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NewFormat AB

Standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of Picador from treeDiM, France.

treeDiM - Company Logo


treeDiM is independent CAD and Product Lifecycle Management
software developer for the packaging and POS/Display markets
providing a full set of tools dedicated to packaging design,
optimizing and improving the productivity of all
packaging production or packaging purchase processes.

treeDiM PLMPack - Logo

treeDiM PLMPack
Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
for optimization and eco-design packaging systems.

    Software components:

    • Picador, 2D/3D structural design of cardboard packaging and POS/Display

    PLMPack - Supporting Modules:

    • PLMPackLib, a set of libraries of parametric packaging models

    • PLMStackBuilder, for palletizing, case packing, and truck loading optimization

    • PLMPackStress, calculation of packing and stacking resistance

    Each software component can be used independently,
    but their association within the platform allows to search through
    the choice of materials, types of packaging (conditioning or transport),
    and stacking optimization (packing, palletizing, truck loading) an optimized
    solution of the packaging system and automatically get a
    report of eco-design with all the technical documents
    (packaging drawings, packing, palletizing, loading document, bill of material,... ).

    The PLMPack platform provides software tools to design the entire packaging system:

    • choice and resize of primary and secondary packaging with PLMPackLib,
      the parametric library of standards,

    • optimization of packing, palletizing and loading truck with PLMStackBuilder,
      the optimization software combination.

    • choice of material with PLMPackStress for calculating resistance.

    The PLMPack platform is developed in Open Source to allow the widest possible
    dissemination and create a community of contributors to
    software development and content enrichment.

    More than 15.000 users use PLMPack software daily in the world.

PLMPack Webinars/Video Recordings and Demonstrations

Webinars / Video Recordings - Icon

Video Demonstrations of PLMPack - Popup-window

treeDiM Picador & PLMPack Training

treeDiM Picador & PLMPack - Instructor-Led Training

treeDiM PLMPackLib - Logo

PackLib is a set of dynamic libraries of
resizing packaging standards (ECMA, FEFCO) or creatives models

    PackLib is a software for management and the use of 2D, 3D and parametric libraries;
    parametric model libraries of packaging and cardboard displays.

    PackLib is also a fully integrated module in Picador,
    the CAD software for packaging design, packaging, POS, display, ...

    PackLib is designed for the optimization of packaging systems,
    the PackLib module includes many services:

    • Access from as many computers needed

    • Graphic navigation

    • Standards Packaging Libraries (ECMA, FEFCO)

    • Intra-company exchange platform

    • Animated 3D visualizations

    • Parametric resizing

    • Downloading models (Packaging, POS, PAV, etc ...)

    • Imposition / nesting

    • Help with cost estimation

    • Optimization of palletization

PackLib Use Case
Integrated tool to optimize design processes and to simplify digital workflows

treeDiM PLMPackLib - Use Case - Picture

    PLMPackLib allows consulting a list of parametric packaging plans
    (essentially carton and corrugated, ECMA, FEFCO, POS/Display).
    Optimization of layout, packing and palettization is provided for each parametric model.
    It is written in C# (.NET 4.0), and uses SQLite as database.

Samples of parametric standard models

Samples: ECMA A Series
treeDiM PLMPackLib Standards - ECMA A Series - Picture

Samples: FEFCO F200 Series
treeDiM PLMPackLib Standards - FEFCO F200 Series - Picture

Sample: FEFCO F427
treeDiM PLMPackLib Standards - FECFO F427 - Picture

Samples: POS Displays
treeDiM PLMPackLib Standards - POS Displays - Picture

Export of parametric standard models to other applications

Export to ArtiosCAD, Cape Pack, Solidworks, KASEMAKE, Illustrator,...
using standard formats for
2D (CF2, DXF, AI, PDF,...) and 3D (Collada, PDF 3D, Picador,...)

treeDiM PLMPackLib and PLMStackBuilder - Export to other applications - Picture
Note! The correct path for the application is entered with the button […])

PackLib can be hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud

treeDiM PLMPackLib Account Registration on Microsoft Azure Cloud - Picture

The common database (FEFCO, ECMA, ...)
gets upgraded automatically and is always available.
By creating account and groups you can share your
projects with your team, your partners or providers.

treeDiM PMLStackBuilder - Packaging, Palletization, Truckload - Picture

StackBuilder is a palettization software to manage
packing, palettization, and truck load of homogeneous case stacking

    StackBuilder is also a fully integrated module in Picador,
    the software for packaging design, packaging, POS, display, ...

    StackBuilder is free software, to design and optimize:

    • the packing (articles per case),

    • palletizing (boxes per pallet), and

    • shipping items (pallets per truck)

    StackBuilder is developed as open source to allow the widest possible dissemination and
    to create a community of contributors for software development or enrichment of content.

treeDiM Picador - PLMStackBuilder Pallet Loading - Picture

    StackBuilder helps to solve 3 problems:

    • palletization: given a case and a pallet, find the best layout to stack the case,

    • case filling: given a set of cases, find the best case and the best way to fill it,

    • optimal case search: given a box, a number of box per case and a pallet type,
      find the optimal case layout and dimensions.

    For the moment, PackBuilder builds solutions using homogeneous packaging layers
    in which the vertical axis remains the same.
    It can not provide solutions in which a "turned" case is used to fill remaining space.

    StackBuilder can not handle heterogeneous problems such as:

    • palletizing with different types of cases,

    • producing solutions that do not rely on layers

    StackBuilder is a simple to learn,
    allowing you to move forward with a global vision of the supply chain of your packaging.

treeDiM PMLStackBuilder - Picture

    StackBuilder has many features to meet your needs:

    • treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Analysis - IconAnalysis - Box / Case Palletization

    • treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Box / Case - IconPacking optimisation - Articles per box

    • treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Optimal Case - IconCalculate the optimal packaging system: Article / Box / Pallet

    • treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Analysis Case - IconSearch for the optimal packing solutions in your database of boxes solutions

    • treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Analysis Cylinder - conCylinder palletization

    • treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Analysis Bundles - IconBundles palletization

    • treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Add Interlayers - IconAdd interlayers, treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Add Protection Corners /Angles - Iconcorners, treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Add Protection Fil Wrapping - Iconfilm, treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Add Protection Cap / Hat / Cover - Iconcap

    • treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Database - IconDatabases of box solutions

    • treeDiM PLMStackBuilder - Truck Filling - IconTruck Filling

    • Analysis reports

    • BCT Calculation - Box Compression Test Strength (BCT) calculation

    With the PLMPack platform StackBuilder is a fully integrated module in Picador,
    the software for packaging design, packaging, POS, display, ...

    StackBuilder brings many new features, such as
    packing flat cartons, adding corners, pallet cover, protective film.
    The user interface has also been redesigned to provide better interactivity.

    treeDiM PLMStackBuilder v3.0 - Download Banner
    Download StackBuilder v3

StackBuilder Analysis Report

treeDiM PMLStackBuilder - Picture

Support for publishing and editing of palletizing reports
in .doc (Microsoft Office), .odt ( or html.

StackBuilder Solutions Database

treeDiM PMLStackBuilder - Solutions Database - Picture

Palletizing solutions can be stored in a solutions database, so they can be reused,
compared with other solutions, or be used to optimize the packaging.

treeDiM PLMPackStress - Logo

PackStress is a Simulation Module for Packaging Resistance

    PackStress is a fully integrated module in Picador,
    the software for packaging design, packaging, POS, display, ...

    treeDiM PLMPackStress - Packaging Resistance IconPLMPackstress is a RCV calculation module for packaging resistance simulation.

    Optional calculation/simulation parameters:

    • Choice of Packaging Type

    • Customizable Materials Profiles

    • Palletization Type

    • Consideration of Storage Environment (such as level of humidity)

    • PLMPackStress can be used directly in another Application

treeDiM PLMPackStress - Picture

treeDiM PLMPackStress - Picture

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