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NewFormat AB

PDF standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading PDF solutions from Foxit Software.

Foxit Software Company - Logo

PDF solutions for all your needs

PDF products and services,
helping knowledge workers to increase their productivity.

Foxit Software provides PDF solutions globally to 485K+ customers,
ranging from small/medium businesses (SMBs) to global enterprises,
within key industries such as
Education, Government, Bank & Finance, Insurance,
Legal, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

Customer approved solutions by more than 700 million end-users.

Foxit products and services are "PDF/UA-Ready"

PDF/UA - Icon

Create, show, read, share, publish and navigate in
PDF/UA compatible PDF documents

Accessibility - Icon

Accessible PDF

A fully PDF/UA compliant PDF can be just as
accessible as a WCAG compliant website

Foxit PDF Editor - Icon     with     Foxit eSign - Icon

Foxit PDF Editor Suite for Teams
Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro for Teams
Foxit eSign

Complete PDF and eSign Solution
for large groups of users

PCWorld Review of Foxit PDF Editor

PCWorld - Icon

Foxit webinars / video recordings, tutorials, demonstrations

Webinars / Video recordings - Icon
PDF Workflow Online-Demonstration of Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro for Teams, One App to Edit, Sign, Collaborate, and Manage PDF Documents - Picture

Picture: Demo Workflow for Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro for Teams
Points that will be covered in the demo


Foxit PDF Editor Suite for Teams
Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro for Teams

Foxit PDF Editor - Icon

Download - Icon

Click Here for Free Trial of Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro for Teams

(You will be asked to fill in a trial request form.
To help us identify your software download and support you,
please enter the code
NewFormat in the form field named Preferred Reseller).

    Should you have need to deploy
    Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro for Teams
    for 10 or more team members:

Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro for Teams

Foxit PDF Editor - Icon     +     Foxit eSign - Icon     +     Foxit PDF Editor Mobile - Icon


    • One Document Platform To Do It All:

      • Work on PDFs (create, edit, and sign) from anywhere

      • Legally-binding signing with eSign

      • AI Machine Learning

      • Collaboration in the cloud

      • Easy license management

Portable Document Format - PDF

PDF - Icon

    Supported Business Purposes

    1. Document Sharing:
      PDFs are often used to share business documents such as
      contracts, reports, invoices, and presentations because
      they can be easily sent, received, and viewed on a
      variety of devices and operating systems without
      requiring additional software.

    2. Archiving:
      PDFs are ideal for long-term storage of important
      business documents as they preserve the original
      formatting, layout, and graphics, ensuring that
      the document will look the same years
      after it was created.

    3. Forms:
      PDF forms can be filled out electronically,
      which saves time and reduces errors
      compared to paper forms.

    4. Printing:
      PDFs are often used for high-quality printing
      because they ensure that the document
      will look the same on all printers,
      regardless of the printer’s capabilities.

    5. Electronic Signatures:
      PDFs can be signed electronically,
      making it possible for businesses to sign and send
      contracts, invoices, and other important documents
      without having to print and physically sign them.

    6. Secure Sharing:
      PDFs can be password-protected and encrypted,
      making them a secure way to share
      confidential business information.

    7. Accessibility:
      PDFs can be optimized for accessibility,
      making it easier for people with disabilities
      to access important business information.

    Foxit PDF Editor Suites, two suites to choose

Foxit PDF Editor - Icon

    Product Features
    - Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro for Teams

Foxit PDF Editor - Icon

    • One app to create, edit, fill and sign documents:

      • Edit content and layout

      • Digitally self-sign agreements and forms

      • Create PDF docs and forms

      • Drag and drop pages between files

      • Export to MS Office and other file formats

      • Convert paper to digital

      • Share, collaborate, and integrate

      • Properly protect

      • Create accessible PDF

      • AI-based Smart Redact add-on

Foxit PDF Editor, One App to Edit, Sign, Collaborate, and Manage PDF Documents - Picture

    Product Features - Foxit PDF Editor Cloud

Foxit PDF Editor Cloud - Picture

    • All major browsers supported:
      Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera

    • Powerful online all-in-one PDF Editing and eSigning tool
      makes your document workflows easy and secure:

      • Create and Edit PDFs Online

      • Integration with ChatGPT

      • Integration with MS Office 365

      • Collaboration on Microsoft Teams

      • Work with PDFs in SharePoint and OneDrive

      • Cloud Documents;
        Easily upload, edit, share, and
        collaborate from anywhere

      • Document Collaboration;
        Multiple users can share their
        comments on the same document

    More details on the features in Foxit PDF Editor Cloud
    • Create and Edit PDFs Online

    • Foxit PDF Editor Cloud, Create and Edit PDFs Online - Icon

      Users can easily create, edit, share, and collaborate
      on PDF documents, in any browser or mobile device.

      View Tutorial:

    • Create PDF in Microsoft 365

    • Foxit PDF Editor Cloud, Create PDF in Microsoft 365 - Icon

      Convert Microsoft 365 documents to PDF:
      Use the Foxit PDF Editor Cloud to easily convert a
      Microsoft 365 document (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
      to a high-quality PDF and save it to OneDrive
      or download it.

      View Tutorial:

      Download this Add-in:

      Foxit PDF Editor Cloud Icon on Microsoft AppSource - Icon

    • Integration with AI-Assistant based on ChatGPT

    • Foxit PDF Editor Cloud, Integration with ChatGPT - Icon

      Document Summary:
      The OpenAI summary service uses artificial intelligence
      to generate a concise and accurate summary
      of a given text input.

      Document Re-write:
      The OpenAI rewrite service uses machine learning
      to automatically paraphrase or rewrite text
      while maintaining its original meaning.
      This service is free up to 100 pages per user per month.

      Content Translation:
      Translating selected text into corresponding languages.
      Maximum 2000 characters per prompt,
      50 prompts per user per day.

      Document Q&A:
      Have a conversation with PDF and answer
      user questions based on PDF content,
      50 prompts/questions per user per day.

      Content Explanation:
      AI-powered feature that provides concise
      explanations and definitions for selected text.

      Spelling and Grammar Correction:
      AI-powered feature that automatically detects and
      corrects spelling and grammar errors in your content.

      View Tutorial:

      • Discover the Document Future with AI (6:31):
        ChatGPT-based AI Assistant Revolutionizes
        Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro / Foxit PDF Editor Cloud

        Do you use ChatGPT to get answers to your questions,
        enhance content writing, and translate text?

        Do you love AI assistance but are tired of switching
        between your PDF Editor and OpenAI's ChatGPT?

        The AI Assistant in Foxit PDF Editor Cloud is the solution.
        It will boost workplace productivity by taking over these
        tedious work steps right within your PDF Editor.

        In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of
        artificial intelligence by summarizing documents and text,
        getting content-based answers, enhancing writing,
        fixing spelling errors and correcting grammar mistakes,
        translating content, and getting helpful explanations and
        definitions of words using the ChatGPT-based AI Assistant
        in Foxit PDF Editor Cloud.

    • Collaborate on Microsoft Teams

    • Foxit PDF Editor Cloud, Collaborate on Microsoft Team - Icon

      High-Quality PDF Viewing:
      Display high-fidelity PDF documents
      shared within your MS team's channel
      without leaving the Team's application.

      Accelerated Document Reviews:
      Quickly and easily collaborate by collecting
      channel members' feedback on shared
      PDF documents within the Teams application.

      View of Document Activity:
      View other team members' comments
      when they take action on your documents
      and also when others reply to comments,
      spending less time managing conflicts.

      Secure Document Review:
      Collaborate securely on the documents
      with trusted members with access to
      the Microsoft 365 platform.

      View Tutorial:

      Foxit PDF Editor Cloud Icon on Microsoft AppSource - Icon

      Download this Add-in:

    • Work with PDFs in MS SharePoint Online and OneDrive

    • Foxit PDF Editor Cloud, Work with PDFs in MS SharePoint Online and OneDrive - Icon

      Using Foxit PDF Editor Cloud's
      MS SharePoint Online & OneDrive Add-in,
      knowledge workers can efficiently work with
      PDFs in SharePoint.

      Experience a high-quality viewing experience
      with the online Foxit PDF previewer.

      Increase employee productivity with
      easy and swift file format conversion.

      Delete, insert, rotate, and split pages
      in a PDF to organize them.

      Easily archive and distribute files within or outside
      your organization by combining multiple Microsoft files and
      PDFs into one PDF so that it can be archived or distributed.

      Export PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, or other
      editable formats from your mobile device or online
      without compromising fonts, formatting, or layouts.

      With Foxit PDF Editor Cloud’s integration with Google Drive,
      work with PDFs within Google Drive by quickly and easily
      viewing, editing, commenting, organizing, and converting
      to other formats or combining multiple supported
      format files into one PDF file, all in one place.

      This article introduces the integration of
      Foxit PDF Editor Cloud with MS SharePoint:

      View Tutorial:

      • How to edit & share PDF documents in
        Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive
        with Foxit PDF Editor

        Storing, sharing, and editing PDF documents
        directly in Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive;
        makes collaboration and PDF editing much easier.

        So why not create and work on PDFs from within
        your MS OneDrive and SharePoint file explorer?

        Using the Foxit PDF Editor for
        MS SharePoint and OneDrive Add-in,
        users can easily convert non-PDF files into PDF files
        or combine, organize and export documents.

      Foxit PDF Editor Cloud Icon on Microsoft AppSource - Icon

      Download this Add-in:

    • Cloud Documents

    • Foxit PDF Editor Cloud, Cloud Documents - Icon

      With Foxit PDF Editor for Cloud's Cloud Documents,
      users can easily upload their documents to
      Cloud Documents once, access these cloud-based documents,
      and easily edit, share, and collaborate from anywhere,
      on any device, and in any browser.

      In addition,
      Cloud Documents keeps a record of the files opened
      by the user, and users can quickly find the documents
      in the "Recent" files tab.

      Furthermore, under the "Cloud Documents" section,
      users can manage previously uploaded documents and
      create new folders to organize and categorize them.

      Additionally, when users upload a file to Cloud Documents
      for editing, any changes made to the document
      are automatically saved.

      View Tutorial:

    • Document Collaboration

    • Foxit PDF Editor Cloud, Document Collaboration - Icon

      The collaboration function allows multiple users
      to share their comments on the same document,
      which can improve work efficiency and reduce
      redundant labor.

      This improves workflows and efficiency by
      allowing team members to edit and discuss
      the same document more easily.

      Comments and suggestions made by team members
      can be saved back to the original document,
      making it convenient for collaboration initiators
      to summarize opinions and modify the documents.

    Product Features
    - Foxit PDF Editor Mobile for Tablet and Phone

Foxit PDF Editor Mobile - Icon

    Productivity at your fingertips:

    • Stay productive with documents anywhere
      using the Foxit PDF Editor for mobile app.

      This app, trusted by hundreds of millions users,
      is packed with all the latest PDF editing capabilities
      you need to keep your business moving wherever you are.

    • Features that are part of Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro for Teams
      that also are included in Foxit PDF Editor Mobile:

      • PDF Viewer
        - Fast and easy access to your PDF documents

      • Foxit PDF Editor Mobile, 
Viewer - Icon

        Built upon the same foundation as
        the award-winning Foxit PDF Editor,
        Foxit PDF Editor Mobile brings the power of
        Foxit's cutting-edge PDF technologies to your fingertips:

        • Reflow PDFs for easy viewing

        • Easy document navigation with
          bookmark management features

        • Search for text within your PDF documents

        • Supports Apple iOS, Android,
          and Chromebook devices

      • Collaborate, annotate, and share PDF

      • Foxit PDF Editor Mobile, Collaborate, annotate, and share PDF - Icon

        When teams collaborate and share information,
        they work at their best.
        Foxit PDF Editor Mobile links knowledge workers
        together to increase flexibility and results:

        • Complete commenting toolset,
          including utilizing digital
          pressure-sensitive ink technology

        • Integration with
          Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive

      • PDF Editor Mobile for Enterprises

      • Foxit PDF Editor Mobile, For Enterprises - Icon

        Foxit PDF Editor Mobile offers the following functionality
        as in-product purchases to provide the extra tools
        required for an enterprise PDF mobile solution:

        • Edit PDF text and images

        • Create a blank PDF

        • Document conversion;
          convert Microsoft Office, HTML, TXT,
          and image files to editable PDFs

        • Export PDF documents to
          Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel,
          TXT, image, RTF, and HTML files

        • Redact PDF content to
          protect sensitive information

        • Insert audio, videos, and hyperlinks to PDF

        • Add/verify digital signatures to PDF documents

        • Protect PDF documents with passwords

        • Reduce file size - PDF compression

        • Integration with different
          document management systems (DMS);
          Apple iCloud, MS OneDrive Business,
          and MS SharePoint
          (MS SharePoint available for Apple iOS only)

        • Read and annotate
          Microsoft Rights Management-protected files

        • Integrated Microsoft Intune support

Foxit PDF Editor Mobile, iOS and Android - Picture

    Product Features - Foxit eSign

Foxit eSign - Icon

Electronic document signing and management

Foxit eSign, PDF Document eSigning and Management - Picture

    • Web platform for legally-binding eSignatures:

      • Prepare documents, contracts, forms, template, and more

      • Send documents from anywhere in seconds

      • Sign contracts and complete documents

      • Manage signed documents, workflows, and reports

      • Store completed signed documents

      • Enhance document security and compliance

      • Use legal signatures practically anywhere

      • Share document templates and collaboration with your team

      • Powerful APIs

    Product Features - Foxit Admin Console

Foxit Admin Console - Picture

    • License management and update portal:

      • Manage Foxit PDF Editor and Foxit eSign licenses

      • Manage, add and remove users, and user groups

      • Connect to Single Sign-on (SSO) and Active Directory to
        securely gain access to user information

      • Assign and remove licenses from users and user groups

      • View the total number of Foxit licenses you own and
        currently have assigned

      • Manage and automate upgrades

    Accessible PDF with Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Accessibility - Picture

    Enable accessibility

    Enable PDF document accessibility for people with disabilities
    who use assistive technology to have access to information.
    Check accessibility of PDF files to verify if the document
    complies with digital technology accessibility standards.
    Ensure everyone who receives your PDF content
    is able to consume the information they need.

    Learn how to make your PDF documents accessible by all:
    • How do you make PDF documents digitally accessible?
    • Follow the digital accessibility best practices:

      • Build document structure
      • Foxit PDF Editor, Accessible PDF, How to Make Documents Accessible, Build Document Structure - Icon

        To make documents easier for screen readers to
        process correctly, documents should be structured
        with heading hierarchies; table headings, rows, and
        identified columns; and to use lists when possible.

      • Add alternative text for images
      • Foxit PDF Editor, Accessible PDF, How to Make Documents Accessible, Add Alternate Text - Icon

        Add alternative text (Alt Text) to accompany images,
        which are a quick description of an image.
        Images that do not require Alt Text are those
        that are purely decorative.

      • Ensure color contrast
      • Foxit PDF Editor, Accessible PDF, How to Make Documents Accessible, Ensure Color Contrast - Icon

        Contrast refers to the variance in color
        between text and its background.
        To ensure strong contrast, always use a dark text
        against a light background or vice versa.

      • Remediate and tag PDFs
      • Foxit PDF Editor, Accessible PDF, How to Make Documents Accessible, Remediate and Tag PDF - Icon

        Tagging ensures that a PDF file’s content and structure
        is correctly described and that the PDF file is ready to
        be distributed to users of assistive technology.

    • Need to Make Your PDF Documents Digitally Accessible?
    • Foxit’s accessibility solutions for digitally accessible
      PDF documents streamlines this task:

      • Automate Tagging with Autotag
      • Foxit PDF Editor, Accessible PDF, Need to Make Your PDF Documents Digitally Accessible, Automate Tagging with Autotag - Icon

        Foxit PDF Editor’s Autotag analyzes an entire PDF
        and tags each item accordingly.

        Autotag will categorize each element as a
        heading, paragraph, figure, list item, table,
        or form field and apply the appropriate tag.

        Autotag saves users from the very time-consuming task
        of remediating each individual item for accessibility.

      • Automate Large-Scale Tagging with Enterprise Automation

      • Foxit PDF Editor, Accessible PDF, How to Make Documents Accessible, Automate Large Scale Tagging with Enterprise Automation, Volume Automation - Icon

        Businesses with a large backlog of untagged PDF files
        can make full use of Foxit's Enterprise Automation Tools:

        Foxit PDF Compressor - Icon

        Foxit PDF Compressor


        Foxit Document Transformation Services - Icon

        Foxit Document Transformation Services

        Foxit PDF Compressor & Document Transformation Services
        provide the same advanced remediation features found in
        Foxit PDF Editor, but for large volumes of scanned or
        born-digital documents.

        These solutions can automatically create tagged PDF files
        from unstructured scanned documents as well as
        structured, electronic records.

        Both PDF Compressor & Document Transformation Services
        maximize the scalability of accessibility compliance.

      • Evaluate Document Compliance with
        Foxit PDF Editor’s Accessibility Checker

      • Foxit PDF Editor, Accessible PDF, How to Make Documents Accessible, Foxit PDF Editor Accessibility Checker - Icon

        Foxit PDF Editor Accessibility Checker can quickly run
        a full check on a file to determine whether it meets
        WCAG standards for accessibility.

        Foxit PDF Editor Accessibility Checker produces a
        detailed report about its degree of accessibility,
        allowing users to pinpoint where issues are and
        how to fix them using the Foxit PDF Editor Tag Editor.

        Checking for compliance with PDF/UA (ISO-14289)
        for universally accessible PDF and PDF Forms

        PDF/UA - Icon

        The preferred method to check for syntax compliance
        with the ISO standard PDF/UA in
        Foxit PDF Editor Suite Pro for Teams
        (Note: Only supported in the Windows version):

        • Select feature: "Convert"

        • Select in the top tab: "PDF standards"

        • Select feature: "Preflight"

        • Select in tab "Profiles: PDF/UA compliance,
          Verify compliance with PDF/UA-1"

      • Complete Tagging with the Tag Editor
      • While the Autotag feature greatly automates the tagging
        process, but Autotag is not always 100% accurate.

        After Autotag is completed, users should manually go into
        the document using the Tag Editor and fix any errors
        or fill-in any blanks the Autotag capability misses.
        These issues also get identified by the Accessibility Checker.

      • Automate the Entire Process with the Action Wizard
      • Foxit PDF Editor, Accessible PDF, How to Make Documents Accessible, Automate Tagging with Action Wizard Tool - Icon

        Another way to automate the accessibility process
        within Foxit PDF Editor is by taking advantage of
        the Action Wizard tool.
        The Action Wizard automates multiple steps which
        makes it easy for new Accessibility users to
        learn the process.

    System Requirements

    Get the Right Foxit PDF Editor Edition:

    Operating Systems
    • Windows

      • Windows 11 or Windows 10

      • Microsoft Office® 2010 or later version
        (required for some PDF creation features)

      • Foxit PDF Editor Cloud for Teams
        is Microsoft 365 Certified.

      • Verified as Citrix Ready® with Citrix XenApp® 7.13

    • Apple macOS:

      • macOS 10.14 or macOS 10.15

      • macOS 11

      • macOS 12

      • macOS 13

      • Microsoft Office® 2016 or later version
        (required for some PDF creation features)

    • Apple iOS

      • iOS 11 or higher

    • Android

      • Android 4.4 or higher
        (For users utilizing the AIP capability,
        Android 6 or higher is required)

    • Browsers (For PDF Editor Cloud)

      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher

      • Microsoft Edge

      • Google Chrome

      • Mozilla Firefox

      • Apple Safari

      • Opera

    Hardware, Minimum Requirements
    • Windows

      • 1.3 GHz or faster processor (x86 compatible) or
        ARM processor, Microsoft SQ1 or better

      • 512MB RAM (Recommended: 1GB RAM or greater)

      • 2GB of available hard drive space

      • 1024*768 screen resolution

      • Supports 4K and other high-resolution displays

    • Apple macOS:

      • Intel Processor or Apple Silicon Processor

      • 1GB of RAM

      • 5GB of available hard drive space

      • 1024*768 screen resolution

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