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NewFormat AB
Integrity Policy - Privacy Practices - GDPR


    This document is valid for web sites of NewFormat AB.

    Personal Information

    As visitor to our web sites you can visit them without informing NewFormat
    about who you are or without leaving any personal information.

    At some rare occasions NewFormat asks for your personal information.
    For example: when you do ask for more information, do place orders,
    do participate in correspondence, do order product documents,
    do subscribe to our newsletter, and for similar activities.

    NewFormat may have to add additional information to complete
    your record to be able to carry through a transaction with you,
    or to provide a better service.

    By registering for one of the offers from NewFormat you agree
    that NewFormat may use your personal information as indicated in
    the "Use of Information" paragraph below.

    Use of information

    NewFormat, or by NewFormat engaged partner,
    • in fulfilment of your customer order and
      by that accomplish our engagement.

    • to contact you in relation to inquiries on customer satisfaction,
      market surveys or transactions.

    • for other marketing purposes, provided you have approved such use.

    At development of business relations with NewFormat
    if you represent a business partner or supplier.

    You can choose

    • When NewFormat collects your information you do have the choice to
      inform us not to use the information for other marketing purposes.
      NewFormat will then obey your wishes.

    • In case you want to know what personal information about you that
      NewFormat processes, or request a correction of any
      incorrect or incomplete information,
      please find our contact details at:

    Web Pages

    NewFormat uses Google Analytics 4 on its web sites: and, and others,
    to follow traffic patterns.


    NewFormat do not use Coockies on web its sites.

NewFormat AB
Smörblommegränd 14, SE-165 72 Hässelby (Stockholm), Sweden
tel:+46 (0)70 631 53 01

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