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PDF standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading PDF technology from callas software GmbH.

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PDF Workflow Technology

Your PDF problems solved
callas software finds simple ways to handle complex PDF challenges

Solutions for Prepress, Print Production, Publishing, and Document Exchange

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callas License Server
Dynamic way of licensing processing capacity services
for callas products and technology based on peak performance on
Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or others.

callas License Server fully supports the ISO Standard PDF 2.0!

Licensing of software from callas software
for execution as cloud services

callas License Server - Licensed to Run
(callas software blog, April 18, 2023)

callas License Server, Licensed to run - Picture

    How does callas software provide software to businesses
    without binding it to a specific machine;
    and how does callas software make it possible for those who want it,
    to only pay for what they really need and use?

    callas License Server is the answer:

    News - New key features in callas License Server

    License Server 1.2 releases with the following key updates:

    • Cartridge pool support:
      Introducing support for cartridge pools,
      a feature designed to seamlessly integrate with
      callas pdfToolbox version 14.3 and later.

    • Developer license support:
      The new update includes support for developer licenses,
      empowering you with more options for
      license management and development.

    • Improved handling of process cartridges and credits
      in failover setups:
      License Server 1.2 enhances the handling of
      process and credits cartridges in failover setups,
      ensuring a more reliable and resilient experience.

    Plus a couple of minor improvements:

    • Enhanced log files for connection problems in failover setups.

    • New log files for cartridge uninstallations and License Server deactivations.

    See also callas software blog

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callas License Server - Tutorials

callas License Server
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callas License Server Training

callas License Server - Instructor-led Training

Price Information

    callas License Server can be obtained via license acquisition or rental.

    The callas License Server is available for
    callas pdfToolbox, callas pdfaPilot och callas pdfChip
    and as callas License Server SaaS.

    5 licenses of callas pdfToolbox Desktop or pdfaPilot Desktop
    are included with License Server.


callas License Server
Reference Cases/Customer Testimonials

  • 2023: Verified Global AB, Sweden

  • 2019: Pixartprinting (Italy) is up in the ‘Cloud’s
    Optimized usage of callas pdfToolbox licenses.


callas software License Server - Logo

Nedladdning - Icon
Click here to request download of callas License Server

(You will be asked to fill in a contact form.
To help us identify your software download and support you,
please enter the code NewFormat
in the form field named Preferred Reseller).

    callas License Server

    callas License server introduces a dynamic way of licensing
    callas software products where local activation is no longer necessary.

    Dynamic deployment of callas products and technology on
    cloud-based infrastructure as a web service.

    Addresses the needs of a modern, cloud-based world.
    Conceived with cloud infrastructure in mind, it introduces a more dynamic
    way of licensing processing capacity based on peak performance.

    The callas License Server fits in callas software's long-standing tradition
    to provide a maximum of flexibility when it comes to the use and
    deployment of its products and technology.

    As such, callas products have been available for many years on
    Windows, Mac, Linux, Oracle/Sun Solaris and IBM AIX and its technology
    can be embedded through hot folders, command-line interface (CLI) and
    a software development kit (SDK).

    With the callas License Server, callas software adapts that philosophy
    to the current needs of the market and enabling a straightforward
    deployment of callas products and technology on infrastructure as a
    service environment like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or others.

    The callas License Server is typically used in private or public cloud environments.
    It is an independent software through which callas Server/CLI/SDK products
    can retrieve specific license information.

    This license information is based on the maximum number of instances and/or
    the processing time the Server/CLI/SDK product can use regardless of where
    the Server/CLI/SDK product is installed.
    This allows to cater for automatic scaling scenarios.

    The normal License Server license model also covers ASP use.

    Activation-based licensing vs. License Server-based licensing

    All callas software customers have up to now used activation-based licensing,
    which binds the license to the machine it is running on.

    From now on, License Server-based licensing will also allow
    callas software products to run without being activated locally,
    rather checking with the License Server whether any licenses are available.

    This allows (virtual) machines to be brought online without
    having to go through the manual activation process, which in turn
    makes true failover for business-critical processes possible!

callas License Server Configuration

callas License Server Configuration - Picture

    What actually drives callas License Server?

    callas License Server uses blockchain technology.

    The blockchain is a simple way of passing information from A to B
    in a fully automated, safe and smart manner.

    One party to a transaction initiates the process by creating a block.
    The verified block is added to a chain, which is stored creating a unique record.

    Transactions could mean cryptocurrencies, medical information,
    voting or home records, or in our case, License Server transactions.

    All transactions of the license server are stored in a local block chain.
    The block chain consists of individual entries which contain information
    about a transaction which is secured by a hash value.

    The hash value of each entry is built from the hash value of
    the previous entry and the data of the current entry.
    All hash values of the block chain are checked during
    startup of the license server.
    If a hash value is invalid, an error message is emitted and
    the license server refuses to start.

    A single Licence Server offers no failover handling.
    But the License Server can be activated on multiple computers in order to be
    prepared for failover, something deemed very important by callas' customers.

callas License Server Dashboard

callas License Server - Dashboard - Picture

    The License Server support callas pdfToolbox, callas pdfaPilot and pdfChip.

    The License Server itself needs to be installed and activated first.

    Once you have successfully activated that,
    you don't need to activate callas Server/CLI/SDK.
    Instead, you can just run callas Server/CLI/SDK in the command line
    with the IP number of the License Server.
    The License Server then checks the state of callas Server/CLI/SDK,
    that is, whether it is permitted to run or not.

    But how would you brief the License Server whether a new
    callas Server/CLI/SDK instance is allowed to run or not?
    For that purpose, callas License Server uses, what is called 'cartridges'.

    Process Cartridges which enable you to run one callas process,
    processing one file at a time and/or Credit Cartridges which provide
    access to processing time, regardless of the number of parallel
    processes and/or (virtual) machines.

    Each cartridge is for (is linked to) a specific callas software product.
    In an environment where you would like to use pdfToolbox, pdfaPilot and
    pdfChip, the License Server would need one cartridge for pdfToolbox,
    one cartridge for pdfaPilot and one cartridge for pdfChip.

    The License Server can have as many cartridges installed as
    required and those cartridges can be of different types.

    Along with the capability for logging,
    the License Server also offers a REST interface that provides information
    about the current status of the license server, the cartridges,
    the failover network and information about running sessions
    (with every great feature comes a great documentation).

    Full flexibility: Auto-Scalable & Pay-per-Use Environments

    • Runs without being activated locally
    • The License Server will check whether or not any licenses are available.
      This allows (virtual) machines to be brought online without having
      to go through the manual activation process.

    • Caters with performance for peak production
    • The callas License Server makes models such as
      ‘load on demand’ or ‘capacity on demand’ possible,
      a more dynamic way of licensing based on peak performance.

    • Capacity-based processing environments
    • License Server can be used in capacity-based processing environments,
      as the only machine that always needs to be running is the machine
      hosting the License Server - everything else can be fully dynamic.

    • How does it work?
    • Pay-per-use environment.
      There is an initial cost for the License Server and after that
      the License Server grants permission based on cartridges loaded into it.

      There are two types of cartridges:
      You either buy Process Cartridges and/or Credit Cartridges
      that are loaded in the callas License Server.

      • Process Cartridges
      • Process Cartridges are loaded with one or more parallel processes.
        Each process allows a callas product to process one file at a time.

        Each callas software application that wants to process a PDF file
        requests permission to the License Server and will get permission
        to run if there are still unclaimed processes available.

        8 Process Cartridges will enable you to run 8 processes in parallel,
        no matter whether this is on one or more (virtual) machines.
        Process Cartridges would typically be used to run the daily production.

      • Credit Cartridges
      • Credit Cartridges cater for peak production and provide access to
        processing time, regardless of the number of parallel processes
        and/or (virtual) machines; thus allow an unlimited amount of
        parallel processes to run.

        Credit Cartridges are loaded with a number of credits.
        Each credit corresponds to one second of processing time.

        Each time a callas software application asks permission to
        process a file, the License Server will grant permission.

        When a callas product requests permission to process a file,
        License Server will keep track of how long it took to process
        that file and will then subtract the equivalent number of credits
        from its credit cartridge.

        A 50 000 Credit Cartridge handles 50 000 seconds of processing time.
        In an auto-scalable environment, this would allow for an unlimited
        number of server instances to be fired up, processing files until all
        credits are used, providing customers access to unprecedented
        PDF processing power.

        For pure pay-per-use cases, customers could of course choose
        to just use Credit Cartridges.

    • Using License Server in failover mode
    • In failover mode, License Server typically runs on three different systems.
      License Server needs to be aware of the other License Servers involved.

      The way you work with License Server in this case is slightly different
      than the simple use case where it's running on a single system.

      (The failover count is part of the license for the license server and
      must be specified during the purchase of the license server).

    • Using the License Server in a Dispatcher environment
    • The License Server provides a means to store licenses
      in a centralized repository.
      It can make sense to combine this with distributed processing
      organized from a centralized entity.
      This entity can be a Dispatcher / callas pdfToolbox Dispatcher or
      callas pdfaPilot Dispatcher.

      The Dispatcher needs to be activated as usual, however, in a
      License Server environment this could be done using the License Server.

      This requires a special Run Count cartridge for the Dispatcher
      (the Dispatcher cannot be used with Credits) on that License Server;
      pricing is the same as for a regular Dispatcher license.

      The Dispatcher would then be started using the --licenseserver command,
      same as any other instance that wants us activate itself
      using the License Server.

      When a Satellite is started and connected to the Dispatcher it should
      at the same time use the --licenseserver option to also connect
      to the License Server.

      Since a Satellite is not started per job but rather runs in listening mode
      this call would not use any of the Cartridge assets (Run Count or Credits)
      on the License Server.
      But when then a job is submitted from a Client via the Dispatcher
      to the Satellite it would use these assets in the same way as a
      "normal" pdfToolbox instance would do.

      There is no need to use the --licenseserver option in a call to
      the Dispatcher on a Client, however if that option is present it is also
      passed to the Satellite and consolidated with the License Server list
      that was established when the Satellite was started.

    Key Features

    • Auto-scalable solution

    • Access to cloud infrastructure on-demand

    • Possibility to load with Process Cartridges for daily production

    • Possibility to load with Credit Cartridges for
      unprecedented PDF processing power

    • Runs on all standard operating systems;
      Windows, Mac, Linux, Oracle/Sun Solaris and IBM AIX

    • Runs as a standalone (one single License Server) or as a cluster of
      three License Servers that provide failover for each other

    • Supports Processing Cartridges that dynamically allow other
      callas products to process files on any computer.
      Each process in a Processing Cartridge allows processing one file at a time

    • Supports Credit Cartridges that allow other callas products to process
      as many files in parallel as necessary by simply deducting processing
      time from the number of credits in the cartridge

    • Runs on real hardware as well as virtual machines

    • Works with all callas pdfToolbox and callas pdfaPilot flavors,
      including the desktop versions to provide floating licenses


    • Avoid local activation
    • Because License Server itself has to be activated on a machine,
      any other callas product doesn’t have to be activated.
      They simply ask License Server permission to run.

    • Tackle peak production
    • A combination of process cartridges and credit cartridges on
      the License Server handles base processing needs
      (using the process cartridges) and peak processing needs
      (using the credit cartridges) very easily.
      This solution is both very flexible and cost effective!

    • Implement real failover
    • Using the traditional callas licensing model,
      callas products always have to be locally activated,
      and that is not a fully automated process.

      This makes it difficult to provide true failover
      for business-critical processes.
      Using License Server, real failover is possible!

      The License Server itself is not a bottleneck for true failover
      as it can work in a cluster of three License Servers
      that provide backup for each other.

    • Floating desktop licenses
    • Because License Server also works with
      callas pdfToolbox Desktop and callas pdfaPilot Desktop,
      it can be used to implement floating licenses.

      Desktop products ask for permission to run on startup,
      which removes the need to activate the product on
      each machine it’s running on.

      This provides a flexible environment for schools, universities,
      and organizations with large teams using desktop products …

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