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NewFormat AB

NewFormat make PDF information permanently
accessible, searchable, readable and reusable
for the future and for as many people as possible.

We create accessible PDF in compliance with the ISO Standard PDF/UA.

Our solutions are based on
recognized ISO Standards based on PDF technology
and tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions from
the PDF Association vendor community.

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Accessible PDF

Accessible PDF
Requires Full Compliance with the ISO Standard PDF/UA

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    The ISO Standard 14289 for universally accessible PDF (also known as PDF/UA),
    defines the technical requirements that must be considered when a
    PDF document must be universally accessible for everyone;
    with or without disabilities.

    (See also our solutions and services for Accessible Web (W3C/WCAG 2.1).)

    Why conformance with PDF/UA is relevant and of importance

    Barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to a document or website
    by people with disabilities can be considered discrimination.

    Legal requirements for accessibility to digital information for everyone in the society
    (e.g. the EU Web Accessibility Directive, the Swedish Act on Access to
    Digital Public Services, the Swedish Discrimination Act, the German BGG, BITV and
    EU mandate 376) ensures that all users, regardless of functional ability, have equal
    access to information and functionality on the web and in PDF documents.

    Successful e-government presupposes that all digital government information
    is accessible for all citizens - the success is dependent on "Accessible PDF".

    Accessible PDF files are fundamental for barrier-free access to digital information
    from eGovernments/public administrations and enterprises serving the public sector.

    Documents, especially PDF files, can be a significant liability
    even if you have fixed the HTML content.
    Avoid litigation risks by ensuring that all PDF documents on your
    web are accessible for everyone; with or without disabilities.

    PDF documents complying with the ISO Standard 14289 (PDF/UA) or "Accessible PDF"
    are universally accessible for everyone.

    Who should care?

    PDF/UA is of interest to all entities, in public sector and elsewhere,
    concerned with conformance to regulations requiring access for everyone
    to documents based on PDF technology

    Also entities serving the public sector, like media service providers,
    advertising/communication agencies, banks, insurances agencies,
    and representatives of associations and institutions as well as students and
    lecturers at colleges and universities increasingly consider it their duty to
    have their written materials available as accessible documents.

    Are you confident your organization uses the right tools and services
    to guarantee your PDF files are compliant with the PDF/UA Standard?

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Recommended Reading on PDF/UA
The ISO Standard for Accessible PDF Documents and Forms

PDF/UA in a Nutshell - Front Cover - Picture     PDF/UA Flyer Front Cover - Picture

(For download of these guides, click on the pictures above)

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    Do you need help to create accessible PDF in compliance with PDF/UA?

    NewFormat help businesses to locate, map and analyze existing
    document resources as input for decision on needed actions to
    achieve full compliance with accessibility standards.

    We provide tools for creation, checking/validation and remediation,
    services and training, to make your PDF documents truly accessible
    for everyone according to the ISO Standard PDF/UA.


    We are here to help you - Contact NewFormat for Accessible PDF

More Information and Resources

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Warning for Inaccessible PDF!

    Today complex digital ecosystems are used to store enterprise information;
    like large volumes of digital documents and digital information defining
    how websites (with HTML/CSS/JavaScript pages, images, videos) and
    webb content are exposed towards visitors.

    Those documents are usually delivered as PDFs;
    think of all the forms, legal documents, white papers and
    other digital documents that your employees, customers and
    site visitors view every day from your website.

    Websites hosting inaccessible documents can be a significant
    liability risk even if you have fixed the websites's HTML content.

    Please be aware, the W3C/WCAG 2.1 recommendation for accessible web does not itself
    guarantee that a PDF document exposed on the website is an "Accessible PDF".
    Instead, accessible PDF requires full compliance with the ISO Standard PDF/UA.

    Avoid litigation risks by ensuring that also all PDF documents on your
    website are accessible for everyone; with or without disabilities.

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