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NewFormat AB

PDF standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading PDF solutions from Foxit Software.

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PDF solutions for all your needs

PDF products and services,
helping knowledge workers to increase their productivity.

Foxit Software provides PDF solutions globally to 485K+ customers,
ranging from small/medium businesses (SMBs) to global enterprises,
within key industries such as
Education, Government, Bank & Finance, Insurance,
Legal, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

Customer approved solutions by more than 700 million end-users.

Foxit products and services are "PDF/UA-Ready"

PDF/UA - Icon

Create, show, read, share, publish and navigate in
PDF/UA compatible PDF documents

Accessibility - Icon

Accessible PDF

A fully PDF/UA compliant PDF can be just as
accessible as a WCAG compliant website

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Foxit software solutions
PDF and eSign solutions done the right way - Yours

Foxit PDF Product - Icon

Do More with Documents

    Foxit Software solutions help archives, prepress service providers,
    publishing houses, ad agencies, printers,
    as well as designers and in-house publishing departments.

    The different Foxit Software products contain an astonishing range of
    functionality and are easily usable in many different parts of the workflow.

    To highlight some of the possible uses of these products,
    this web page gives an overview of common requirements and
    how they can be met using the products from Foxit Software.

    Quick Guide on How to Handle and Master
    the Essentials of PDF documents:

    Secure and Compliant

    Following industry-accepted best practices, standards, and regulations:

    • All Cloud Services run by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
      • ANSI tier-4 data center, strict controls around data center access,
        fault tolerance, environmental controls, and security

    • Region data centers
      • Secure, high-performance, and local clouds so you know
        where your data is located

      • Virginia USA, Montreal Canada, and Frankfurt Germany

    • Fully-secured data transmission between the users and cloud services
      • 256-bit AES encryption (HTTPS)

    • Full transparency in data collection
      • No customer data shared with third parties


Portable Document Format - PDF

PDF - Icon

    The Most Common Ways PDF is Used in Business

    PDF is widely used in businesses for a variety of purposes.

    Foxit Software provides PDF solutions for:

    1. Document Sharing

    2. Archiving

    3. Forms

    4. Printing

    5. Electronic Signatures

    6. Secure Sharing

    7. Accessibility

    These are just some of the ways that PDFs are
    commonly used by many businesses.
    PDFs’ versatility and ease of use make them
    a popular choice for many business-related tasks.

Foxit PDF - Icon

    Foxit addresses PDF solutions for the needs of
    three distinct market segments:

    • End-User Productivity
      • Foxit PDF Editor Suite for Teams and
        Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro for Teams

      • Foxit PDF Editor - Icon

        Complete PDF and eSign Solutions for large groups of users.

        Create, edit and manage PDF Documents, and sign anywhere with Foxit eSign.
        Perfect for large collaborative teams that require advanced services and
        admins who need to manage many user licenses.

      • Foxit eSign

      • Foxit eSign - Icon

        Electronic document signing and management.

      • Foxit PDF Reader

      • Foxit PDF Reader - Icon

        Free tool for viewing of PDF documents.
        View, annotate, fill out, or securely sign PDF documents
        no matter where you are or what device you’re on.
        No other PDF Reader is as intuitive and quick to use.

    • Volume Automation

    • Foxit PDF Editor, Accessible PDF, How to Make Documents Accessible, Automate Large Scale Tagging with Enterprise Automation, Volume Automation - Icon

      Automated Document Processing at High Scale.
      Robust PDF conversion, compression, and OCR for enterprises.

      • Foxit PDF Compressor

      • Foxit PDF Compressor - Icon

        Enterprise OCR and PDF Converter to PDF and PDF/A.
        Document to PDF conversion, compression, and optimization
        for both image documents and born-digital files.
        (Earlier known as LuraTech PDF Compressor).

      • Foxit Document Transformation Services

      • Foxit Document Transformation Services - Icon

        Advanced document compression and conversion technology
        as a self-hosted, private web service.
        On-premise, scalable web service platform for
        company-wide PDF services.
        (Earlier known as Foxit/LuraTech Rendition Server).

    • Software Development
      • Foxit SDK

      • Foxit SDK - Icon

        High-performance PDF libraries.

Foxit PDF Editor - Icon     with     Foxit eSign - Icon

Foxit PDF Editor and Foxit eSign
volume licensing can reduce your software costs

    Reduce total cost of ownership with volume licenses for
    Foxit PDF Editor and Foxit eSign:

    • Management Benefits

      • Save resources by placing only one purchase order

      • Centrally purchase, deploy, and manage multiple
        Foxit PDF Editor and Foxit eSign licenses

      • Simplify licensing across your organization

      • Achieve budget predictability

      • Applies to perpetual and subscription licensing

    • Operating Benefits

      • Enable IT to build standardized installation images

      • Keep track of installations throughout the month/quarter/year

      • Include all parts of the business
        (divisions, subsidiaries, and peers worldwide)

      • Comply with legal usage obligations

Dollar, USD - Icon

Total Economic Impact (TEI)
Return on Investment (ROI)

Foxit PDF Editor@School
Classroom - Picture

All-in-One Solution for Campus PDF Editing

Foxit PDF Editor - Icon

    PDF Editor Suite for Education

    Enable Campus Efficiency with Digital Document Workflows.

    Accelerate digital learning and Save on your school's IT budget:
    Colleges, universities, and K-12 schools can get Foxit's powerful and
    easy-to-use PDF and eSign solutions for faculty, staff, and students
    at a special discounted rate:

    Product Features - PDF Editor Suite Pro for Education 2023:

    • Advanced create, edit, and eSign in one product:

      • Everything in PDF Editor Suite for Education

      • PDF Accessibility

      • PDF Pre-flight

      • PDF 3D support

      • High compression from scanned docs

      • eSign customization and online forms

      • eSign two factor authentication

    Product Features - PDF Editor Cloud for Education:

    • Create, edit, and eSign in one product:

      • PDF editing anywhere;
        on desktop, cloud, and mobile devices

      • Campus-wide eSign

      • Integration and collaboration capabilities
        to work more productively in teams

      • AI machine learning to make users more productive

Foxit PDF - Icon

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