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NewFormat AB

PDF standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading CommonLook PDF technology
from NetCentric Technologies Inc., USA.

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PDF Accessibility: Problem Solved

Solutions for Compliance with Accessibility Standards:
ISO 14289-1 (PDF/UA),
W3C/WCAG 2.0/2.1,
U.S. Section 508 and U.S. HHS

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Accessible PDF

A fully PDF/UA compliant PDF can be just as
accessible as a WCAG compliant website

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Automatic Generation of Accessible PDF from
High-Volume Print Streams and Live Data / Databases

Ideal for “Accessible PDF On the Fly” applications

Flexibility and customization based on programmable business rules

CommonLook Dynamic
Automatic Generation of Accessible PDF from
High-Volume Print Streams and Live Data / Databases

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Dynamic - High-Volume Documents - Invoice - Picture

CommonLook Dynamic addresses the need to ensure that PDF files,
which are generated from live data in high-volumes, such as invoices, are accessible.

A customizable accessibility solution for enterprises
which are generating documents in high-volumes.

No PDF remediation is required for equal access to people with disabilities

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webinars / video recordings, tutorials, demonstrations, trainings

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Video Demonstrations of CommonLook Software

Reserve online-demonstration of CommonLook Dynamic

When you request a demo, we can offer a test scan of your site,
find your PDFs and test them for accessibility (or potential issues),
and show where your organization stands regarding PDF accessibility.
We will provide recommendations on needed actions to ensure your
organization's PDF documents always stay accessible for everyone.

CommonLook Training


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High-Volume Automatic Accessible PDF Generator from Live Data / Databases

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Request Demonstration of CommonLook Dynamic

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Dynamic - Live Data Cloud  - Picture

    Do you need to make PDFs available to
    clients and other stakeholders on-the-fly?

    Do these PDFs all have the same (or similar) format and
    the content in them is coming from some sort of database
    - maybe Access, a SQL server, or even an Excel workbook?

    If you answered yes to either of those questions,
    CommonLook Dynamic might be the best solution for you.

    CommonLook Dynamic automates the process of
    generating accessible PDFs on demand.

    This is the perfect tool if you need to provide large volumes of
    online receipts, statements and other documents as
    100% accessible PDF.

    CommonLook Dynamic Automatically Generates PDF from Live Data

    CommonLook Dynamic addresses the need to ensure that PDF files,
    which are generated from live data, and in high-volumes,
    are 100% accessible.

    A customizable accessibility solution for enterprises
    which are generating high document volumes.

    Heard about Automated Tagging? Here are the Pros and Cons

    Ever since the genesis of tagging PDFs,
    users have tried to automate the process.
    But tagging of PDFs is only the first step toward accessible documents.

    While automatic tagging eases the process,
    manual verification and error correction is needed to achieve
    100% accessibility compliance with the standards.

    While automation tools vary in accuracy,
    the more complex a document is,
    the more these tools struggle to tag them properly.

    In fact, 100% accessibility compliance cannot be achieved
    through entirely automated processes with the exception of
    CommonLook Dynamic tool.

    CommonLook Dynamic Achieves 100% Compliance

    For documents with repeating layouts like statements, receipts,
    invoices, reports and many healthcare insurance documents.
    The secret is CommonLook’s built-in accessibility templates.

    The templates thus ensure full 100% compliance,
    as long as the format does not change.
    The files generated are fully standards compliant
    and correctly tagged for accessibility.
    When the PDF is made all of the accessibility issues have
    already been addressed.

    As part of this template creation process, each template goes
    through rigorous testing to make sure that PDFs generated from
    the template are 100% accessible and comply with all standards;
    PDF/UA, WCAG 2.0/2.1, U.S. Section 508 and U.S. HHS.

    So, while CommonLook Dynamic is an automated solution,
    we still put in the manual labor needed.

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Service - Compliant with ISO 14289-1 / PDFUA, U.S. Section 508, U.S. HHS, WCAG 2.0/2.1 - Combo Icons

    Volume PDF Document Accessibility

    Many enterprise documents are created on-demand and
    made available through corporate websites and portals.

    CommonLook Dynamic enables enterprises to generate
    accessible PDF documents for these automated processes.

    CommonLook Dynamic provides the accessibility engine to ensure
    documents can be used by screen readers and other assistive technology.

    Powerful Accessibility Software
    • Instantly generate accessible PDFs

    • Fast, reliable, and production-ready

    • Create accessible statements, receipts, invoices, reports and more

    • Reduce compliance costs

    Enterprise-class Document Accessibility

    CommonLook Dynamic ensures that PDF files generated by
    enterprise systems are accessible and meet compliance requirements.

    It’s a scalable solution for producing high-volume,
    accessible PDF documents from database systems.

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Dynamic - Servers Data Exchange - Picture

    Accessibility Software for databases

    What if you’re not creating PDFs from MS Word, PowerPoint,
    Adobe InDesign or any of the “typical” authoring tools?

    What if, instead, you’re generating PDF files in large volumes
    populated with data flowing straight out of a database?
    How do you proactively address that?

    This is where CommonLook Dynamic kicks in:

    • CommonLook Dynamic supports various enterprise systems
      including mainframes and large-scale databases

    • CommonLook Dynamic works in any environment where
      data can be extracted from the database (e.g., as XML)

    • CommonLook Dynamic ensures compliance with standards:
      ISO PDF/UA, WCAG 2.0 AA / 2.1 AA, U.S. Section 508, and U.S. HHS

    • CommonLook Dynamic är flexible and customizable,
      and based on programmable business rules

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Dynamic - Workflow Steps - Picture

    This is how it works:

    Our experts works with your organization’s IT team to
    establish secure access to the database.

    1. You provide sample of your PDF files to our team.
    2. Our development team examines them,
      not only their visual layout and appearance,
      but we note all of the accessibility items that need addressing
      such as reading order, tagging and tag structure,
      alternative text for graphics, etc. It’s a long list.

      We work with you to understand where the content will be coming from;
      the various data sources, what is variable information and what is
      static for each document, etc.

    3. We create a "layout file", or template, based on the PDFs we examine.
    4. We build all of the information for how the documents
      should look into the layout file.

      In addition, we do all of the tagging to guarantee that the resulting
      PDFs will be 100% accessible and standards-compliant.

      This template contains the information needed to call the data
      so that it’s placing the correct content on the correct pages.

      The template is uploaded into CommonLook Dynamic;
      ready to take on a live data stream from a database.

    5. Dynamic merges the layout file with the data to generate the PDFs.
    6. You log in to your account on CommonLook Dynamic and manages
      the production of accessible PDF documents in intended volume.

      Because we manually address all accessibility concerns in the first
      two steps, this step can be completely automated and accurate.

      In fact, CommonLook guarantees 100% standards-compliant
      documents created using the Dynamic toolset.

    7. You provide your accessible PDFs to those who need them.

    How to Deploy CommonLook Dynamic

    Dynamic is designed to work in the enterprise and is built into
    various workflows based upon the unique needs of each customer.

    Deployment Options:

    • Cloud-based deployment
    • The first option is to use the cloud-based solution.
      The Cloud version of Dynamic can be run manually or
      accessed via an API to run seamlessly on-demand.

    • On-premises deployment
    • Dynamic can also be internally hosted behind your firewall
      for organizations that require this for security reasons.

    Either way, we will work with you to figure out the best solution
    and integration that fits your business requirements.

    System Requirements

    • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP

    • Databases:
      Any environment where data can be
      extracted from the database (e.g., as XML)

    CommonLook Software Tools

    We also offer CommonLook industry-leading software tools
    to help automate the accessibility testing and remediation.

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