement in the store


    • Tobii Studio is used for:
      • analysis of eye tracking tests
        performed on a PC/laptop

    • Tobii Analyser is used for:
      • analysis of eye tracking studies
        performed with the Tobii Glasses Pro 2

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