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Standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible hardware and software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Exclusive Solution Partner and Reseller in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
for solutions from Actino software, Germany.

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Actino software - Actino DRM Server - Icon

Actino DRM
Actino Document Rights Management Services

Cloud- / Web-based Services for
Document Rights Management, Tracking and Secure Distribution


Actino software - Actino DRM - Icon

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Actino Document Rights Management

    Cloud- / Web-based Services for
    Document Rights Management,
    Tracking and Secure Distribution

    To control distributed content is critical for
    enterprises as well as publishers.

    Companies need to make sure that confidential material
    cannot be opened by not authorized users.

    Publishers do want their valuable documents or content
    to be protected against copying.

    The demand to secure documents is always the same,
    but workflows and type of permissions are different.

    Actino DRM Server is a configurable platform solution containing
    a database to manage documents, users or permissions, and
    several application scripts to manage and automate the processes.

    Based on open industry standards like SQL and PHP provides
    all features to encrypt PDF or office documents, to log requests,
    and interfaces to Active Directory (AD) and APIs for
    workflow application or webservices.

    Digital Rights Management and Tracking

    In DRM or IRM solutions the documents get encrypted,
    but the key to open the file is saved in the publishers or
    enterprises permission server.
    Every time when a user tries to open a file, a requests is
    submitted to the webserver so the publisher has full control.
    The document owner can grant or revoke permissions any time.

    Online or offline

    The Actino DRM Server supports online or offline control.
    In an online scenario the user must be online and
    the permission server always available for requests in
    the Internet or Intranet.

    When offline is required the permission server generates
    an encrypted offline key with the users machine ID.
    By this the document is locked to the users computer,
    but can be opened until expiration without being online.


    A popular feature to protect files are watermarks
    placing text for personalization on the page.
    This additional content appears on screen or on printout and
    can contain several static or dynamic data like time or date.

    Actino DRM Server allows to specify individual templates for
    watermarks on top or below the page content.

    Publishers can add all kind of text to identify the source,
    the current status or the owner of files.

    Features and modules

    • Permission Server

      • Open SQL database for users and documents

      • Manage permissions (open, print, copy, etc.)

      • Server support for Linux or Windows

      • Standard webserver with browser interface

      • PHP scripts to manage all tasks and processes

      • Dynamic watermark for display on screen and print

      • Interface with Active Directory (LDAP)

      • Logging all requests

    • Encryption Server

      • Encrypt PDF and office documents

      • Different modes for online or offline protection

      • Single or batch encryption on demand

      • Dispatcher for automation

    • Client

      • Open protected PDF in Adobe Reader

      • Support other popular PDF Viewers

      • Document control and screenshot prevention

      • Show dynamic and static watermark

      • FileOpen Viewer app for iOS and Android

      • Communicates via HTTPS with permission server


    • Document management

    • The permission server database manage all encrypted documents.
      A list window shows the documents, the expiration dates
      and the associated groups. In case of necessary changes
      the admin can easily enter the modifications.

      Administrators and group administrators can manually
      upload PDF and office files for encryption and
      download the protected document.

Actino software - Actino DRM Document Management Dashboard - Picture

Actino DRM Document Management Dashboard

    • User management

    • Implementations in which permission are associated to a
      specific user or a user group requires a database to save the
      necessary information for authentification (Username, password)
      and a ounter for device, print or open control.

      All request to the permission database are or can be logged
      and interpreted for document control, tracking and analyses.
      The database is based on SQL and it is possible to add
      additional tables for other important information or
      to use standard SQL tools for administration.

    • Group & Permission Management

    • All users and documents belong to an individual groups
      which hold the permissions.

      Open, print, copy, screenshot prevention or watermarks
      are attributes of a specific group and managed via
      the browser interface.

      The group administrator is responsible for the different
      participants, the single documents and the current permissions.
      Any change is immediately valid for the whole group.

Actino software - Actino DRM Groups and Permissions Management Dashboard - Picture

Actino DRM Group and Permission Management Dashboard

    Workflow and automation

    • Dispatcher

    • A key feature for DRM is automation and integration.
      Both functions drive the workflow and help to avoid human errors.

      The Dispatcher is an multithreading application or service to
      updating the permission server database.

      It can be launched by any other application,
      DMS or shopping system or as a webservice.
      All attributes are part of XML jobtickets.

    • Reporting Modul

    • The application connects to the SQL database and extract all
      informations for a given period.
      Enterprise get all the details about the requested documents,
      the time, duration, date, or the users or devices.

    • HTML5 conversion

    • To view content inside browsers without any PDF viewer
      installation the document can be converted to HTML5.

      The resulting document provides page views, zooming,
      page flipping, bookmarks for navigation and hyperlinks.
      It looks and feels like a PDF.

System Requirements:

    Windows® and Linux:

    • PHP

    • MySQL

    • Webserver

    Actino DRM user interface is available
    in English, German (and soon Swedish).

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