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Standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solutions Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
for Global Visions Inc., Canada.

Global Vision Inc. - Automated Proofreading Solutions - Logo

Global Vision Inc.
Automated Proofreading Solutions

Automated solutions for
quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA)
to your entire packaging workflow

Design and delivery of Innovative Proofreading Technologies.
Widely interoperable proofreading solutions are integrated into
the packaging workflows of leading consumer packaged goods companies,
printing firms and major pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

Global Vision Inc. - Automated Proofreading Solutions - Logo

Brand Packaging Inspection Solutions
Reducing Packaging Risk to Brands!

Global Vision for Quality Control and Inspection of text, pixel, and Braille based information - Picture

    100% content verification!
    Complete suite of advanced solutions featuring
    text-, pixel-, barcode- and Braille-based inspection technologies.
    Designed to eliminate printed artwork and copy related errors,
    providing end-to-end security at every stage of the packaging workflow.

    All proofreading solutions meeting requirements in
    FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / EMA Annex 11.

Are you 100% confident that no critical errors have been missed?

Are you 100% confident no critical errors have been missed? - Picture

The problem with manual proofreading

The problem with manual proofreading - Picture

Add quality control your entire workflow

Upfront design, packaging development, regulatory affairs,
label control, incoming quality control and production.

Global Vision Inc. - Add quality control your entire workflow - Picture

Global Vision Webinars - Recorded webinars/video demonstrations

Webinars / Video Recordings - Icon

Reserve online-demonstration of Global Vision Inspection Tools



Proofware - Deployment On-Premise or Private Cloud - Picture

Proofware - Overview

Proofware Cloud - Banner

Brand Packaging Inspection Suite and Toolbox in the Cloud

Proofware is the world's first all-in-one
web-based packaging inspection suite,
giving enterprise-wide instant access to everyone
involved in the security of their brand copy and artwork.

Proofware offers a variety of web-based
packaging Quality Control applications to seamlessly
proofread PDF files throughout the workflow process,
catching any undetected errors before it’s too late.

Proofware - All-in-one cloud-based packaging inspection suite - Picture

100% web-based,
no software installation required,
low IT cost

Proofware - True Web-based Technology - Works with All Moderna Browsers  - Picture

    Flexible deployment options:
    • On-premise server.

    • Private cloud server.

    • Secure HTTPS connection.

    • Browser compatible with Mac and PC.

Speed up time to market and approvals

Proofware - Collaborate Globally with Packing Inspection - Picture

    • Inspect text, spelling, artwork, proofs, barcodes, and Braille all at once.

    • 100% web-based, no software installation required, low IT cost.

    • Provides enterprise-wide access to packaging quality control tools.

    • Reduce approval cycles:
      • No email attachments.

      • Share inspection projects with anyone within
        the enterprise and external suppliers/customers.

      • Collaborate on inspection and share reports with multiple users
        (e.g. for approvals) and view all comments.

    • Organize all inspections using the built-in
      Project Management & Collaboration feature.

    • Integrates seamlessly with Artwork Management Systems (AMS).

Share Inspection Projects and Reports

Get packaging artwork right the first time.
Proofware allows stakeholders to collaborate globally on
inspection reports and catch errors early in
the process for quicker approvals.

Proofware - Reports Management Tools - Picture

Annotate Inspection Reports

Route proofreading reports via e-mail and communicate through annotations.

Proofware - Collaborate Globally - Annotate Inspection Reports - Picture

Proofware Tools

-in-one inspection of all packaging elements

Packaging isn't just about text.
What about graphics, barcodes, spelling and Braille?

With apps to inspect different elements within your packaging,
Proofware is the 1st all-in-one inspection solution that has all your packaging covered.
Inspect Word files, PDFs, UPC codes, Data Matrix and more in seconds.

DocuProof - Logo ArtProof - Icon SpellProof - Icon BrailleProof - Icon BarProof - Icon Notes - Annotation/Comments - Icon

DocuProof - Icon

    - Text Verification, Document Inspection and Comparison Solution

    DocuProof is a text comparator for text heavy documents.
    Well suited for the inspection of contracts, publications,
    inserts, manuscripts, SOPs etc.

    DocuProof text verification software compares text in virtually any language.
    Even compare unlike files (graphic vs. Word files).
    Quickly and easily find changes in fonts, sizes, deletions,
    inserts, spelling, and location.

    DocuProof dramatically eases the challenges that professionals face
    on a daily basis when trying to manage and ensure the accuracy of
    packaging components, contracts, publications, and manuscripts.

    DocuProof can help you

    • Compare PDF to text documents

    • Streamline & expedite approvals

    • Inspect PDF to Word files

    • Ensure copy integrity

    • Proofread PDF files

    • Ensure accurate typesetting

    • With multi-language document compare

    • Reduce time-to-market

    • Ensure accurate typesetting

    Document types

    • Inserts

    • Website content

    • Labels

    • Legal docs

    • Leaflet

    • Manuscripts

    • Booklets

    • Journals

    • Brochures

    • Magazines

    • Ads

    • Publications

    • SOP's

    • Reports

    DocuProof Features

    • Text Document comparison:
      • Detect all changes between
        MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, XML & text files,
        regardless of layout or format.

    • Font size tolerance (As per new European Standards):
      • Font size tolerance setting allowing for detection
        of font size differences as small as 0.01 .

    • Inspect text in all Languages including Braille.

    • Partial text inspection:
      • Compare specific paragraphs and pages.

    • Web page inspection:
      • Ability to inspect *.mhtml and *.mht files
        versus MS Word and PDF files.

    • Support for templates:
      • Ability to inspect QRD templates for EMA submissions
        and SPL templates for FDA submissions.

    • Find & compare feature:
      • Ability to find multiple matches between
        master & revision documents.

    • Table inspection technology
      • Ability to inspect tables cell-by-cell in seconds.

    • Ability to save proofreading project before it’s
      complete and resume work later.

    • Available validation documentation and execution (IQ,OQ, PQ).

    • Spell-checking capability:
      • English medical dictionary (optional) and
        brand owners’ dictionary.
        Includes a large list of supported languages.

    • Annotation feature for file collaboration:
      • View all differences & comments as PDF annotations.

    • Connects to major artwork management systems (AWS).

    • 21 CFR part 11 / Annex 11 compliant.

    • Comprehensive reporting.

    • Save Projects Functionality.

    DocuProof Report

    All differences are highlighted and color coded.

    DocuProof Report - Picture

    DocuProof Inspection Filters

    DocuProof - Inspection Filters - Picture

ArtProof - Icon

    ArtProof - Artwork Inspection Solution

    Inspect artwork with pixel-precision.
    Reduce errors, rework, recalls and proofreading time.

    Developed for the graphic design, pre-press and printing industry,
    ArtProof inspects artwork with pixel precision, dramatically increasing
    packaging accuracy while reducing inspection times.

    ArtProof quickly detects and identifies missing text, graphics,
    incorrect fonts and text sizes, as well as broken type and color deviations.

    is the first 64-bit artwork inspection solution
    for Mac and Windows environments.

    Are you 100% confident that no critical errors have been missed?

    ArtProof Overview Banner - Picture

    ArtProof can help you

    • PDF compare for artwork inspection

    • Compare artwork to PDF files

    • Proofread PDF documents, artwork, and .AI files

    • Pre-press proofing, pre-press quality control

    • Packaging quality control


    • Artwork

    • Revision

    • Proofs

    • Imposition files

    • Nested artwork

    • Cartons

    • Leaflets

    • Booklets

    ArtProof Benefits

    • Native Mac OS and Windows support

    • Inspect artwork files

    • Reduce approval cycles by catching errors early

    • Shorten time to market

    • Avoid costly errors for file revisions and proofs

    • Check supplier proofs to ensure accuracy

    ArtProof Advanced Technologies

    ArtProof - Advanced Technology Overview - Picture

    • Supports 1-bit TIFF files

    • New 64-bit architecture

    • Layers and separation management
      • Ability to hide layers/separations by default

    • Inspects imposition files (step and repeat files)
      • Automatic adjust and match files for overlay inspection

    • Inspects colors, graphics and copy

    • Supports live and outlined text Auto-locates repeats

    • Automation for booklet inspection (multi-page)

    • Automatic sizing
      • Detect with pixel precision all
        differences regardless of sample size

    • Automatic dieline management
      • Ability to remove dielines for ease of inspection

    • Dynamic and comprehensive reporting
      • Easy reporting and commenting for
        fast and accurate results

    • Difference classification

    ArtProof Inspection Reports

    ArtProof Inspection Reports - Picture

    ArtProof Supported File Types

    Inspect Word to PDF, Compare Text to PDF documents
    with complete accuracy in seconds

    ArtProof File Types Supported - Picture

BrailleProof - Icon

    BrailleProof - Braille Inspection & Verification Tool

    BrailleProof is a Braille inspection and Braille verification tool
    that digitally inspects Braille text for added or missing Braille components,
    to ensure that the Braille matches the approved PDF.

    BrailleProof also converts Braille components into
    readable text, ensuring accuracy of the Braille.

    BrailleProof is designed to meet all Braille standards
    for pharmaceutical Braille packaging,
    including the Marburg Medium font standard.

    With BrailleProof, you can be rest assured that all Braille is accurate,
    readable and meets international standards,
    while eliminating manual checking, and reducing inspection times.

    Integrates with ArtProof artwork inspection software.

    How accurate is your Braille Packaging?

    BrailleProof - Missing Dot - Picture

    Typical Use Case:
    Proofreading of pharmaceutical carton in seconds

    BrailleProof - Pharmaceutical Carton - Picture

    Inspect with great accuracy

    • Pharmaceutical Braille packaging

    • Healthcare Braille packaging

    • Pharmaceutical cartons

    • Embossed Braille cartons

    • Braille labels

    • Consumer product goods Braille packaging

    • Braille inserts

    BrailleProof Features

    • Detects missing or added Braille dots

    • Translates Braille during inspection into readable text

    • Measures Braille dot spacing

    • Braille character recognition

    • Extensive reporting, detailing pass/fail for each Braille dot

    • Color coding allows for easy analysis of flawed dots

    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / EMA Annex 11 compliant

    • Validation available

    BrailleProof Benefits

    • Ensures your PDF matches the printed Braille component

    • Meets all Braille standards for pharmaceutical and
      healthcare Braille packaging,
      including the Marburg Medium font standard

    • Ensures Braille content, layout and placement on packaging is correct

BarProof - Icon

    BarProof - Barcode Decoder & Verifier

    BarProof is a barcode verification tool that builds quality into
    your process by taking it all the way upstream to your PDF files.

    Barcode verification is your insurance policy for
    the highest quality barcode in your supply chain,
    thus enhancing your supplier customer relationship.

    Verify all barcodes on an entire press sheet in one pass!

    BarProof automatically locates and verifies all barcodes on a label,
    carton or press sheet and grades each according to
    CEN/ANSI/ISO standards.

    Bar width reduction (BWR) and magnification measurements are
    also provided ensuring scannable barcodes at the checkout counter.

    BarProof verifies and decodes 1D and 2D barcodes,
    including UPC, Data Matrix and QR.

    The BarProof barcode verification module is available as an option
    with ArtProof, and ScanProof.

    BarProof Press Sheet and Grading - Picture

    BarProof Benefits

    • Instantly locate & grade all barcodes on a press sheet

    • Simple to use

    • Grade Barcodes in PDF Files - Unique in the Market!

    • Bar width reduction measurement

    • Barcode magnification measurement

    • Decode & grade 1D & 2D barcodes
      including Data Matrix, QR, MicroQR

    • Grade each barcode according to CEN/ANSI/ISO standards

    • Verifies and decodes linear 1D and 2D barcodes

    • Color coded pass / fail reporting for barcodes

    • 21 CFR Part 11 / EMA Annex 11 compliant

    • Integrates with ScanProof print inspection solution

    • No need for more hardware,
      use existing ScanProof scanner

    Standards Compliance

    • ISO/IEC 15416

    • ISO/IEC 15415

    • 21 CFR Part 11 / Annex 11

    Decoding Only

    • Code 11

    • MSI

    • TElepen

    Bar Width Reduction (BWR)

    BWR is critical during the pre-press process in order
    to compensate for different packaging materials and
    ink spread during production.

    By verifying BWR values in PDF files upstream in the process,
    brand owners can be assured that barcodes will achieve
    expected quality levels.

    BarProof Grading and BWR Sample - Picture

    Barcode Grading Criteria
    • Decode
      • Checks the difference between
        the minimum and maximum reflectance of the scan line.

    • Symbol Contrast
      • Checks that the minimum reflectance is less
        than half of the maximum reflectance.

    • Minimum Reflectance
      • Checks the smallest edge contrast found in the scan line.

    • Minimum Edge Contrast
      • Checks the ratio of
        the minimum edge contrast to the symbol contrast.

    • Modulation
      • Checks the ratio of
        the minimum edge contrast to the symbol contrast.

    • Defects
      • Checks for reflectance non-uniformity along the scan line.

    • Decodability
      • Checks the accuracy of the barcode printing and
        image in relation to the appropriate symbology
        reference decode algorithm.

        Decode & grade 1D & 2D barcodes,
        including Data Matrix, QR, MicroQR.

    Supported Symbologies

    Decoding and Grading:

    • Codabar

    • Code 39

    • Code 128

    • Interleaved 2 of 5

    • Pharma Code

    • RSS-14

    • RSS-14 Stacked

    • RSS-Expanded

    • RSS-Expanded Stacked

    • RSS-Limited

    • EAN/UPC (13 Digits)

    • EAN/UPC (8 Digits)

    • UPC-A

    • UPC-E

ScanProof Print Inspection - Fast and accurate inspection for all printed components - Logo

    ScanProof - Print Inspection Quality Control Solution

    ScanProof the world’s fastest print inspection solution for large files.

    Designed for printers, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged
    goods companies, ScanProof provides accurate quality control of
    all printed packaging and scanned components.

    ScanProof is ideal for the inspection of packaging proofs,
    labels, cartons and nested press sheets in both
    printed and PDF formats.

    ScanProof - Scanner Device - Picture

    ScanProof can help you with

    • Print Inspection quality control

    • Packaging inspection

    • Pharmaceutical packaging compliance

    • Prepress quality control

    • Artwork inspection

    • Web inspection

    Typical Use Case:
    Proofreading of pharmaceutical carton in seconds

    ScanProof - Proofreading of Pharmaceutical Carton - Picture

    ScanProof Features

    • Dual scan mode: scan in master & sample simultaneously

    • Optional booklet scanner module:
      easily scan in booklets and other multi-page documents

    • Intelligent cropping

    • Easy to use interface

    Quick Detection of

    • Broken text

    • Missing or added elements

    • Print defects

    ScanProof Print Inspection - Inspects Approved Artwork Original to Revision - Picture

    ScanProof - Highlights

    • Quickly compare all text and graphics of any print job

    • Avoid time consuming reprints and reworks

    • Fast and easy one click inspection

    • Overprint & layer handling

    • Automatic alignment & rotation

    • Auto-skew master & sample images

    • Color measurement tool: ability to display RGB and CMYK color values

    • Reporting & commenting

    • Optional BarProof and BrailleProof modules
      to inspect barcodes & Braille

    ScanProof Print Inspection - Inspects Approved Artwork Original to Press Sheet - Picture

    Inspection Capabilities

    • File-to-File

    • File-to-Print

    • Print-to-Print

    ScanProof Supported File Types

    ScanProof File Types Supported - Picture

    System Requirements:

    Computer Software/Hardware:

    • Windows® XP / Windows 7 (64-bit)

    • 2.0GHz Dual Core CPU (64-bit CPU recommended)

    • RAM: 6GB minimum

    • HDD: 20GB minimum

    • Monitor Size: 17" - 22"

    • Resolution: 1280x1024 recommended (1024x768 minimum)

    • CD-ROM-Drive: Any standard drive

    Scanner Hardware:

    • 54” ROLL: 54” x unlimited       50 sec. for 841mm x 1189mm (33.11” x 46.81”)

    • 42” ROLL: 42” x unlimited       40 sec. for 841mm x 1189mm (33.11” x 46.81”)

    • 36” ROLL: 36” x unlimited       32 sec. for 594mm x 841mm (23.39” x 33.11”)

    • A2:          18” x 24”                26 sec. for 420mm x 594mm (16.54” x 23.39”)

    • A3:          12.2” x 17.2”          20 sec. for 297mm x 420mm (11.69” x 16.54”)

    • A4:           8.5” x 11.7”           12 sec. for 210mm x 297mm (8.27” x 11.69”)

    • Sheet Fed:12.2” x 17.2”           1.5 sec./page for 297mm x 420mm (11.69” x 16.54”)

    • Scan360°: 0.8” - 6.75” (Dia.)   8 sec. for 2” (Diameter)

Scan360 - Cylinder Scanner - Icon

    Scan360 Cylinder Scanner

    Scan360 is the leading artwork inspection scanner for cylinders.

    Eliminate errors found on cylindrical packaging components.

    Designed for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and pharmaceutical markets,
    Scan360 will directly scan the surface of any cylindrical item and
    automatically compare it to the approved proof.

    Scan360 - Can and Cylinder Scanner - Picture

    Scan and inspect with great accuracy

    • Large heavy gauge metal cans

    • Ribbed cans

    • Embossed text

    • Rough textured plastic finishes

    • Shrink wrapped cylindrical items

    • Aluminum cans

    • Glass jars

    • Plastic bottles

    • Soft metallic containers

    • Polymer tubes

    Scan360 - Can - Picture

    Scan360 Features

    • Detects missing, added or broken elements

    • Detects print defects

    • Scans in under 20 seconds

    • Inspects cylindrical diameters from1”(25.4mm) – 6.8”(172.72mm)

    • Resolution: 300 dpi

    Scan360 - Differences on Can Label - Picture

    Scan360 Benefits

    • Ensures the print quality on your cylindrical packaging

    • Automates your inspections

    • Anti-counterfeit inspection

BraillePoint - Braille Dot Height Measurement Tool - Icon

    BraillePoint - Braille Dot Height Measurement Tool

    BraillePoint is a Braille dot measurement tool perfect for measuring
    Braille dot height and verifying Braille dot placement.

    With BraillePoint, users can ensure the precision of all embossed
    and screen printed Braille found on cartons and labels.

    BraillePoint uses advanced electronic measurement technologies
    to measure Braille dot height directly.
    Unlike scanner and camera based measurement systems that are
    dependent on dot shadows and complex algorithms, BraillePoint is
    capable of providing the most accurate results.

    With BraillePoint, you can be rest assured that all Braille is accurate,
    readable and meets international standards, while eliminating
    manual checking, and reducing inspection times.

    Braille presence module the ability to compare Braille dots from a
    BraillePoint scan to a Braille presence template.

    The master Braille presence template may be created in two ways:

    • Extraction of Braille dots from a PDF

    • Manually

    Inspection reports include both comparison and translation.

    BraillePoint integrates with ScanProof print inspection solution.

    BraillePoint - Braille Measurement Unit Hardware - Picture

    BraillePoint Benefits

    • Accurately measure Braille dot height

    • Reduce Braille dot inspection times

    • Ensure accuracy & quality of Braille text

    • Ensure compliance with international standards (Marburg Medium)

    BraillePoint Features

    • Braille presence module

    • Time zones stamps on all inspection reports

    • Analysis of dot spacing & height

    • Braille character recognition

    • Extensive reporting, detailing pass/fail for each Braille dot

    • Color coding allows for easy analysis of flawed dots

    • Customizable maximum and minimum dot height settings

    • Superior sample scan times

    • Inspection setup details easily saved

    • 21 CFR Part 11 / EMA Annex 11 compliant & validation available

    Braille Measurement Tool Report

    BraillePoint - Braille Measurement Tool Report - Picture

    System Requirements:

    Computer Software:

    • Windows 7 (64-bit)

    • User Access Level: Administrator, User

    • PDF Support: PDF Viewer for reporting

    Braille Dot Height Measurement Unit/Hardware:

    • Windows 7 (64-bit)

    • 2.0GHz Dual Core CPU (64-bit CPU)

    • RAM: 6GB minimum

    • HDD: 160MB free space

    • Monitor Size: 24" widescreen

    • Resolution: 1280x1024 recommended (1024x768 minimum)

    • CD-ROM-Drive: Any standard drive

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