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Standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of Picador from treeDiM, France.

treeDiM - Company Logo


treeDiM is independent CAD and Product Lifecycle Management
software developer for the packaging and POS/Display markets
providing a full set of tools dedicated to packaging design,
optimizing and improving the productivity of all
packaging production or packaging purchase processes.

treeDiM Picador - Logo


Picador™ is CAD & PLM software for
2D/3D structural design of cardboard packaging and POS/Display

Picador comes with a full set of software tools for design,
optimize and prototype packaging, pos/pop/display and packaging systems
(2D, 3D, cutting, libraries (FEFCO, ECMA), palletization)

treeDiM Picador - Modules - Overview - Picture

Picador is part of treeDiM PLMPack,
a collaborative Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform
for optimization and eco-design of packaging systems.

Picador is used by customers in 55 countries worldwide
and by over 4.500 professional individuals on a daily basis
(brand owners, packaging manufacturers, converters,
digital printers, industrial and logistics users, and designers).

There are five areas where you can bring in Picador

  • 2D: Wide range of specialized tools and features adapted for
    packaging and POS/Display structural design.

  • 3D: Powerful and easy to use 3D solution for assembly and virtual prototyping.

  • Cutting: Control cutting tables and shaping lasers.

  • Standards: Several packaging and POS/Display models in Picador's standards catalogues.

  • Palletization: Handles logistic optimization, palletizing, case packing and truck loading.

  • Picador with PLMPack improves the profitability of transport packaging;
    with functions for design/construction/optimization of transport packaging
    as well as cost optimization of handling, storage conditions and other logistics.

    Where Picador focuses on the 2D/3D structural design of cardboard
    packaging and POS/Display products, and control of cutting tables,
    iC3D is specialized on 3D packaging visualization.
    As such, Picador and iC3D are a perfect match!

    Picador can coexist and interoperate with existing installations of
    ArtiosCAD, Cape Pack, Solidworks, KASEMAKE, Illustrator,... and others
    via industry standard formats for 2D and 3D.

    Note! The ArtiosCAD ARD format is a proprietary and closed format of Esko.
    Any packaging object in ARD format needs first to be converted to an open
    industry format before being imported to and opened in Picador.

    There are various methods to convert the ArtiosCAD ARD
    file format to an open industry format:

    • ArtiosCAD:
      • Open the ArtiosCAD ARD file in ArtiosCAD

      • Export the file to an open industry format

      • Open the industry format file in Picador

    • ArtiosCAD Viewer:
      • Open the ArtiosCAD ARD file in ArtiosCAD Viewer

      • Export the file to PDF with the "Print to PDF" command

      • Open the PDF file in Picador

    • Adobe Illustrator:
      • Download and install the Esko Exchange plug-in into Adobe Illustrator

      • Open the ArtiosCAD ARD file in Adobe Illustrator

      • Export the file into PDF or Adobe Ai format

      • Open the PDF / Ai file in Picador

    See also:

Introduction to Picador

    Picador is the reference software for structural design of cardboard packaging:
    CAD design, 2D packaging drafts, 3D animation folding,
    assembly and 3D print presentation, control of cutting tables,
    imposition/nesting and step and repeat...
    and modell libraries (FEFCO, ECMA) and palletization.

    Make structural design for packaging a snap with Picador!
    When you draw packaging, you want that to be fast and accurate.
    treeDiM Picador is the software solution to fulfill both of those needs.

    With Picador, you draw packages or POS/Display material from scratch,
    or you start from an extensive library of dynamic packages.

    In many cases, you just need to select the right package from the library,
    fill it in the width, height and depth and you’re done!
    And for more complex designs,
    Picador has all the expert tools to make your job easy and fast.

    Need to create a 3D prototype?
    Need to control a cutting table or laser shaping solution?
    Want to see how your package can be palletized?
    Picador also takes care of those needs,
    so you can complete your structural design as quickly as possible
    - without nasty surprises afterwards.

Samples of 2D/3D packaging objects created in Picador

treeDiM Picador - 3D Assembly Box and Eifell Tower - Picture

treeDiM Picador - Sample Box Delta Dore - Picture treeDiM Picador - Sample Nuxe Creme Nirvanesque - Picture

treeDiM Picador - Sample Fragrance Graco and Chanel5 - Picture treeDiM Picador - Sample POS/Display - Picture
treeDiM Picador - Sample Box Nannaga Dessert - Picture treeDiM Picador - Sample Box Lafama Speedtrail - Picture
treeDiM Picador - Sample - Picture treeDiM Picador - Sample Box Polaar Sun - Picure

treeDiM Picador - Sample Choco Box - Picture treeDiM Picador - Sample Smart Pack - Picture

Picador for Educational Institutions

Classroom - Picture
Picador Classroom Edition
Packaging CAD and POS/Display design software for
Student Classroom Training

Picador Webinars/Video Recordings and Demonstrations

Webinarier / Videoinspelningar - Ikon

Video Demonstrations of Picador - Popup-window

Request online demonstration of Picador

treeDiM Picador & PLMPack Training

treeDiM Picador & PLMPack - Instructor-Led Training

treeDiM Picador & PLMPack in media

"treeDiM Picador - New software for packaging design"
Packmarknaden / Packnet (, 2017-08-29) (Swedish)

treeDiM Picador newsflash on Packmarknaden / Packet - News article on web - Picture


treeDiM Picador - Logo

The CAD software for packaging and pos/display design

Download - Icon
Click Here for Free Trial of Picador

(You will be asked to fill in a trial request form.
To help us identify your interest for Picador
and support you, please enter the code
"NewFormat, Sweden"
in the Preferred Reseller form field.


treeDiM Picador - Picador - Overview - Modules and Cutter Boards - Picture

Picador brings many new or improved features for
structural design of packaging and pos/display (2D, 3D),
for fast protyping on cutting tables and digital printers,
and for optimization of global packaging system (eco-design, packing, logistics).

    Recently added and improved features in Picador:

    • Create a PDF file directly while preserving images and fonts.

    • 2D - New version of the Layout Optimizer.
      Allow rotation items in both direction in the remaining space.

    • 3D - Multi Assembling.
      Control thickness and folding angle before the automatic folding.

    • PackLib can be hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud.
      The common database (FEFCO, ECMA, ...)
      gets upgraded automatically and is always available.

    • Picador XML Interface / Picador Batch XML Processing
      Solution to directly interface Picador with ERP/MIS solutions.

    • Contextual Menu.
      2D/3D design with contextual menu.

    • Hatching and Profile.
      New features to Create, Edit, and Modify Hatching.
      Improve and facilitate the creation of Profiles (inner, selection),
      shifted contours, create types.

    • New Text Features.
      You can now define a list of texts that you
      want to insert without typing them again.

    • The 3D part assembly system has been redesigned
      it has never been so simple and fast.

    • Many models have been added in PackLib
      (packaging, display counter, POS/Display)

    • A clearer 2D interface with new tools to facilitate structural design.

    • Parametric Module simpler and more powerful.

    • Inclusion of new features for cutting (camera, Vcut, optimization).

    • Enhanced palletising module with new optimization and configuration functions.

treeDiM Picador - 3D Workstation and Cutting Board Setup - Picture

    Picador Tools and Key Features


    treeDiM Picador - Geometry/2D Module IconPicador geometry tool for plan drawing and design of packaging cartons.

    In addition to conventional 2D drawing tools,
    Picador features many dedicated tools for packaging design;
    catalog management, setting technical specifications, taxation/nesting, import/export ...

    • Structural design

    • Specific drawing tools for packaging and display

    • Import/Export (PDF, EPS, AI, CFF2, DDES, DXF, DWG, IGES, HPGL, DIECAD (.N)

    • Lay-out/Step and Repeat

    • Parametric design


    treeDiM Picador - 3D Folding Module IconPicador 3D is a powerful and easy to use tool to set volume 2D plan drawings.

    Creating 3D folding, textured packaging, 3D PDF export ...

    • Automatic 2D/3D folding

    • Folding/unfolding 3D animation

    • Printing files or texture positioning

    • 3D animated assembly

    • Creation of interactive and animated 3D PDF

    • Create visual user instructions

    • Import of CAD objects and 3D textured model

    • Augmented reality view of 3D models


    treeDiM Picador - Cutting Tables Module IconThe cutting module adapts to control all market cutting tables.
    • Manage all cutting tables:

    • Prototyping and small series productions

    • Tools settings according to the used material

    • Automatic optimization of tools path

    Database of Standards

    treeDiM Picador - Database of Standards Module IconComplete catalogs of packaging and POS/Display models to resize.

    ECMA, FEFCO, corrugated cardboard packaging, packaging.
    Manage new parametric design models directly in Picador,
    and you have the ability to create your own professional library.

    • Packaging Standards libraries: ECMA, FEFCO ...

    • Specific packaging and POS/Display libraries

    • Automatic thickness management

    • 3D folding animation

    • Download new library and access to tutorials

    • Export to Adobe Illustrator, PDF, Picador ...

    • Optimize: lay-out, case-filling, palletizing

    • Create your own parametrical models in Picador

    • Synchronise the database on your network

    Eco-design / Palletizing

    treeDiM Picador - Palletizing Module IconPalletizing module to optimize the design of packaging.
    • Filling cartons/case, palletizing, truck filling

    • Optimal case calcul

    • Material choice assistance

    • Strength analysis

    • Automatic analysis report

    Many features dedicated to logistics optimization:

    • Palletizing funds,

    • Filling Cases / Case,

    • Search Optimal cash: cases / packaging, secondary / pallet

    • Palletizing bundles (cases or case flat),

    • Palletizing cylinders

    • Added: interlayers, cap, protective film, angles ...

    Picador Benefits


    Speed up packaging and POS/Display structural design and
    make the result more cost effective:

    • Contains all the geometrical tools needed for effective packaging design:
      Geometry, Construction, Quotation, Hatch, Text and Image

    • Study and Production functions: Data Sheet, Calculation (Surface, All out, Nets)

    • Nesting, Imposition, Tools (Cutting, Slotting, Perforating),
      Cardboard Format, Plotter Output, Image Insertion and Digitizing

    • Easily convert an existing draw into a parametric model

    • Standards Libraries to resize at your own convenience
      (ECMA, FEFCO, POS/Display and Packaging)

    • Additional Diemaker tool:
      Bridge, Cutting width nets (points), Wood format and Easy set

    • 2D Import/Export:

treeDiM Picador - 2D Geometry 1 - Picture

treeDiM Picador - 2D Geometry 2 - Picture

treeDiM Picador - 2D Geometry 4 - Picture


    Picador’s built-in 3D capabilities allow for easy assembly simulation and virtual prototyping:

    • Direct transfer of 2D model into Picador3D

    • Automatic 2D/3D folding

    • Folding and unfolding 3D animation

    • 3D assembly, exploded and sequenced view of animated assembly

    • Create an interactive and animated 3D PDF for easy exchange with stakeholders

    • Printing files or texture positioning

    • Imported graphic images and illustrations may come from software like
      CorelDraw™, Adobe Ilustrator™, Photoshop™, QuarkXPress™ (Mac or Windows)

    • Import of CAD objects (IGES, IGS, STEP, STP)

    • Import of 3D textured model (3DS, DAE, OBJ, STL ...)

    • Interactive positioning, congestion calculation,
      intersection calculation for wedging achievement.

    • 3D Export (Augmented Reality, DAE, STL, WebGL)

From 2D to 3D to Packing on Pallet

treeDiM Process Step 1: Picador 2D - 2D Drawing Luminarc Box - Picture

treeDiM Process Step 2: Picador 3D, 2pcs Box, Luminarc with glasses,  Opening - Picture

treeDiM Process Step 3: PLMStackBuilder - Packing on Pallet - Picture

Visualize Packaging in 3D on Store Shelves

treeDiM Picador - Shelf 3D - Visualize Packaging in 3D on Store Shelves - Picture

Augment Export - Augmented Reality (AR)

Visualize Packaging in 3D in an augmented reality environment
treeDiM Picador - Augmented Reality (AR) - Visualize Packaging in 3D in an augmented reality environment - Picture


    Beyond design and visualization,
    Picador also allows for creating physical prototypes or low volume production
    by driving cutting tables and shaping lasers:

    • Controls a large range of supported cutting and laser tables

    • Allows for multi-model imposition, format and
      automatic optimization of the tools path

    • Automatic speed and pressure setting according to the used material

    • Parameters for tangential knife (fixed or oscillatory), creasing, pen,
      cutter, laser, waterjet-cutting or milling

    • Simulate cutting on your screen

    • Additional diemaker tool: laser cutting
      (bridge, nets width, flat and rotating forms, nets cutting, wood format ...)
treeDiM Picador Cutting Tables - Zund and Aristo - Picture


    Several packaging and POS/Dislay models are accessible
    in Picador's standards catalogues:

    • Parametrical standards of folding carton and
      corrugated cardboard (ECMA, FEFCO, POS/Display)

    • Create a new library via the download area

    • Create parametrical models in Picador in order to
      create your own professional library

    • Length nets calculation, cutting surface imposition according
      to the forms and machines, lost

    • Reusable plug-in with other applications (components dll .NET )

    • Save your time and reduce errors

Samples: ECMA A Series

treeDiM PLMPackLib Standards - ECMA A Series - Picture

Samples: FEFCO F200 Series

treeDiM PLMPackLib Standards - FEFCO F200 Series - Picture

Sample: FEFCO F427

treeDiM PLMPackLib Standards - FECFO F427 - Picture

Samples: POS Displays

treeDiM PLMPackLib Standards - POS Displays - Picture


    Picador handles logistic optimization, palletizing, packing and truck loading:

    • Easy to use

    • Many features dedicate to palletizing and logistics optimization:
      case palletization, filling cartons/case, optimal case calculation,
      palletizing bundles (flat cases or cartons), adding interlayers,
      cap, protective film, angles ...

    • Database of boxes in stock

    • Automatic analysis report

    • Strength analysis

PLM StackBuilder Palletization

treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Palletization - Picture

PLMStackBuilder Report

treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Report - Picture

Use case

treeDiM PLMPackLib - Use Case - Picture

Picador XML Interface / Picador Batch XML Processing

Use a command to have the Picador software run a series of tasks to
perform on one or more design files (diecut) through from a list of XML requests.

    Solution to directly interface Picador with ERP/MIS solutions:

      ---> send data from the ERP/MIS to create the technical datasheet of a design.

      <--- receive results of calculation: lengths, superficies, format, number of items.

      ---> change attributes of line types.

      <--- export in various format in the indicated path.

treeDiM Picador XML Interface - Picture

    Picador System Requirements

    • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10

    • CPU 2,5Ghz, RAM 2 GB / Recommended 4GB or more

    • Monitor: 24" or more

    • FrameWork .NET

      Important: (for Windows older than 2011)
      PackLib and StackBuilder require Microsoft Framework .NET 4.0 Full or higher

    Picador runs on Apple macOS with virtualizers,
    like VMware Fusion and Parallel Desktop.

    Picador Setup / Installation

    The Picador user interface is easily configurable to be in:
    - English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified).

    The setup wizard automatically install all modules:

    • Picador 2D

    • Picador 3D

    • PackLib (template libraries, ECMA, FEFCO, POS/Display)

    • StackBuilder (packing, palletization, truck load)

    • PackStress (calculation of packing and stacking resistance)

    • Import/Export

    Complementing modules - require separate download and setup


    Cutting Module Setup with post-processors to manage cutting tables and lasers:



    Viewer and Converter.
    PicViewer is a free software that allows you to view technical drawings
    made in Picador DES format, manipulate them (add dimensions, ...),
    and to export them to the industry format that you want to use:

    • AI, CF2, DWG, DXF, EPS, PDF,... and other formats

    • Convert Bezier/Spline/Nurbs in Arc

    • Annotation, Measure...

    • Dimension in inch or mm

    PicMiniat (32-bit), PicMiniat (64-bit)

    Display thumbnails in Windows Explorer for Picador and Picador 3D documents.


    Picador SDK: PicXDK - ActiveX Components.

For more information contact NewFormat

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