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NewFormat AB

PDF standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading PDF solutions from callas software GmbH.

callas software - Logo

PDF Workflow Technology

Your PDF problems solved
callas software finds simple ways to handle complex PDF challenges

Solutions to preflight, validate, optimize, correct and
repurpose PDF files for prepress, print production,
packaging production, digital publishing and accessible PDF

callas software plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat
enhance native capabilities and features of Adobe Acrobat

callas software pdfToolbox - Logo

callas pdfToolbox
The all-round, and most powerful, tool in the field to
preflight, validate, optimize, correct and repurpose PDF files for
prepress, print production, packaging production,
digital publishing, and accessible PDF

callas pdfToolbox fully supports the ISO Standard PDF 2.0!

    callas pdfToolbox - Who is it for?

    • Technicians and print specialists

    • Leading print & packaging consultants

    • Color management and process control experts

    • Press operators & pressroom supervisors

    • Quality assurance managers

    • Prepress supervisors and technicians

    • Brands & brand owners

    • Content & media creators

    • Anyone who manages color quality

    • Ink, paper and packaging suppliers

    • Schools and businesses that provide training in professional skills to:
      preflight, validate, optimize, correct and repurpose PDF files before print/prepress,
      print production, packaging production, digital publishing and accessible PDF

GWG 2022 Specifications - Banner
GwG Ghent Workgroup PDF Output Suite 5 - Compliance Logo callas pdfToolbox - Logo

    callas pdfToolbox Today

    Over the last 15 years, callas pdfToolbox has become
    the most encompassing and performant PDF technology
    for printing and related applications.

    It has grown from a PDF preflight application to check
    the printability of the file to a complete pre-print platform
    offering the printing industry everything they need,
    ranging from checks & fixups over pdf conversion and
    print preparation to rule-based, dynamic process plans that will
    modify the files ready to be printed for any printing process.

    callas pdfToolbox technology is a highly recognized and respected technology.
    It is used by small companies, large publishers and print providers as well as global
    OEM customers that integrate the technology in their own products; among them are:
    Adobe Systems Inc., Aleyant, CVISION Technologies, Dataline, Durst Group, Dynamicsoft,
    EFI, Foxit, HP, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Krause, Mitsubishi, Pixartprinting,
    Quark Software Inc., Rochester Software Associates, Sofha, Xerox.

    When ordering callas pdfToolbox from NewFormat AB you will get
    the original, very latest version of callas pdfToolbox technology
    directly from the development team at callas softare GmbH.
    As production ready tools or for integration into own solutions,
    and for a much more favorable price.

    callas pdfToolbox - Tools to convert documents to PDF Standards.

    callas pdfToolbox automates and standardizes the process of file delivery and reception.

    callas pdfToolbox provides dynamic preflight, correction, color management and
    optimization of PDF files for prepress, print production, packaging, digital publishing,
    advertising, design, and document management.

    In automated workflows, callas pdfToolbox has become indispensable
    to provide PDF quality control and correction, conversion of PostScript,
    image and office formats to PDF, impositioning, splitting and
    merging of PDF files and much more.

    Out-of-the-box automation with hot folders and easy integration through
    the command-line version into any production workflow, MIS system or
    web-to-print environment has made callas pdfToolbox the tool of choice
    for such environments.

    callas pdfToolbox Industry Solutions

    Reliable platform for automation and performance all industries.

    Solutions for Publishers

      Print publishing is a fast-paced and competitive business with
      tight deadlines and high customer expectations. PDFs can come from
      many different sources - advertisers, agencies, design departments, etc.

      How do one guarantee the highest quality print standards for
      publications under such conditions?
      With callas pdfToolbox the long chain of production involved in
      print publishing need no longer hamper the reliability of results.

    Solutions for Printers

      Printers are under pressure to handle more and more PDF files
      in ever shorter turnaround periods.
      And with PDFs being produced in such a variety of ways,
      output mistakes seem almost inevitable.

      callas pdfToolbox is used to avoid such output errors, to save time and money,
      and to maintain healthy customer relations.

      callas pdfToolbox provides interactive visual inspection and automatic correction
      and allows to quickly prepare files for any intended output.

      For transparency and color management issues, it will correct files so they output
      as expected through almost any RIP, meaning you don’t have to make expensive
      equipment replacements as PDF technology develops.

    Preflight with callas pdfToolbox for trouble-free production

callas software - Preflight with callas pdfToolbox for trouble-free downstream production - Picture

Typical problems in print indata / PDF files

    What callas pdfToolbox can do
    callas pdfToolbox checks and corrects documents according to industry standards,
    including ISO Standards based on PDF-technology, such as
    PDF/X-1, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, PDF/X-5, PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3, PDF/UA-1 and PDF/VT,
    and market/segment unique specifications from The Ghent Workgroup.
callas software pdfToolbox Switchboard Standards - Picture

    callas pdfToolbox converts native documents created with
    Microsoft Word,PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Visio and Project,
    Apache OpenOffice, Pages (Mac OS X only), PostScript and
    EPS, PNG, JPG and TIFF images into print-/publish-ready PDFs.
callas software pdfToolbox Switchboard Documents - Picture

    callas pdfToolbox is used for workflow automation, command-line processing,
    and dynamic preflighting to avoid production errors, identify and fix problems,
    spot differences in PDF files, imposition tasks (such as making booklets),
    step-and-repeat, split spreads into single pages, and much more...

    With callas pdfToolbox one can be confident that files are ready for even
    the most stringent of output requirements through software which is
    simplicity itself to setup and use.

    All callas software solutions share a common aim whenever PDF files
    need to be prepared on a large scale to:
    • automate and standardize output processes

    • care for quality, safety, speed and efficiency

    • provide fully PDF compliant files

    • increase productivity

    • reduce errors

    Guide to callas software solutions, typical use cases, hands-on exercises and tutorials:
    • checking and correcting PDF Documents / Prelight

    • preparing documents for archival

    • dynamic workflows dynamic using variables

    callas pdfToolbox is compatible with Adobe® Acrobat® DC
    (in fact it uses the same rock-solid PDF preflighting technology),
    but in addition allows you to automate and batch process PDF files.

callas pdfToolbox turns print-ready PDFs into
lightweight performant PDF pages for Mobile Magazines and Periodicals

callas software pdfToolbox - PDF for mobile publishing of magazines - Picture

    More and more, magazines are available on tablets or other mobile platforms.
    Consequently, many new apps appear where subscribers have access to several
    hundred publications, such as AppleNews+, Keep In Mind, Readly and many more.

    The subscriber uses the respective app to view the magazine pages,
    but in many cases the internal format is actually PDF.

    In this blog post, we want to have a look at what is needed to turn a print-ready PDF
    into lightweight performant PDF pages adapted for mobile publishing.

PDF validation with callas pdfToolbox

Common question: What is a PDF validator exactly validating ?

The rule of thumb is:
A PDF validator (callas pdfToolbox) checks the aspects
that are specifically governed by the PDF standard.

Use of callas pdfToolbox in practice:
Use cases: Preflight, validation, correction and conversion

callas pdfToolbox Webinar/Video Recordings, Tutorials, Demonstrations

Webinars / Video Recordings - Icon
Webinars/Video Demonstrations of callas pdfToolbox - Popup-window

Quick Speed Mini-Webinars on callas pdfToolbox - Popup-window

Best Practices with callas pdfToolbox
Video recordings from the Support Vaults

Season 1 - Popup-window

Season 2 - Popup-window

Hands-on Tutorials with callas pdfToolbox

callas pdfToolbox - Hands-on Tutorials

Reserve online-demonstration of callas pdfToolbox

Reserve online-demonstration of callas pdfToolbox

callas pdfToolbox Training

callas pdfToolbox - Instructor-led Training

callas pdfToolbox Self-Training

This PDF-based self-pace training help users fully
understand and utilize the power of callas pdfToolbox.

The training material is focused on profile creation and
includes exercises with solutions and explanations.

Simply download the following PDF training manual,
open it in a PDF viewer and you are good to go:

callas pdfToolbox Desktop Training Manual

callas pdfToolbox@School

Classroom - Picture
callas pdfToolbox for Educational Institutions
All-in-One Solution for Student Classroom Training

Product Ordering Numbers / Price information

callas pdfToolbox software can be obtained via license acquisition or renting.
License is per desktop/laptop and unlimited number of documents, or
per server and unlimited number of users and unlimited number of documents.

Note! Attractive prices when crossgrading from Enfocus PitStop to callas pdfToolbox.

Price example:
1pcs callas pdfToolbox Desktop, Windows or macOS, 625,00Euro, excl. VAT
(for 5pcs or more licenses volume discount apply!)

For Product Descriptions and Product Ordering Numbers - Click here.

callas software pdfToolbox - Logo
callas pdfToolbox
PDF Technology Solutions for Prepress, Print Production and Publishing

Download - Icon
Click Here for Free Trial of callas pdfToolbox Desktop, Server, CLI and SDK

(You will be asked to fill in a trial request form.
To help us identify your software download and support you,
please enter the code NewFormat
in the form field named Preferred Reseller).


callas pdfToolbox Swichboard

callas software pdfToolbox Switchboard - Picture

    callas pdfToolbox Desktop - PDF Production Toolkit

    callas pdfToolbox Desktop is the easiest yet most powerful PDF preflight
    and correction application on the market.

    callas pdfToolbox Desktop installs standalone or as a plugin inside Adobe® Acrobat®:
    • When installed as a standalone application, pdfToolbox Desktop completely
      replaces the inbuilt preflight capability of Adobe Acrobat;
      in such cases there is no need to also buy / install Adobe Acrobat.

    • When installed as a plugin into Adobe Acrobat,
      pdfToolbox Desktop vastly extends and enhances the basic,
      inbuilt preflight capability of Adobe Acrobat.

    Easy to use
    • Switchboard (user dashboard) for ready-made actions

    • Visualizer for visually inspecting PDF documents

    Yet powerful
    • Profiles for more customization

    • Variabels to make profiles dynamic

    • Process plans to introduce processing logic

    No task is too difficult for callas pdfToolbox Desktop.
    Problem files can be fixed during preflight or with a
    click of a button in the Switchboard (user dashboard).
    • flatten transparency,

    • convert fonts to outlines,

    • insert trim and bleed boxes to match printer marks,

    • convert office documents or even PostScript files directly into PDF,

    • compare versions of PDF files,

    • visualize ink coverage,…
callas software pdfToolbox Preflight Certificate - Picture

callas pdfToolbox comes in several flavours
for specific needs and automation requirements

callas software pdfToolbox Desktop - Logo callas software pdfToolbox Server - Logo callas software pdfToolbox CLI - Logo callas software pdfToolbox SDK - Logo
    callas pdfToolbox
    - PDF Technology Solutions for Prepress, Publishing, Print Production

    callas pdfToolbox product family - and they all support the same functionality
    The callas pdfToolbox product family is the easiest yet most powerful
    PDF preflight and correction application on the market:

    • callas pdfToolbox Desktop for individual and interactive use on desktops.
      Aimed at providing preflight, correct and repurpose of PDF files for
      prepress, print production, digital publishing and accessible PDF.

      Gives all aspects of working with PDFs a massive boost with a greatly
      extended feature set for a diversity of user's needs.
      Runs as independent application or as plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat®.

      Fix one file at a time or, in batch mode, a whole bunch of PDF documents.
      The Switchboard allows you to run any action on a whole folder of PDF files;
      the files are automatically moved to success or error folders
      based on the result of processing.
      Of course this is not a substitute for watched folders in pdfToolbox Server & CLI,
      but it can save you loads of time if you need to process multiple documents.

    • callas pdfToolbox Server & CLI are fully customizable server solutions that
      allow for automation of workflows through watched folders or ready for
      integration into existing systems through a command line interface.

      callas pdfToolbox Server is used to automate callas pdfToolbox or
      when integrating callas pdfToolbox into an existing workflow.
      Hotfolder-based automation for efficient preflight/checking,
      correction and perfect color conversion and optimization of PDF files.
      Includes one license of callas pdfToolbox Desktop (MacOS X or Windows)
      for configuration and testing purposes.
      Integrates into any web-portal or automation workflow.
      Direct integration with Enfocus FullSwitch and PowerSwitch
      by means of the provided application configurations.

      callas pdfToolbox CLI-based (command line interface) automation of PDF processes.
      Is the fastest way for developers to leverage callas PDF technologies into custom solutions.
      Fast, robust integration of PDF preflighting and processing in any environment.
      Fully-featured PDF preflighting, correction, color-management and
      imposition functionality into custom workflows and solutions.

    • callas pdfToolbox SDK (Software Development Kit) is a
      programming library/software development kit for developers
      with a need for PDF optimization, validation and correction.
      Facilitates the development of any kind of application that must edit PDF files.
      Enables development of state-of-the-art products to check and correct PDF files.
      Includes one license for the callas pdfToolbox Desktop (MacOS X or Windows)
      for configuration and testing purposes.

More on "What callas pdfToolbox can do"

    "Can Do Things"
    • Preflight

    • Embedding fonts

    • Outlining text

    • Comparing PDF files

    • Adding a stamp

    • Placing (dynamic) barcodes

    • Imposition

    • Converting RGB

    • Flattening transparency

    • Converting to image

    • Go from/to PostScript

    • Changing page size

    • Rotating pages

    • Removing spot colors

    • Fixing spot color names

    • Fixing overprinting white (or black)

    • Creating rich black

    • Comparing PDF versions

    • Rearranging pages

    • Adding printer marks

    • Cropping white space and hidden content

    • Use DeviceLink profiles

    • Convert to multi-channel PDF

    • Convert office files to PDF

    • Downsampling images

    • Removing layers

    • Splitting PDFs

    • Viewing excess ink usage

    • Adding bleed

    • Outlining page boxes

    • Adding white margins

    • Writing checks with Javascript

    • Conditional processing using Javascript

    • Adding undercolor white

    • Setting page boxes based on page content

    • Adding varnish layer

    • Adding grommets (eyelets)

    • Tiling into smaller pieces

    • .

    • .


    Process Plans

    • callas pdfToolbox comes with full support for process plans.

    • Process Plans take automation flexibility to the next level:

      • They allow defining a number of steps a PDF file should be processed through.

      • Each step can be a preflight profile,
        a single preflight check or fix, or an action
        (such as creating images, creating a booklet, exporting as PostScript file…).

      • Process plans allow generating preflight reports based on
        the result of each step, or can jump between different steps
        based on the processing result of a previous step.
callas software pdfToolbox Automation - Process Plan Graphical Editor - Picture

    • Sample use case:

      • Optimizing QR Codes for ePapers

Optimizing QR Codes for ePapers - Picture

Print paper media vs digital ePapers media

        Digitization has revolutionized the way we consume information.
        What used to be printed on paper is most of the time
        now also available in digital form.
        Publishers have fully adapted to the digital age and
        extended their reach beyond the traditional print format.

        Most newspapers and magazines today offer
        digital versions of their publications.
        These digital replicas, known as ePapers,
        are static representations of the print editions and
        usually shared as downloadable PDF files.
        This allows readers to easily access the content
        on a device of their choice.

        QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are an important tool that
        bridges the gap between printed paper and the digital world:

NewFormat AB QR Code, - QR Code

        QR Codes have the capacity to store a wide range of data and,
        provide instant access to the encoded information usually
        accessed via a smartphone camera.

        Today, QR Codes are omnipresent and newspapers and magazines
        are using them to provide readers with quick and easy access
        to additional, digital content.

        This works very well in a printed publication,
        where the QR Codes can simply be scanned
        with a mobile device.
        However, in a digital ePaper they rather are
        a stumbling block in the user experience,
        as accessing QR Code content in digital formats
        like ePapers is not straight forward.

        Maybe you've experienced this before:
        You're reading an article on your smartphone and come across
        a QR Code that offers extra information about the topic.

        The tricky part is that you can't scan the QR Code
        directly with your smartphone camera.
        Sure, there are ways to get to the QR Code's content,
        but these methods are often not very user-friendly.
        In the worst case, you might just give up and
        miss out on valuable content.

        Ideally, you'd like to have clickable links within the ePaper,
        that give you instant access to the QR Code's content
        with a simple tap.

        But to achieve this, publishers may face a problem:
        ePapers are normally derived from the print PDF,
        where the destination URLs are already encoded
        within the QR Codes.
        You would need to extract these URLs for each
        individual QR Code to generate link annotations.

        Thus, to improve the user experience,
        it is important to optimize QR Codes for ePapers.

        callas pdfToolbox helps you simplify and automate PDF creation
        and allows you to overcome this QR Code challenge.

        This is how you determine QR Code values and place icons + link for URL:
        The solution is a callas pdfToolbox Process Plan that identifies
        all QR Codes in a document, decodes their URLs,
        and integrates a clickable icon on top of each QR Code
        with the URL that was encoded in the QR Code behind,
        providing a seamless way to access digital content
        with just one tap.

callas software pdfToolbox Processplan, Optimera QR-koder för ePapper/ePapers - Bild

Determine QR Code values and place icons + link for URL

        The image below illustrates the result:
        Each QR Code in a document is overlaid with an icon of your choice.
        To access the QR Code URL, readers simply click on the icon on
        their digital device and can immediately see the related content.

callas software pdfToolbox Process Plan, Optimizing QR Codes for ePapers - Picture

The result after processing according to the Process Plan:
Determination of QR code values and placement of icons + link for URL

Download - Icon

    Easy, Automated Impositioning

    Impositioning is the action of placement of the pages on a press sheet
    so that the sheet after printing and folding carries the pages in
    the correct sequence in the finished printed product.

    • callas pdfToolbox scales, fits, moves, extends, rotates and
      flips pages and page content easily.

    • It also imposes anything from simple booklets to fully-fledged
      brochures and books, as well as doing N-up and step and
      repeat impositions for digital printing.
callas software pdfToolbox Switchboard Arrange - Picture

    Adobe Compliant Transparency Flattening
    • Handling PDF documents with live transparency when your workflow
      or output devices don’t directly support them can be really hard.

      • callas pdfToolbox effortlessly flattens those transparencies while
        reserving text, images and line-art as much as possible and
        without changing the intent of the document.

      • And you can rely on that result as it uses proven Adobe flattening technology.

    Remote Configuration and Monitoring
    • Every callas pdfToolbox Server comes with a copy callas pdfToolbox Desktop.

      • callas pdfToolbox Desktop allows connecting to your pdfToolbox servers;
        all configuration and monitoring of callas pdfToolbox Servers on your network
        can be done over the network from the comfort of your own desktop computer.

    Straightforward integration into any Web2Print or MIS environment
    • Of course callas pdfToolbox Server supports hot folders.

    • It also allows integration using the command-line (CLI) or
      an extensive SDK ideal for embedding the latest PDF technology
      straight in your Web2Print or order administration system.

    callas pdfToolbox Multi-Server Productivity via Dispatcher
    • callas pdfToolbox doesn't even limit itself to one system.
      By using automatic load balancing, callas pdfToolbox allows for
      configuring a dispatcher that then distributes work across the network
      to satellites running on different systems.

    • High performance coupled with easy setup and maintenance.
callas software callas pdfToolbox Server Switchboard - Picture

callas software callas pdfToolbox Dispatcher - Picture

      • Allows for load balancing as well as for fail over configuration.

      • Processing of files according to "dispatcher-satellite" concept.

      • Dispatcher - a server that doesn’t process files itself, but instead receives
        files in its job folders and sends them to satellites to have them processed.

      • Satellite - a satellite is basically a regular server that will process files.

      • As many "satellites" as required can connect to callas pdfToolbox Dispatcher

      • so that processing does not stop even if one of the satellites is switched off.
      • Fail over - processing does not stop even if one of the satellites is switched off.

      • For dynamic allocation of cloud-based processing capacity services,
        see callas License Server.

    Automation of workflows
    • callas pdfToolbox integrates seamlessly with
      FileTrain for automation of work flows.

PDF Processing Steps Metadata

Standardized PDF metadata for non-print / post-print workflows

    PDF Processing Steps Metadata

    callas pdfToolbox support interactive as well as profile driven evaluation,
    modification and preflight of PDF Processing Steps Metadata.

callas pdfToolbox - PDF Processing Steps Metadata - Picture

    The Processing Steps Concept.

    Processing Steps is a specification originally developed by
    The Ghent Workgroup to associate metadata information
    about non-printing and finishing processes
    (such as cutting, embossing, varnish, conversion, Braille, …)
    with a PDF document.

    PDF files in packaging workflows commonly contain the design
    to be printed and elements that are not printed, yet are crucial to
    how the printed piece is going to be further processed.
    A prime example is cutting and folding information which is needed
    after printing, to cut a box to final format and fold it into its 3D shape.

    The Ghent Workgroup identified years ago that a lack of
    standardization in the way these “processing steps” elements
    were contained in PDF documents, were a hindrance to
    the acceptance of PDF as the standard format in such packaging workflows.

    PDF Processing Steps Use Cases.

    Layers can now have both regular metadata and
    processing steps metadata attached to them.

    The PDF Processing Steps metadata standard is of key importance for
    packaging-, label- and large format-specific groups of processing-steps data.

    PDF Processing Steps allows packaging and product developers and
    designers to specify post-print workflow components with a PDF file
    in a language-independent, vendor-neutral way.

    PDF Processing Steps specifies how standardized post-print workflow elements
    (e.g. cutting, folding) can be stored in a PDF file in a standardized way,
    a substantial improvement over today’s vendor-specific arrangements.

    The standardisation is based on the ISO Standard 19593-1,
    Part 1: Processing steps for packaging and labels, which defines
    the use of PDF to associate processing steps and content data.

    With the help of the PDF Processing Steps standard,
    standardization of automation of processing steps
    in packaging production can be improved substantially.

    It standardizes metadata for layers to allow for interoperability between
    devices in exchanging data for non-print processing steps. In addition,
    it defines rules for objects on and interdependencies between layers.

    It creates the possibility to add standardised terms to each layer to
    help identify the layer in subsequent processing steps in the workflow.

    This type of information has usually earlier been defined as
    technical spot colors in a PDF.
    For lack of standardization, everybody has been using different names,
    which made workflow automation very difficult.

    Processing steps metadata is primarily interesting for packaging since,
    in addition to the printing objects, a good deal of additional information
    are defined in a PDF for packaging.
    This allows a language independent identification of these objects.

    This is done by grouping page objects in layers
    (technically: optional content groups, OCG), and adding metadata to
    those layers to identify them as processing steps.

    With ISO 19593-1, packaging production workflows can be significantly
    enhanced to include specifications for cutting lines, varnishing, embossing,
    add braille and more using standardized, language-independent metadata
    together with PDF’s Optional Content Groups (OCGs) feature.

    When associated with OCGs, processing steps information allows
    diverse authors, users or workflow operators to choose specific elements,
    for example, to verify cut-marks, check colors, or other considerations.

    Metadata can now be used for selective display of the elements for validation.
    A marketing person is interested in other elements than a prepress specialist.
    For proof output cutting lines, braille, etc. are also printed while for
    CTP (Computer To Plate) output they are automatically omitted.

    In addition, subsequent systems (e.g. impostion, embossing, braille)
    which support this standard can retrieve the information relevant for
    their processing step directly in the PDF data.

    Use cases include:

    • metadata identifying processing steps;

    • limitations on the interaction between PDF graphics objects
      that are part of a processing step and other PDF graphics objects;

    • limitations on PDF graphics objects in processing steps;

    • Easily identifying data corresponding to "Structural" finishing steps, such as
      • Bleed, cutting, creasing, drilling, embossing, folding,
        foil stamping, folding, glueing, perforating, punching,
        stapling, varnish free;

    • Braille in a document;

    • information panels;

    • indications of physical dimensions;

    • indications of intended positions of graphical elements;

    • printed white, for example on transparent or metallic surfaces;

    • printed varnish.

    PDF Processing Steps Support in callas pdfToolbox.

    PDF Processing Steps Metadata supported in callas pdfToolbox:

    • Setting

    • Checking

    • Adjusting

    • Reporting

    Setting - In pdfToolbox, the processing steps metadata is filled out
    for each layer using the pdfToolbox Layer Explorer panel.

callas pdfToolbox - PDF Processing Steps Metadata - Layer Explorer - Picture

    Checking - Properties that can be used in Checks:

    • "Processing Steps metadata present"

    • "Processing Steps metadata uses custom values"

    • "Processing Steps metadata used for more than one layer"

    • "Processing Steps"
      • Presence of specified Processing Steps,
        e.g. “Structural:Cutting”

      • Can be combined with any other checks
        (e.g. color on Barcode, text or image on Cutting …)

    Adjusting - Adjusting Processing Steps:

      Configurable Fixups:

      • "Add Processing Steps layer metadata” to layer

      • “Modify layer name for Processing Steps metadata”

      • “Put objects on Processing Steps layer”

      • Plus: Relevant layer related Fixups can use Processing Step
        metadata instead of layer names, e.g. “Remove layer":
callas pdfToolbox - Processing Steps - 'Processing Steps metadata' - Adjusting - Remove Layer - Picture

    Reporting - Processing Steps metadata is listed whenever layer details are reported

callas software pdfToolbox - Processing Steps Profile - 'Processing Steps metadata' - Picture

    The non-print Processing Steps Metadata option,
    and its interactive evaluation,
    is also supported through the layer handling in
    axaio MadeForLayers and axaio MadeToPrint
    for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

callas software pdfToolbox - Logo
callas software pdfToolbox DeviceLink Add-on Server | CLI | SDK - Text Logo

callas pdfToolbox DeviceLink Add-on
for callas pdfToolbox Desktop and callas pdfToolbox Server | CLI | SDK

Enables conversions via supplied DeviceLink profiles

callas pdfToolbox Desktop, Server, Dispatcher, CLI and SDK - Details
callas software pdfToolbox Desktop - Logo callas software pdfToolbox Server - Logo callas software pdfToolbox CLI - Logo callas software pdfToolbox SDK - Logo
callas pdfToolbox Desktop, Server, Dispatcher, CLI and SDK - Popup-window with details

callas pdfToolbox Desktop vs Server - Feature Comparison Chart

Main features that are supported by
pdfToolbox Desktop and pdfToolbox Server.

When purchasing pdfToolbox Server,
a license for pdfToolbox Desktop is always included.

Click on chart for details.

callas software pdfToolbox v10 - Desktop vs Server - Feature Comparison Table - Picture

callas pdfToolbox Desktop, Server, Dispatcher, CLI and SDK
Datasheets/User Manuals

callas pdfToolbox Desktop, Server, Dispatcher, CLI and SDK
Reference Cases/Customer Use Cases

  • Global OEM Customers

    OEMs that integrate callas pdfToolbox technology in their own products;
    among them are:
    Adobe Systems Inc., Aleyant, CVISION Technologies,
    Dataline, Durst Group, Dynamicsoft, EFI, Foxit, HP,
    Kodak, Konica Minolta, Krause, Mitsubishi, Pixartprinting,
    Quark Software Inc., Rochester Software Associates, Sofha, Xerox, ...

  • 2022: The Riksdag Administration, The Riksdagstryck Unit, Sweden

  • 2021: Durst Group, Durst Workflow

    PrePress Digital in collaboration with callas software.
    A revolutionary all-in-one- solution, which includes all steps of
    the pre-press and production process in one single application.

  • 2019: Beuth Verlag, trusts callas software for quality assurance of PDF/A files.
    callas pdfToolbox and callas pdfaPilot ensure that the DIN standards published
    by Beuth Verlag comply with the ISO standards and are therefore suitable
    for long-term archiving.
    At the same time, a high degree of automation has significantly reduced
    the amount of manual work required.
    Beuth Verlag, a subsidiary of DIN, the German Institute for Standardization,
    distributes national and international standards and develops specialized
    publications for industries, scientific research, trade, the service sector,
    academic studies and crafts.

  • 2018: Dynamicsoft integrates callas pdfToolbox in Wsc Printer platform
    Dynamicsoft, an Italian software house specialized in e-business solutions
    for the graphic arts industry, integrates callas pdfToolbox technology in Wsc Printer
    - a print MIS/ERP and web-to-print platform -
    for automated preflight, optimization and correction of PDFs submitted by customers.
    This new integration of callas pdfToolbox in Wsc Printer allows clients to save
    time and resources every day, thanks to the automation of manual tasks.

  • 2018: Quark / QuarkXPress 2018
    Quark chooses callas pdfToolbox technology
    for its new PDF engine in QuarkXPress 2018 (coming in May 16, 2018).
    QuarkXPress 2018 can, thanks to the embedded pdfToolbox technology,
    create a single PDF file which at the same time complies with
    - PDF/X-4, ISO Standard for Exchange of Printable PDF files,
    - PDF/A-2, ISO Standard for Long-term Archiving of PDF files, and
    - PDF/UA-1, ISO Standard for Universal Accessibility of PDF files ("Accessible PDF").

  • 2017: Spennare, Nacka, Sweden

  • 2017: Big Image Systems, Täby, Sweden

  • 2015: Forsman & Bodenfors Inhouse AB, Göteborg, Sweden

  • 2015: CS Labels, Willenhall/Wolverhampton, UK
    Feeding two Xeikon Cheetah (30 metres per minute presses)
    Other supporting technologies:
    callas pdfChip,
    Laidback Solution FileTrain,
    ColorLogic ZePrA Colour Management Server,
    ColorLogic ReProfiler Digital Colour Engine.

  • 2015: Kodak integrates callas pdfToolbox software technology
    into its workflow product KODAK PRINERGY Workflow 7:

    KODAK PRINERGY Workflow provides intelligent pre-printing
    management tools for job and package printing.
    The software lets users set up and monitor PDF print data processes and workflows.
    The pdfToolbox profiles expand the software’s existing validation and correction
    features to allow improved quality control and less manual work for the user.
    The software automates associated print production processes, thereby
    increasing efficiency and reducing both manual work and financial costs.
    The new version of the software further automates all essential printing functions,
    with pdfToolbox providing a reliable PDF foundation:
    an essential component during quality control and preparation.

  • 2015: QuarkXPress 2015 to use callas pdfToolbox to certify PDF/X-4 files (English, .png)
    QuarkXPress 2015, expected to be released at the end of March 2015,
    will allow better, faster, cutting-edge PDF output with the help of callas software.
    This is because QuarkXPress 2015 will support document output in PDF/X-4 format,
    verified by callas software’s pdfToolbox.
    This means that PDF/X-4 files exported from QuarkXPress 2015 will be
    certified with the same technology used in Adobe Acrobat

  • 2014: Pim Print, The Netherlands:
    Self-service solution and automation and preflight of prepress checking processes
    - complete and integrated automation solution for certifying PDFs;
    Builds on callas pdfToolbox Server to validate and correct incoming PDFs,
    Datasheet (English, pdf)

  • 2013: National Library of Finland,
    Centre for Preservation and Digitisation, Mikkelä, Finland:

    Grey-scale conversion of PDF files with callas pdfToolbox CLI

  • 2013: Meganews Magazines, Sweden:
    Validation and correction of PDF-based periodicals with
    callas pdfToolbox Server as part of on-demand printing

  • 2013: Penthion Media Technologies, The Netherlands:
    Self-service solution for entire publishing process
    - complete and integrated automation solution for certifying PDFs;
    Builds on callas pdfToolbox Server to validate and correct incoming PDFs,
    Datasheet (English, pdf)

  • 2013: Showpad, Belgium:
    Sales and presentation tool for tablets
    running on cloud-based online platform;
    Builds on callas pdfToolbox CLI to support PDF, Datasheet (English, pdf)

  • 2011: SOAR Printing, New Zealand:
    Web-to-Print Portal based on callas pdfToolbox
    for prepress and printing services;
    Automated quality control system, Datasheet (English, pdf)

  • 2009: F.E. Burman, London, England:
    Web-to-Print Portal based on callas pdfToolbox
    for prepress and printing services;
    Automated quality control system, Datasheet (English, pdf)

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