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Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat AB Appointed Twixl media Solution Partner
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) Region
for mobile publishing solutions
from Twixl media, Belgium.

Twixl media - Company Logo

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Twixl Publisher - Banner

Twixl Publisher

Publishing for mobile devices and web
for richer experiences

Twixl Publisher is used for a wide range of apps

Twixl Publisher - Publishing for mobile devices - Picture

Twixl Publisher is an all in one publishing solution.
It lets you create your content with your
trusted creation and layout tools, define your app interface,
build your app and distribute your content in the app stores or in-house.

Easy to use, unlimited, flexible and affordable!

Twixl Publisher deploys native mobile apps on all major platforms
for mobile devices and modern web browsers using one single tool

Twixl OS Platforms - Mobile Devices - iOS & Android - Icons
Twixl Positioning - Mobile Publishing  - Web Browsers - Edge, Chrome, Firefox - Picture

Breaking News!

Twixl Publisher System Requirements

Adobe InDesign plugin,

App builder application,

Minimum requirements for versions of
Android and IOS respectively macOS and Xcode

Twixl Publisher is a multi-input app development and distribution platform for
building, distribution, and publishing to mobile devices

Twixl Positioning - Mobile Publishing  - Picture

Create your content starting from different content sources

Twixl Positioning - Create your content starting from different content sources   - Picture

    Key Features:

    Twixl Publisher also imports existing Adobe® InDesign® and Adobe DPS Folio
    content to tablets, smartphones and modern web browsers.

Twixl Publisher - Banner

Twixl Publisher Introduction (11:50)

Twixl Publisher - TP - Banner - Article-based Publishing - Banner

The Future with Twixl Publisher - Article-based Publishing!

Twixl Publisher - TP - Logo
Twixl media - Twixl Publisher - Issue/Publication-based Apps vs Article-based Apps - Picture
Discover benefits and possibilities with article-based publishing

Click here for more video recordings on the use of Twixl Publisher

Twixl Publisher - TP - Icon

Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi
All-in-One Solution for Publishers, Creative Agencies and App Developers

Twixl Publisher@School
Classroom - Picture
Twixl Publisher for Educational Institutions
All-in-One Solution for Student Classroom Training

Twixl Publisher - New Features - Banner
New Features in Twixl Publisher - Popup-window

Twixl Publisher - Why Twixl? - Banner

Reasons to go with Twixl Publisher - Popup-window

Breaking News! May 12, 2020
Adobe Experience Manager Mobile (AEMM) End-Of-Life, April 3, 2021!

Breaking News! November 27, 2018
Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Classic (DPSC) End-Of-Life, Aug. 21, 2019!

What others say about Twixl Publisher
Twixl Publisher compared to AEM Mobile (External blog, 2019)

Twixl Publisher, the best alternative to AEM Mobile
Easy to move from AEM Mobile to Twixl Publisher - Popup-window

It's a perfect time to move to Twixl Publisher!
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Twixl Publisher Pricing Overview

Twixl Subscription Fees (Euro)

Customer Offer

Twixl and Canvasflow - Banner

One Complete Solution
Twixl Publisher One App and Canvasflow bundle
for HTML5-based content creation and publishing for mobile devices

One Complete Solution for HTML5 Publishing

Publishing of HTML content to Twixl with Canvasflow (1:05:29)

Twixl Publisher Subscription Plans and Annual Fees, Licenses, Terms and Condition - Banner
Twixl Subscription Plans and Annual Fees,
Licenses, and General Terms & Conditions - Popup-window

Twixl Webinars, video recordings and demonstrations

Webinars / Video recordings - Icon

Video Demonstrations of Twixl Publisher - Popup-window

Reserve online-demonstration of Twixl Publisher

Twixl Publisher & Twixl Distribution Platform Training - Banner

Instructor-led Training - Twixl Publisher & Twixl Distribution Platform

Twixl Publisher - References and Showcases - Banner

Check out what our clients are creating with Twixl Publisher.
Global portfolio of apps that are created and distributed on the Twixl Publisher platform:
References and Showcases

Download - Icon
Twixl Publisher 30 Days Free Trial
Click Here for 30 Days Free Trial of the Twixl Publisher
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Learn how to get started with Twixl Publisher.

Twixl - Overview - Resources

    Guidelines for Publishing on Mobile Devices

Twixl Publisher - App-val - Native Content Apps / App-Store Apps / In-house Apps - Banner

More on Twixl Publisher

Twixl Workflow - How it works

Twixl Workflow - Design, Build, Publish

Twixl Platforms - Design, Build, Publish - Picture

Mobile Devices
Twixl Deployment Platforms

Twixl OS Platforms - Mobile Devices - iOS & Android - Icons

The Twixl Platform

Create > Present > Build > Distribute

    4 Components:

    • Twixl Publisher InDesign Plug-in

    • Twixl iOS & Android App (Review & Share)

    • Twixl Publisher macOS Builder App

    • Twixl Distribution Platform + API's

    (plus Twixl Viewer Classic (iOS / Android) to view
    classic Adobe InDesign-based single-issue-apps only;
    not multi-issue apps)

Twixl Publisher - Overview - 4 Components - Picture

    For content creation, Twixl Publisher offers two approaches:

    • the pixel-perfect design approach using adobe InDesign content and

    • the responsive approach using HTML content.

    Twixl offers a plug-in for Adobe InDesign CC that allows you
    to create interactive content for mobile devices.
    A multitude of interactive content types are supported, such as
    photo slide shows, audio, video, scrollable content and more.
    Also HTML-based content can be integrated within the InDesign layout.

    You can also decide to create your articles with the HTML tool of
    your choice (such as Canvasflow) and make your content responsive
    But in most cases HTML content will be published in an automated
    fashion pushed from your CMS workflow.

    PDF content is also supported and the different content types
    can be combined within the same app.

    To present your content, Twixl Publisher lets you define the interface
    of your app, based on a grid layout and define your own navigation;
    this interface is called 'browse pages'.

    Browse pages let you introduce your content to your end-users in a
    very flexible way. This interface can be a classic kiosk approach,
    a continuous channel approach or a combination of both.

    You are in control and you can define how you want to guide
    your end-users through your content.

    Review your complete app with Twixl App;
    i.e. the browse pages interface and all content pages,
    plus Adobe InDesign, HTML and PDF content all together.

    While Twixl Viewer Classic lets you preview Adobe InDesign content only,
    the Twixl App provides the ability to review the complete interface of
    your app and the different browse pages, in addition to the InDesign,
    HTML or PDF based articles in the app.

    Extra app reviewer users can be added to the account on
    the Twixl Distribution Platform account, so you can allow clients and
    colleagues to provide feedback.

    For building apps, Twixl Publisher's stand-alone macOS application lets you
    create tablet apps, phone apps or universal apps for iOS and Android.

    Apps can be published "ad hoc" (for testing), in the app stores or
    deployed in-house (also called "enterprise distribution").

    For an article-based app, you can also activate the Browser Client
    that lets you publish your content as HTML on mobile devices
    with modern web browsers.

    For distribution of your content, the Twixl Distribution Platform
    takes care of the storage of your content and connects to your
    automated content sources or your CMS workflow.

    It manages the distribution of your apps and app content in the different
    app stores or in-house, supports in-app purchases and subscriptions,
    manages who gets access to which of your apps and content,
    provides detailed analytics information and lets you communicate
    with your subscribers by means of push notifications.

Twixl Publisher - TP - Logo

Twixl Blog: Guide to "How to create an app" for Corporations and Organisations

Twixl Blog: Guide to "How to create a magazine or news app" for Publishers

Learn how to get started with Twixl Publisher.

If you don’t have a Twixl account yet, just sign up here.

Twixl Publishing - Developer Desktop - Picture

Key Features to
Create > Present > Build > Distribute

The Twixl Workflow

Twixl Publisher Workflow - 1. Define structure of content - Icon

    Define the structure of your content

    Before building a house you draw a floor plan.
    Before you create your app or even your content you define the structure!

    Your content is the heart of your app but how will
    end-users find the way to the heart of your app?

    How are you going to structure your content?
    Are you going to organize it as issues,
    divide it into different sections or chapters,
    or is it just going to be a stream of articles?

    What kind of content will you be using?
    Adobe InDesign-based, HTML-based, PDF ?
    Will you be integrating with a CMS, RSS feeds, …?

    Which links do you want between which parts of your content?

    Even before starting to create your content,
    you need to define the content architecture of your app!

Twixl Publisher Workflow - 2. Define layout and enrich articles in InDesign and HTML - Icon

    Layout and enrich your articles in Adobe InDesign / HTML

    Start creating and enriching your content with your trusted creation and layout tools.

    Twixl's plug-in for Adobe InDesign allows you to create enriched interactive content.
    The complete creation process takes place in the same environment
    which is key to a fluent workflow.

    Twixl Publisher offers a complete pallet of interactive features, action buttons,
    slide shows, video and audio, scrollable content, image sequences, panorama VR,
    web viewers for integrating web content, HTML5 animations, etc.

    When using HTML content, you can use your trusted HTML tools to create
    the content article by article, but in most cases HTML content will be pushed
    from your CMS workflow in an automated fashion.

Twixl Publisher Workflow - 3. Setup Automation - Icon

    Setup Automation

    Setup automation with your CMS and integrate RSS feeds

    You can push content to the Twixl Distribution Platform
    from several CMS workflow systems and editorial systems.

    You can also pull content from an RSS feed,
    that can then easily be integrated in your app,
    by selecting from one of the integrated display templates
    to determine the look and feel of the RSS feed.

Twixl Publisher Workflow - 4. Determine the interface of your app - Icon

    Determine the interface of your app

    How are you going to guide the end-user through your content?

    Once you have decided which types of content you’ll integrate in your app,
    you can start designing the interface of your app.

    Define how you are going to introduce your new app,
    which article(s) you are going to emphasize,
    some specific chapters or sections you want to put in the spotlight,
    provide an overview for readers to access all your legacy content, …

    Twixl Publisher lets you setup and manage this interface in a responsive way,
    and all configuration options are server-driven,
    so that any updates will immediately be reflected in the app.

Twixl Publisher Workflow - 5. Preview and share your content - Icon

    Preview and share your content

    How does it look on a mobile device?
    Does it work the way you were expecting it?

    For previewing content,
    whether it’s Adobe InDesign-based, HTML or PDF-based,
    you can use the Twixl App.

    This app lets you check the complete setup of the app you are creating,
    including the browse pages, the navigation and possibly the entitlement setup.

    You can also use this app to share your creations with colleagues or customers.

Twixl Publisher Workflow - 6. Build your app - Icon

    Build that app

    Lets create that app!
    Single, Multi, for the app stores, for in-house distribution.

    The content is ready, the app interface is ready,
    so the next step is to create the app.

    The Build wizard will guide you step by step through the app building process.
    So you can submit it to the app stores or publish it in-house.

Twixl Publisher Workflow - 7. Distribute your content - Icon

    Distribute your content

    This is what publishing is about.
    Getting the message out there in the fastest and most flexible way.

    Now your app is deployed you will feed it with content and
    distribute the content to your end-users.

    This is done through your account on the Twixl Distribution Platform.

    The Twixl Distribution Platform will provide analytics reports
    on how readers are interacting with your content.

    You can also send push notifications to communicate with your audience.

Twixl Publisher - Components - Details

Twixl Publishing Tools Overview - Picture

Twixl Publisher and Twixl Distribution Platform

    Twixl Publisher and Twixl Distribution Platform are two separate products:

    • To create your apps you need Twixl Publisher.

    • To distribute multi-issue apps public via App Store kiosks or
      in-house/private/enterprise you need Twixl Distribution Platform.

    If you do not want to create your apps in-house you would only need
    the Twixl Distribution Platform, and your agency could use Twixl Publisher
    to create your enriched in-house apps for you.
    But if you want to to be able to both create and publish you need both.

Twixl Publisher - Banner

  • Twixl Publisher
  • Twixl Publisher is the app creation tool.

    Twixl Publisher consists of two components:

    • The Twixl Publisher Plug-in for Adobe InDesign CC
      that allows export of content from Adobe InDesign.

    • The Twixl Publisher Builder application that will use the exported
      Adobe InDesign content to create a Preview of the app in
      the simulator or also create an "Ad Hoc" testbuild to install
      on a mobile device outside of the App Store.

    Twixl Publisher is the first application that allows users to produce
    mobile apps fully independently from design to publishing in
    the app stores or within an enterprise network.

    Installed as plug-in tool to Adobe InDesign CC to easily convert
    Adobe InDesign documents into iOS- and Android-based apps.

    It is used to create:

    • custom enriched apps, e.g. sales presentations.

    • interactive reader applications for mobile devices,
      integrating enriched content such as photo slide shows,
      audio, video, HTML5 animations and more.

Twixl Publisher and Adobe InDesign - Details

Twixl Publisher - TP - Icon     Adobe InDesign - Id - Icon

How you do it with Twixl Publisher and Adobe InDesign

Twixl Viewer Classic - Details

Twixl Publisher - Twixl Viewer Classic - Icon

    Twixl Viewer Classic

    The Twixl Viewer is an iOS/iPad and Android app
    used to preview and check single-issue apps.

    Twixl Viewer Classic allows designers to preview enriched apps
    developed in Adobe® InDesign® CC on a device that is running
    the 'Twixl Viewer Classic' app in the local network .

    The designer can send the preview directly to Twixl Viewer Classic
    from within the Twixl Publisher plug-in in Adobe® InDesign®.

Twixl media - Twixl Viewer Classic - Picture

    Twixl Viewer Classic is available for free download from the
    Apple iTunes App Store, the Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store.

Twixl App - Details

Twixl Publisher App - Banner

Twixl Publisher - TP - Icon

    Twixl App

    The Twixl App is an iOS and Android app used to preview article-based apps.
    It allows designers to preview enriched article-based apps developed in
    Adobe® InDesign® CC, or with any HTML5 content authoring and
    management tool, on a device that is running the Twixl App app.

    Twixl App allows checking how browse pages and article details will look like,
    both the app interface as well as its content, without first needing to create
    a separate test app.

    Login to the Twixl App with a valid Twixl Distribution Platform account and password.
    If you have a Touch ID-enabled iPhone or iPad, you can choose to use Touch ID.
    When you are logged in, you'll get to see an overview of all
    article-based apps in your account:

Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform - Browse Pages - Tablet Apps Icons - Picture

    Tapping an app icon will bring you to the main browse page,
    and you can check how content is displayed:

Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform - Browse Pages - Tablet App, La Grand Motte - Picture

    You can make adjustments in the collection and cell styles on
    the Twixl Distribution Platform, and these will be reflected
    on the fly in the app.

    If you want other people to be able to review your app,
    but without providing them full access to your
    Twixl Distribution Platform account, you can add extra app
    reviewer accounts by selecting "Manage users…"
    under your account admin settings.
    For each app reviewer user, you can define
    the apps he/she will have access to.

    Twixl App is available for free download from the
    Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

Twixl Distribution Platform for Distribution via App Stores

Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform - Banner

Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform Multi-issue app distribution made easy - Text Banner

    Twixl Distribution Platform
    - App Store and Inhouse Publishing (Private, Enterprise) Deployment Tool

    Distribution Made Easy via App Stores (iOS, Goggle Play or Amazon)
    and via in-house publishing.

    Twixl Distribution Platform is an independent publishing platform to distribute apps.
    It also allows enterprises to publish all kind of apps and documents
    within the company network.

    Once you have created your app you’ll want to distribute it in the app stores.

    Single-issue apps can be published directly to the app stores,
    but for multi-issue apps a distribution and storage platform is needed.
    That’s what the Twixl Distribution Platform is all about.

    Twixl Distribution Platform is a content management system (CMS)
    for managing users, content and multi-issue apps created with
    Twixl Publisher in App Store Kiosks.

    Twixl Distribution Platform - Details

Twixl workflow automation

Twixl Integration API

    Twixl Publisher can integrate with different editorial systems or
    basically any type of CMS to push content directly from a solution
    to the Twixl Distribution Platform and thus into an app.

    The “Twixl Integration API” option allows you to integrate with a
    number of solutions that Twixl support out of the box:
    Canvasflow / vjoon K4 / WoodWing Inception

    Using the Twixl Integration API, any type of CMS could be setup to
    push content to the Twixl Distribution Platform;
    some custom development may be required to achieve this.

    The Twixl Integration API is available as an extra paid option.

Twixl Integration with WoodWing Workflows

Twixl Publisher - TP - Icon     WoodWing - Icon

WoodWing Inception and WoodWing Enterprise

    Create Twixl app content from within
    WoodWing Inception and WoodWing Enterprise.
Twixl media - Twixl WoodWing Connector  - Inception - Logo Twixl media - Twixl WoodWing Connector  - Enterprise - Logo

    WoodWing Inception is a cloud-based HTML authoring tool
    to create responsive mobile content.
    The optional Twixl Integration API supports integration with
    WoodWing Inception out of the box.

    Twixl WoodWing Connector is a publication channel plug-in
    for publishing layouts from the WoodWing Enterprise workflow
    to a Twixl publication Package.

    Twixl Publisher offers support for article-based workflows
    (vs. book-based workflow currently used in Adobe DPS).

    Every layout can first be exported as a separate single article (a ".article"),
    then all these articles can be combined into a Twixl Publisher ".publication"
    package file, and be published as an issue in a multi-issue app
    using the Twixl Distribution Platform.

Twixl Integration with Enfocus Switch Workflows

Twixl Publisher - TP - Icon     Enfocus Switch - Icon

Twixl Configurator for Enfocus Switch Workflows

Twixl media - Twixl Integration with Enfocus Switch - Flow - Picture

    Twixl Distribution Platform can be integrated into Enfocus Switch workflows.

    Several Switch workflows are available to integrate with
    the Twixl Distribution Platform.

    Switch allows automation & integration of 3rd party applications.

      Example: Switch-controlled workflow with automatic PDF optimization:

      Example: Switch-controlled workflow with intelligent print, publishing
      and export from within Adobe InDesign:

    Use cases:
    • Create workflow for automatic upload to
      the Twixl Distribution Platform from a hot folder.

    • Automatic conversion of a .publication to a "Web Reader" version.

    • Automaticly generate and upload tablet-optimized PDFs
      to be published in multi-issue apps.

    • Send web reader link to the publisher.

    Download Configurators for Twixl Publisher from Enfocus Crossroads

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