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PDF standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading PDF solutions from Foxit Software.

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PDF solutions for all your needs

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Foxit PDF Compressor

Multi-sector, production-oriented application for reading documents,
compression them and converting them to PDF or PDF/A.
(Earlier known as LuraTech PDF Compressor)

"Everything to PDF/A"

Foxit - Everything to PDF/A - Picture

Foxit PDF Compressor v8
Enterprise OCR and PDF Converter

Foxit PDF Compressor - Logo

Foxit PDF Compressor

Conversion of scanned documents, emails with attachments,
and born digital documents into PDF/A.
Fully automated unattended processing

Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise - Flow Overview - Conversion into PDF/A and PDF/UA - Scan, Email, Born Digital, Automatic Mode - Picture

    Foxit PDF Compressor

    Foxit PDF Compressor is an industrial strength solution for
    automated document conversion and compression to PDF or PDF/A.

    The objective is to widely automate preparation of these documents for
    long-term archiving and processing by ERP and other systems.

    Features Overview

    A server solution that provides businesses with
    automated, high-volume document to PDF conversion,
    compression, and optimization for both image documents
    and born-digital files:

    • 100% accurate born-digital to PDF conversion.

    • Faster document conversion with unattended processing
      and touchless automation features.

    • Integrated OCR technology allows full text searching for
      all scanned documents converted to PDF and PDF/A files.

    • Auto-tagging on unstructured documents
      to create more digitally accessible PDFs.

    • Cut download time in half and reduce storage costs by over 50%
      with industry-leading document compression technology.

    Where can Foxit PDF Compressor help?

    • PDF Compressor is "plug and play"

    • Server-based solution for high volumes

    • Scanned documents:

      • High compression

      • Full text search via OCR

      • PDF/A as safe long-term ISO Standard

    • Born-digital documents and emails

    • Many advanced functions from 10+ years of experience

    • Flexible licensing ranging from SMB up to 100M pages per year

    Foxit PDF Compressor solves enterprise challenges

    More and more financial service providers, healthcare industries,
    construction industries, energy industries, public bodies/strategic
    e-government initiatives, archives/libraries and museums,
    firms in the legal sector, and scan service providers are choosing
    Foxit PDF Compressor.

    They all process large amounts of paper and born-digital documents.
    After digitisation, these documents need to be stored in a long-term,
    legally-compliant, searchable format - and they need to be easy to find again.
    This makes the PDF/A format, and technologies like MRC and OCR,
    into indispensable basic technologies for all type of providers’ of
    core document-based processes.

    The Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise is a highly scalable solution
    dealing with small tasks or very large contracts in which millions of pages
    must be converted as quickly as possible.

    Moreover, the Foxit PDF Compressor easily fits into any existing workflow,
    as well as batch processing, further forms of integration are available, such as
    job list processing, in which the Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise
    is controlled in synchrony by up- and downstream processes.

    Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise offers the following features:

    • Scalable high quality compression of color document images

    • Applying OCR to create full-text searchable PDFs from scanned pages

    • Conversion from PDF to PDF/A

    • Optimization of images or scanned pages inside existing PDF documents

    • Merging, splitting and renaming of documents

    • 1D- and 2D-Barcode recognition and splitting,
      renaming and PDF bookmark creation by barcode

    • Combining digital documents with scanned pages,
      e.g. appending certificates and credentials to an online application

    • Unified conversion of digitally created and scanned documents to
      PDF/A for long term archiving

    • Automatic input ingestion from watched input folders and hotfolders

    • Time-triggered starting and stopping of jobs

    • Fully automated processing in Job List Processing mode

    Compressed documents remain well-readable and are augmented with
    Optical Character Recognition/OCR results for full-text searchability.

    Using the Born Digital Module,
    optional to Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise,
    further digital input formats such as MS Office™ documents,
    PDF and e-mails (in MSG or EML format) including attachments
    can be converted to PDF/A.

    The outstanding document compression provided by
    the Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise greatly reduces
    file sizes while ensuring prime document quality in an
    ISO standard compliant format suitable for long-term archiving.

Foxit PDF Compressor Webinar/Video Recordings and Demonstrations

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Video Demonstrations of Foxit PDF Compressor - Popup-window

Reserve online-demonstration of Foxit PDF Compressor

    Related Reference Customers

    Archives (Sweden):

    • 2015: Centrum för Näringslivshistoria / The Centre for Business History

    Scan service providers (Germany):

    • Arvato (Bertelsmann) and Ratiodata

    Insurance providers (Germany):

    • Healthcare insurance provider DAK

    Banks (Germany):

    • the German state bank of Hesse and Thuringia (Helaba),

    • the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg savings bank, and other savings banks

    Public Sector (Germany):

    • the city of Stuttgart, and numerous other cities and municipalities

    Publishers (Germany):

    • Heinrich Bauer Verlag

    Utilities/Energy providers (Germany):

    • Vattenfall

    • RWE

    • E.ON.

    Other international references:

    • Harvard University (USA)

    • the U.S. Library of Congress (USA)

    • the Dutch Royal Library (The Netherlands)

    • the Internet Archive (USA)

    • the U.S. Air Force (USA)


Foxit PDF Compressor - Logo

Foxit PDF Compressor

Download - Icon
Click Here for Free Trial of Foxit PDF Compressor

(You will be asked to fill in a trial request form.
To help us identify your software download and support you,
please enter the code Preferred Reseller NewFormat, Sweden
in the Telephone form field, besides entering you phone number).

Foxit PDF Compressor
converts scanned and electronic documents
into highly-compress PDF or PDF/A files.

Easily integrated into workflows,
the Foxit product family uses the award-winning
Mixed Raster Content (MRC) compression technology to
convert colour, greyscale or black/white scanned documents
into high-quality, highly-compressed PDF and PDF/A files.

Typical compression rates of 1:100 or greater:

Foxit Mixed Raster Content (MRC) compression technology - Picture     Mixed Raster Content (MRC) Compression Technology:

    1. Foreground Image - Color of text and graphics

    2. Mask - Text and graphics shapes

    3. Background Image - Background and images


    • Foxit PDF/A Compared with Conventional Formats:
    • Scanned page: 300 DPI, full-color RGB, A4 size.

      Foxit PDF Compressor - Foxit PDF/A (49kB) compared with conventional formats: Scanned PDFs 	(189kB) and original TIFF (25MB) -Picture

    • Foxit PDF/A Compressed Document:
      Compressed document

    • Uncompressed document, size: 406 MB, format: TIFF, 300dpi.
      Compressed document, size: 944 KB, format: PDF/A-2u.

      Open the sample document in Adobe Reader to view compressed file,
      press INFO button to see the format,
      press LAYER button to switch between 3 layers enabling the high-compression.

    Foxit PDF Compressor Highlights
      Support for Long-term Archiving

      Foxit PDF Compressor generates ISO-conformant PDF/A documents
      and therefore ensures that it will be possible to display, read and
      retrieve these in the long term.

      Support for Full Text Searchability

      The Foxit products include the ABBYY OCR technology
      for full text searching in all PDF and PDF/A files.

      Provides Easy Integration

      Foxit document and data conversion solutions are designed to be
      easily integrated into existing processes. Moreover, they offer enterprises a
      diverse range of integration models, from comprehensive server-based
      solutions to toolkits and software development kits (SDKs) that can be
      embedded into existing systems.

    New Features in Foxit PDF Compressor v7

    • Convert all email-formats, incl. attachments, to PDF/A (Born Digital Module required).

    • “Automatic Mode”:
    • Uses the format of each individual input file to determine
      the best processing mode for the job.
      This means every document can be processed ideally,
      without having to sort them in advance
      or set up different jobs for different sources.
      Saves time and gives you the security of knowing you’ll produce
      the ideal document every time.

    • Time Management Optimization:
    • Uses the time control feature to optimize your time management
      when processing individual jobs.

Born Digital Module
(for Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise only)

Foxit PDF Compressor - Born Digital Module - Picture

    More and more businesses are going paperless.

    This means an increase in both the overall number of digital documents
    and the number of documents requiring long-term storage.

    Digital batch processing.

    With the Born Digital Module from Foxit,
    digitally generated documents can be batch-converted to PDF/A format
    for long-term archiving and further processing,
    just as you would with scanned paper documents.

    Complete Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise Solution.

    With the Born Digital Module added on,
    the Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise becomes a complete solution
    for converting both scanned and born-digital documents to PDF/A format.

    Digital Born Module with integrated E-mail support:

    • Converts digital documents from:
      Microsoft Office, Apache OpenOffice, PDF and Emails with attachments.

    • Identical processing - The source no longer matters:
      Paper documents and digital documents alike are converted and prepared
      for further processing using exactly the same solution.

    • Any job can be set up within minutes, for the most efficient possible way
      to convert Office documents and PDF files to PDF/A.

    • Available as option to Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise.

    Setup of e-mail conversion properties
    Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise - Born Digital Module - Converting Email into PDF/A - Setup of Email Conversion Properties - Picture

Foxit PDF Compressor - Logo

Foxit PDF Compressor

Usage Models - Samples
Foxit PDF Compressor Desktop and Enterprise for Capture Scan Configs - Small, Medium, Large - Picture         Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise and Rendition Server - Picture

Foxit PDF Compressor - Logo

Foxit PDF Compressor

Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise - Text Banner

Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise Dashboard

Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise Dashboard showing Job Entries - Picture


    • Professional solution for process-oriented document conversion and compression.

    • Flexible, scalable solution designed for processing data volumes of any size.

    • Outstanding PDF/A document compression reduces incoming data volumes significantly
      while also delivering outstanding image quality in an ISO-compliant format
      designed for long-term archiving.

    • Extracted data is automatically handed over to existing systems for
      further processing to assist with any number of business processes.

    • Easily added into any existing workflow.
      Integration types include batch processing and job-list processing,
      in which the Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise is jointly
      controlled by both upstream and downstream processes.

    Key Features:

    Mixed Raster Content (MRC) compression technology:

    • This MRC process, also known as a Multi-Layer Segmentation Process,
      separates text and image regions into separate layers.

    • Afterwards, these segments are optimally compressed:

      • JPEG2000 compression for image layer and
        JBIG2 compression for black/white content and text

      • PDF and PDF/A conformant

    High performance thanks to ABBYY’s award-winning OCR technology:

    • Up to 190 recognisable languages

    • Automatic deskewing and page orientation

    • Additional output formats for OCR results:
      • XML, HTML, Rich Text Format (for MS Word), MS Excel, MS PowerPoint,
        Plain Text, CSV, ALTO, and optionally Hebrew

      • Optional: OCR for Asian characters (CJK), Greek print writing and Gothic

      • Fully text searchable PDF and PDF/A files

    Barcode Recognition:

    • Allows automatic indexing and document sorting for multi-page documents

    • Barcode values can be added to the PDF metadata and file name and
      can be compared using Regular Expressions

    • Barcode recognition can be limited to a specific area of
      the page and/or to specific barcode types

    • Pages on which a barcode is recognised can be optionally
      excluded from the result (for patch pages and similar)

    • Supports 3D barcodes: Aztec, Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code

    Optional: Parallel processing.

    Depending on the license, all of the cores of one machine could be used.
    Performance increases almost proportionally with the number of cores used:

    • Automatic division of individual jobs between licensed processor cores

    • Automatic load-balancing across processor cores during parallel execution
      of multiple jobs,taking job priorities into consideration

    Optional: Born Digital Module with integrated E-mail support.

    • Allows born digital documents, such as Microsoft Office, Apache OpenOffice,
      PDF and Outlook e-mails with attachments, as well as scanned paper documents,
      to be converted in batch into ISO-compliant PDF/A format for long-term archiving.
      The Born Digital Module with integrated E-mail support
      is optional for PDF Compressor Enterprise.

Setup of Job Properties for Document Conversion
Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise Dashboard - Setup of Job Properties - Picture

    Programming interface (API) to Foxit PDF Compressor

    Foxit PDF Compressor Enterprise has a programming interface (API)
    to let developers integrate it even more tightly into existing systems.

    Included in every license are a C-DLL interface and a .NET API which
    ECM developers, workflow suppliers, systems houses and users can use to
    synchronously address the Foxit PDF Compressor service and
    receive ongoing feedback on the state of processing.

    The interface can control all functions and settings, which means even
    born digital documents and emails can be converted to PDF/A.
    And of course, MRC compression, OCR reading and PDF/A creation are all
    available for scanned documents, including all options for barcodes and more.

    Do you use cloud-based services?
    The PDF Compressor’s new API makes it a simple step to create
    your own PDF and PDF/A web service.

    Foxit PDF Compressor can now, via the API,
    be used directly from SharePoint.

Product Specifications

    • ISO 19005-1 compatible PDF/A-1a and -1b

    • ISO 19005-2 compatible PDF/A-2u and -2b

    • ISO 19005-3 compatible PDF/A-3u and -3b

    • Reader 5-11 compatible PDF 1.4-1.7

    Supported input formats:
    • TIFF (including TIFF with JPEG compression)


    • MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, WordPerfect **

    • Apache OpenOffice: Writer, Calc, Impress **

    • E-mail: EML, MSG, including attachments in supported formats ***

    • Archive: ZIP **

    • ASCII text, HTML **

    • **   Born Digital Module required
      *** Born Digital Module + E-Mail Module required

    System Requirements:
    • Windows® 32-bit or 64-bit, Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Server 2012, or
      XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.

    • CPU Speed: 1GHz, 2GHz or more (recommended).

    • RAM: 1GB minimum, 2 GB per processor core (recommended),
      more than 2 GB for conversion of very large documents on 64 bit systems.

    • HDD: 1GB available hard drive storage space.
    • These are the absolute minimum requirements for installation.
      Please contact us for you individual requirements for a productive operation.

    • Other requirements: Microsoft®.NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 or higher.

    • Other requirements Born Digital Module:

      • Office 2007 or higher, or

      • Apache 3.2
        for converting corresponding document types.

    License Models:
    • Basic License Model

      • One-time processing for a fixed number of pages.

      • Page counts (cartridges) from 100,000 pages to several million.

      • No time limit on license.
        Rechargeable at any time, compatible with latest software version.

      • Use all CPU cores for fastest possible processing times.

      • Ideal for conversion of old archives and peak loads:

        • Project-based document processing.

        • Migration projects.

        • Converting old paper archives.

        • Finishing off production backlogs.

      • Bundle includes one year of maintenance and support.

    • Advanced License Model

      • Annual page count.
      • If a company comes close to exceeding its annual page quota,
        they can combine the Advanced model with an additional
        Basic model in reserve.

      • Use all CPU cores for fastest possible processing times.

      • Ideal for small to medium-sized continuous projects:

        • Ongoing small and medium-sized projects.

        • Invoice processing.

        • Ongoing document compression projects.

      • Bundle includes one year of maintenance and support.

    • Server License Model

      • Unlimited, without page counting.

      • Use the total number of licensed CPU cores.
        By licensing additional CPU cores,
        the PDF Compressor Server can process millions of pages every month.

      • Ideal for cost-effective integration into the document imaging workflow:

        • Scan service providers, companies and organizations looking
          to invest just once in their document conversion workflow
          in order to reduce costs significantly.

      • Bundle includes one year of maintenance and support.

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