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PDF standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Certified Reseller for Adobe

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Solutions for Creatives

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Adobe Creative Cloud
Desktop applications for photography, video, audio, and design

    All-new desktop versions of your favorite creative tools and services.
    Adobe Creative Cloud is an annual subscription program
    that is easy to manage, administrate and use.
    All Adobe's creative applications are included with
    immediate access to updates of new features and services.

    Now comes with a hundred new features including
    sharing and publishing across platforms and devices.

    Adobe Creative Cloud is completely replacing the Adobe Creative Suite packaging.

    Adobe Creative Cloud
    Individual Components - Overview

    Creative tools

    Desktop applications for photography, video, audio, and design.

    Adobe Creative Cloud - Creative Tools Individual Products Overview - Picture

    Edge tools and Services

    Tools and services for web designers and web developers to create beautiful,
    mobile-ready content and apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    Adobe Creative Cloud - Edge Tools and Services Individual Products Overview - Picture

    Other Services

    Online services for file sharing, collaboration, and publishing apps and websites.

    Adobe Creative Cloud - Other Online Services Individual Products Overview - Picture

    Adobe Touch Apps

    Creative Cloud integrates with these Touch Apps, which can be purchased separately.

    Adobe Creative Cloud - Adobe Touch Apps Individual Products Overview - Picture

Adobe Educational and Academic Software for Schools

Adobe Creative Cloud for Education

Adobe Creative Cloud for Education Banner - Picture

    Customer benefits

  1. Access to Creative Cloud apps and services for
    educational institutions of any size:

    • Always access to the latest version of the software.

    • Own decision over if and when to install the software.

  2. Budget predictability and control over software costs.

  3. Simplified purchasing and deployment.

    Eligible institutions - Creative Cloud for education is available to:

  • Higher Education and K12 educational institutions.

  • Qualified nonprofit (charity) organizations can also purchase
    Creative Cloud for education.

  • Individuals, small workgroups, departments, labs, classrooms or
    training environments.

  • Computers can be Mac, PC (Windows) or a combination of the two.

Product Offering

Membership Plans vs License Type
Adobe CC for Education - Complete Plan - Picture

Complete or Single-app Membership Plan | Named-user License or Device License

Product Offering - Complete Membership Plan
Adobe CC for Education - Product Offering Complete Plan - Picture

Complete Plan allows access to all the applications
included in Creative Cloud for education.
(Complete list of applications is available at

      Ideal for:
      • Mixed-use classrooms and labs.
        Example: Such as large labs used by students from many
        different disciplines requiring the availability of many apps.

      • Example: Workgroups of students, faculty or staff working on
        tasks that require multiple apps; such as a student newspaper.

Product Offering - Single-app Plan
Adobe CC for Education - Product Offering Single-app Plan - Picture

Single-app Plan allows access to a single application of own choice
when only one application is required.
(Complete list of single applications is available at

      Ideal for:
      • Small specialized labs.
        Example: Small lab used exclusively for students enrolled in
        a specific course, and the lab is never used for other activities.

      • Small specialized workgroups.
        Example: Small group of faculty members are collaborating on a
        series of video lectures, and only require a specific application
        to complete this project.

Product Offering - Named-user License
Adobe CC for Education - Product Offering Named-user License - Picture

Named-user License allows access to all the services and collaboration tools
that are available through Creative Cloud for education.
"Named-user" means "login reguired".
(Complete list of available services is available at

      Ideal for:
      • Whenever the collaboration and online tools are needed.
        Example: Faculty members with individually assigned computers.

      • Faculty and staff members have the permission to install
        the software on a second computer, as long as the second
        installation is for the use of the same person and not used
        Example: Work-At-Home-Rights
        (Only applicable for faculty and staff, not for students).

Product Offering - Device License
Adobe CC for Education - Product Offering Device License - Picture

Device licenses are deployed to a particular computer,
rather than assigned to a person.
A device license is the only way to allow multiple users on a single computer.
Device license can only be installed on a single computer
and do not allow for a second installation.
The device license does not include any of the services that
come with the named-user license.

This license is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the education market.
It provides the open-to-all use normally associated with a traditional per-seat
or site type license, making it perfect for classroom and lab computers.

    Ideal for:
    • For labs and classrooms, or any other deployment that
      would traditionally be covered by a per-seat or site license.

Product Offering - License Type Summary and Benefits
Adobe CC for Education - Product Offering License Summary - Picture

Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA) Program for K-12

Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement Program for K-12 Banner - Picture

EEA Customer Benefits

Adobe - Access Equity - Logo
Access equity
  • Access to Creative Cloud apps and services for
    K-12 educational institutions of any size.

Adobe - Available Updates - Logo
Available updates
  • Always access to the latest versions and updates of the software.

  • Own decision on when and if to install.

Adobe - Simple Mangement - Logo
Simple management
  • Deploy all the same versions of the software across
    the institution making it easier to support, train and manage.

  • No worry about compatibility issues across different version and
    platforms, or support numerous single point products that
    terminate on individual schedules.

Adobe - Easy Purchasing - Logo
Easy purchasing
  • Subscription model moves costs from one-time
    capital expense to an ongoing operational expense.

  • Budget is simplified because updates are always covered
    during the license term, eliminating surprise update expenses.

  • Term-based subscription may lead to lower upfront costs.

Adobe - Instant Compliance - Picture
Instant compliance
  • As the entire education institution is covered (through FTE),
    all the computers owned or leased by the institution are
    instantly in compliance, which helps customers mitigate risk.

  • Ideal for:
    • School environments where old machines are often
      retired and new machines are brought online.

    EEA Eligible institutions and computing equipment

    Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement program is available to:
  • K12 educational institutions only:
    includes early learning, nursery schools, elementary schools,
    primary schools, middle schools, high schools, and secondary schools,
    and encompasses the first years of full-time education.

  • The program is intended solely for computers that are owned,
    leased or under control by an eligible K-12 institution:

    • Computers can be Mac, PC (Windows) or a combination of the two
      including academic, lab and administrative computers.

    The program is

    • not available for Higher Education (HED) institutions.

    • not designed for provisioning student-owned computers.

    • not intended for bring you own device (BYOD).

    • not meant to include mobile devices, such as tablets (iPad,...).

    EEA Program scope
    Adobe EEA for K-12 - Product Offering Summary - Picture

    License Model
    • The EAA program is designed to license entire K-12 institutions
      (or even entire school districts).

    • The program uses full-time equivalent (FTE) based calculation for pricing:
      • FTE - the number of full and part-time faculty and
        staff within a school or district.

    • The EAA program is a term-based subscription:
      • The customer may choose a one-year or two-year program term.

      • Full payment is made at time of purchase for the entire subscription term.

      • The software will stop working at the end of the subscription term.

    EEA Product Offering

    The EAA program offers the applications that education institutions need
    1. Complete set of Creative Cloud applications
    Adobe EEA for K-12 - Product Offering Base - Picture

    • The complete set of Creative Cloud applications is the base set product offering
      - not including services and applications that require services.
      (Complete list of applications is available at

    2. Add-on bundles
    Adobe EEA for K-12 - Product Offering Add-on Bundles - Picture

    • Two sets of add-on bundles are available to augment the base offering
      and give the flexibility to tailor a solution to own requirements.
      Add-on bundles can be ordered at any time during the subscription period.

    EEA Pricing and Licensing Structure

      Adobe EEA for K-12 - Pricing Structure Overview - Picture

    • Small/Large schools - Schools with a single site or campus.

    • Legal Entity - Any entity that has responsibility for the procurement and
      contract management of multiple, individual primary and secondary school
      (i.e., district, country, state, government agency, etc.).

    Adobe® Creative Suite®

    NOTE! Creative Suite 6 was available for Adobe's traditional licensing program, TLP, CLP,
    but it will not be a new release of Creative Suite under these licensing programs.
    For access to future new software releases and updates,
    please refer to Adobe Creative Cloud above.

    Individual Components - Overview

    Adobe Creative Suite 6 Individual Products Overview - Picture

Adobe Creative Cloud Demonstrations

Webinarier / Videoinspelningar - Icon

Adobe Creative Cloud Demonstrations

Reserve online-demonstration of Adobe CC

Product Ordering Numbers / Price information

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NewFormat Adobe Certifications

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axaio software plug-ins enhance native capabilities and features of
Adobe® InDesign®, InCopy®, Illustrator® and QuarkXPress® environments.

axaio software MadeTo... Application Platform Logos - Picture

axaio software plugin solutions
Streamlines and standardizes PDF creation, print and publishing output
and content correction workflows and generation of accessible documents
according to the new ISO standard PDF/UA (universal accessibility.

MadeToPrint, MadeForLayers, and MadeToTag
are being used by publishing houses, advertisement agencies,
prepress service providers, printers and packaging companies
all over the world to enhance native capabilities and features of
software tools from Adobe and Quark Software.

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