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NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook - Company Logo

The Leaders in PDF Accessibility

Solutions for Compliance with Accessibility Standards:
ISO 14289-1 (PDF/UA), W3C/WCAG 2.0, U.S. Section 508 and U.S. HHS

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading CommonLook PDF technology
from NetCentric Technologies Inc., USA.

Creates PDF files that complies to
PDF/UA, WCAG 2.0, U.S. Section 508, and U.S. HHS

CommonLook provides software and professional services
to help organizations achieve compliance with
document accessibility standards, including
ISO 14289-1 (PDF/UA), W3C/Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0),
U.S. Section 508, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

International Accessibility Standards: ISO PDF/UA, W3C WCAG, Section 508 USA, HHS USA - Icon Banner

Covering the entire document lifecycle,
these products are recognized as the leading solution for PDF compliance.

Digital documents are everywhere.
CommonLook makes them accessible to everyone.
That’s all we do.

How Accessible PDF works

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Document Accessibility Primer - How Accessible PDF Works - Picture

(Click on the picture)

    A PDF file consists of a collection of objects (text, images, drawing lins, forms, etc)
    that together make up the content (physical view).
    Adding accessibility means organizing the content within structural information that
    establish the semantics of the content (heading, paragraph, list, table, figure, etc.),
    as well as the content reading order.

    This structural information is called the Tags Tree (Tag View).
    A screen reader (e.g. JAWS, VIP PDF-Reader, NVDA), uses the tags view to
    determine the reading order and provide semantic information to the user.

    See more details in this white paper:

    The CommonLook Document Accessibility Primer

How are PDFs Made Accessible?

    As a first step, PDFs must have tags for assistive technologies (AT) used by
    people with disabilities to be able to detect the content within the PDF
    - without tags there is nothing for AT to read!

    Tagging involves adding structural information about elements, such as
    headings, paragraphs, lists and tables to PDFs so that they can be
    read and navigated accurately and efficiently by people with disabilities.

    CommonLook software and remediation services address every stage of
    the document lifecycle, quickly and cost-effectively;
    from interactive conversion of single files to files automatically
    generated as accessible PDF from live data/databases.

Delivering document accessibility solutions for 20+years

NetCentric Technologies / CommonLook 20 years - Infographics - Picture

Powerful Accessibility Software

    Use CommonLook's industry-leading automated tools to create, remediate,
    and manage accessible PDF documents and Microsoft documents,
    with less effort than ever before.

    • Reduce time and cut compliance costs, while boosting accuracy,
      throughout the document production cycle.

    • Avoid litigation risks by ensuring documents are accessible to
      users with disabilities, prior to distribution.
      Empower authors and testers to ensure PDF documents
      comply with current accessibility standards.

Portfolio of Professional Services

    Our verification and remediation services provide an accurate, comprehensive,
    and cost-effective way to achieve standards compliance for public-facing,
    popular, or large volumes of PDF documents and forms.

    Start your verification and remediation project off right by
    rounding out the team with CommonLook services experts.

    • Follow a proven methodology every step of the way to achieve
      PDF/UA, WCAG 2.0, U.S. Section 508, or U.S. HHS compliance
      in budget and on-time.

    • Get surprisingly fast delivery, even on high volumes,
      for accessibility verification, correction, and
      testing of PDF documents and forms.

    • Achieve the highest standards of accuracy and quality
      - receive a compliance certificate for each remediated document.

    • Know your compliance project scope and costs up front
      - conduct a rapid assessment of the accessibility status of your PDF content.

Products and Services for Accessible PDF

Software and services for
accessibility assessment and remediation

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook PDF Validator - Logo

Free PDF Accessibility Checker
Plug-in to Adobe Acrobat

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Office - Logo

Creates Accessible PDF
from within
MS Word & PowerPoint
Plug-in to Microsoft Office

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook PDF - Logo

Accessibility / Remediation
Create Accessible PDF
from within Adobe Acrobat

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Clarity - Logo

PDF Accessibility
Monitor and Tracker

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Dynamic - Logo

Accessible PDF Generator

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Training - Logo

Hands-on Training

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Service - Logo

PDF Remediation Service

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Campus101 - Logo

Document Accessibility Solution
for Higher Education

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webinars / video recordings, tutorials, demonstrations, trainings

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Reserve online-demonstration of CommonLook Software Tools

CommonLook Training

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NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook - Company Logo
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