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NewFormat AB

PDF standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading technology for accessible PDF from axes4.

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axes4 / axesCheck
Accessible PDF (PDF/UA) Simply Done

Solutions for making accessible PDF (PDF/UA)

We make PDF documents accessible to everyone
for a more accessible and better world

axesPDF is "PDF/UA-Ready"

PDF/UA - Icon

Create, show, read, share, publish and navigate in
PDF/UA compatible PDF documents

Accessibility - Icon

Accessible PDF

A fully PDF/UA compliant PDF can be just as
accessible as a WCAG compliant website.


axesCheck - Logo with text

Your Web-based PDF Accessibility Checker

With axesCheck you can quickly and easily check if
your PDF files meet the requirements for digital accessibility.

axesCheck is a web-based version of
PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC)
and checks whether your PDF files
meet the machine-verifiable requirements of
PDF/UA-1 (according to the Matterhorn Protocol)
WCAG 2.1 (A & AA)

Webinarier / Videodemonstrationer- Ikon

On-line Demonstration

Reserve online-demonstration of axesCheck

    Price Information

    • axesCheck is available to access for free (no-cost).

Should you instead want to create an accessible PDF on your own?

We have the right tools to help you create or remediate for
accessible PDFs efficiently and sustainably


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Create PDF/UA and WCAG compliant PDF files from within MS Word

axesPDF - Logo with text

Remediate any existing PDF file for PDF/UA compliance


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Download - Icon

Is your PDF file digitally accessible according to
the common standards PDF/UA and WCAG?

Find out here and now
Check quickly and easily with axesCheck

    For a final assessment, however,
    further checks are required that only a human can perform;
    for example, whether the sequence of elements is correct,
    the tags correspond to the visually recognizable semantics,
    or alternative texts adequately reflect
    the core message of an image.


Your web-based tool for
quick and easy validation of accessible PDF to comply with
ISO Standard 14289-1 (PDF/UA-1) and WCAG 2.1 AA

    axesCheck is your time-saving tool to quickly and easily
    check your PDF documents for compliance with
    PDF/UA-1 and WCAG 2.1 AA during the process of
    making them fully accessible and compliant.

    Accessibility issues are easily found and displayed
    - with a single click.

    axesCheck validates against:

    • PDF/UA - The ISO Standard for PDF Accessibility
    • axesCheck can be used to check all machine-verifiable
      test criteria of the ISO standard 14289,
      also known as PDF/UA.

      UA stands for Universal Access and guarantees
      the best possible user experience for end users of
      the most widely used document format in the world.

      • Which PDF/UA requirements is axesCheck evaluating?

        • Basic requirements
        • Are the basic rules according to
          the PDF specification adhered to?

        • Logical structure
        • Are there errors in the tag tree that
          make content inaccessible?

        • Metadata and settings
        • Does the PDF have settings that limit accessibility
          or is it missing important metadata that is
          required for smooth processing?

    • WCAG - The global guidelines for accessible web content
    • axesCheck makes it possible to quickly and easily
      check all machine-verifiable success criteria of
      the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
      Level A and AA for a PDF.

      • Which WCAG requirements is axesCheck evaluating?

        1. Perceivable
        2. Can all content-relevant elements be perceived?

          This includes requirements such as:

          • Are text alternatives available?

          • Is the contrast minimum met?

          • Is it possible for software to distinguish
            between content-relevant and
            decorative elements?

          • Is software able to access all
            content-relevant elements?

        3. Operable
        4. Are information, settings, and mechanisms
          available to enable navigation and interaction
          (for example, with form fields)?

          These include:

          • Is the title available?

          • Is the tab order set for interactive elements?

        5. Understandable
        6. Can users understand the content and user interface,
          even if they use voice output, for example?

          These include:

          • Are natural language defined for all elements?

          • Is there a Unicode equivalent
            for each character?

        7. Robust
        8. Are the basic rules according to
          the PDF specification adhered to?

    How axesCheck works for quick validation of
    compliance with PDF/UA and WCAG 2.1 AA

    The checking tool axesCheck helps
    accessible PDF document authors reaching fully
    PDF/UA and WCAG compliant documents with ease.

    You can use axesCheck at the end of your
    Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat or MS Word workflow.

    axesCheck performs both PDF/UA check and WCAG check
    and reports the outcome in a PDF Test Report.

    axesCheck is accessed via a web-based 'drag-and-drop' service:

axes4 axesCheck Dashboard - Picture

Click on image
axesCheck Dashboard

    axesCheck reports the outcome of the validation in a PDF Test Report.

axes4 axesCheck PDF Test Report Header, Sample: Agency for Digital Government (DIGG), Annual Report 2021, Picture

Click on image
axesCheck PDF Test Report Header

axes4 axesCheck PDF Test Report, PDF/UA-1 Check, Sample: Agency for Digital Government (DIGG), Annual Report 2021, Picture

Click on image
axesCheck PDF Test Report - PDF/UA-1 Check

axes4 axesCheck PDF Test Report, WCAG 2.1 AA Check,Sample: Agency for Digital Government (DIGG), Annual Report 2021, Picture

Click on image
axesCheck PDF Test Report - WCAG 2.1 AA Check

    System Requirements

      axesCheck is web-based,
      a modern/up-to-date web browser is required.

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